This IKEA Hack Can Help You Create An Easy Keyboard Table

If someone in your household is planning on playing the keyboard, you're in for some unexpected expenses. Whether you're signing a child up for piano lessons or just tinkering away for your own amusement, you'll likely find yourself investing in a keyboard, a stand and chair, several adaptors, and more. Before you know it, the bills really start to add up. Although it's still significantly cheaper to purchase a keyboard setup rather than a grand piano, electronic musicians have the added task of finding a suitable keyboard stand. Fortunately, via IKEA Hackers, we've found a great do-it-yourself piano table setup from Ian Adams. This handy dad made a table for his son entirely out of parts you might find in IKEA's as-is section!

Although stock in the Ikea as-is section varies from location to location (and is only available in-person), you can still put together an affordable, yet impressive, keyboard table by strategically locating materials elsewhere or purchasing new inexpensive pieces from Ikea.

Ian's as-is piano table

It's hard to know exactly what you'll find in the IKEA as-is section, and you may not get so lucky as Ian, who scored four adjustable table legs to create a solid base for his son's keyboard (via IKEA Hackers). One thing that the as-is department does always seem to have in stock, though, is a supply of shelves, side boards, and other pieces of particleboard. In other words, the perfect tabletop (especially if the table will primarily be covered by the keyboard so scratches from used furniture won't be visible).

To put the whole thing together, Ian glued a small square of wood to each of the table's underside corners. This ensured there was enough depth for the screws on the legs to be fully secured. Once the glue dried, Ian attached the legs. Voila! One keyboard stand at a fraction of the cost (and with minimal work).

Recreating the table

From the pictures on IKEA Hackers, it looks like Ian used the ADILS legs to create his great budget-friendly keyboard table. Of course, your local IKEA may not have the same legs in its as-is section, leaving you to purchase new ones, which are only $5 each (via IKEA). Purchasing four will bring the budget up to $20, keeping it still quite affordable.

In terms of the tabletop, you can almost certainly find an adequate piece of wood or particleboard in IKEA's as-is section. However, if you don't live near an IKEA, you can either order a LINNMON tabletop for $20 on the IKEA website or stop by your local hardware store and purchase a plank of wood. Just be sure to check your keyboard's measurements beforehand, especially if trying your luck in the as-is department.

Can't get to an IKEA in-person but still hoping to snag a deal? Since the ADILS and LINNMON are both affordable, many people buy them together (they're even paired together on IKEA's website) — and then sell them secondhand. If you have a bit of spare time, you can scour Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace to find a bargain. You wouldn't necessarily be "hacking" IKEA's products, but it's still a strong way to land a great deal.