A Look Inside The Quirky NYC Home Neil Patrick Harris Just Sold

American actor Neil Patrick Harris is most commonly known for his iconic role in the hit television series "How I Met Your Mother," via Britannica. Born in New Mexico, Harris started his acting at a young age by starring in a school production of "The Wizard of Oz" and continued to act throughout his high school years. During his time on screen, he has earned numerous Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. Additionally, he has won several awards, including a few Emmy awards and a Tony. All of Harris' hard work and achievements evidently paid off as he was living in a quirky home in New York City. However, he recently re-listed the house on the market.

According to New York Post, Harris, along with David Burtka, is reportedly in contract with a buyer for the home for around $7.1 million. This is slightly less than the asking price when the home was originally listed almost a year ago. However, the home suffered some water damage from a storm which then resulted in renovations needing to be done. Located at 2036 5th avenue, the five-story home sits around 8,000 square feet in size. Originally, the home was built in the early 1900s and features several rooms, including five bedrooms, a library, a theater, and a music room, just to name a few.

The outside terrace

Of course, with most multi-million dollar homes, there's usually some sort of outdoor seating and relaxation area. This house is no exception. As per Zillow, located just outside is a private terrace. For the most part, the entire deck and siding are made out of wood boards. These boards give off an old and worn-down feel, making the terrace look kind of vintage. There is a ton of space out here with a lot of room for expansion as well.

The furniture located in this area is cute and simple. There is a long rectangle table in the middle. Surrounding the table is a sofa, a love seat, and a standard chair. All of these match the table and feature dark blue cushions. Throw pillows reside on the loveseat and sofa and are orange and white in color. Additionally, a light blue throw pillow sits on the sofa as well. Across the terrace from this appears to be a mini garden where some smaller plants and flowers can grow.

An open kitchen

While the outside is cute and cozy, the inside of this large estate is fancy and charming, via Zillow. The kitchen, however, is one of the most elegant rooms on this whole property. For starters, the room is more rectangular and long than it is square. On one end of the room is the entryway, and on the other end is a wide glass door that leads to the outdoors. Directly in the middle of this kitchen is a white countertop island. On this island is a sink with cabinets and drawers on each side. On the opposite side of the island are several bar stools for seating.

The walls in this room are all painted a medium shade of gray, with the cabinets painted this color as well. On one side of this large room are several more cabinets and drawers as well, with the countertop being the same material and color as the center island. A TV, along with another sink, is located in this area as well, with multiple shelves hanging above on the wall. On the other side is where the dual oven and stove are located with, of course, more counter space. Both sides of the room feature a white marble backsplash as well.

The extravagant movie theater room

As always, there's a fancy and uncommon room. While this home has many of these, one of the most eye-catching rooms is the at-home movie theater. As per Zillow, this room is large in size as any theater would be. However, the most noticeable feature is that this room is mostly red. The carpet has a small tile design with multiple colors, with most of them being red. The walls, of course, are red with the ceiling painted exactly like the walls. Even all the seating in this room is red!

On the ceiling is a large black tile where many of the bright lights are located. The seating is directly under this, with two chairs on each end and a love seat directly in the middle. In front of these seats are four matching ottomans. Behind these seats, located on the wall, is a long bench. Hanging on the walls all around the room are several posters. There is even a long burgundy curtain that wraps around the room to make the room dimmer for moviegoers.