Take A Tour Of This Converted Boat Home In Alaska

With the real estate market skyrocketing with expensive prices, many people are scrambling to find alternative places to call home. To that end, one unique and adventurous lifestyle alternative that is rising in popularity is living on a boat. Waterborne states that living on a boat not only saves you from the expensive price of rent or a mortgage, but it also surrounds you with amazing views and makes for a beyond interesting life. Especially in cities like London, San Francisco, or Vancouver, it is not uncommon to see this kind of lifestyle whether the boats are stationary or active.

Offering a similar lifestyle within the real estate market, Alaska now presents a boat that has been transformed into a residence due to its recent stationary home conversion. The home is located at 2506 Rene Ct. in Homer, Alaska, and although it is no longer in sailing condition, it makes for the perfect place to reside, enjoy the beautiful views, and live the nautical lifestyle with all the luxuries of a stationary home, as noted by Realtor. Let's take a closer look at this unique place to live.

Life in Homer, Alaska

As mentioned before, the boat home is located in Homer, Alaska. Homer is a small town located at the southern tip or Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula, right along Kachemak Bay. Despite the secluded Alaskan location, the town is considered a great place to live and very a popular place to visit, per Explore & Play Homer Alaska.

Having all the things you look for in a place to live, the town is packed with a variety of shopping areas, restaurants, art galleries, and even museums. Homer is also known for its extensive amount of outdoor recreational activities and wildlife. For example, its location right along the Kachemak Bay brings a lot of recreational fishing to the area. Along the bay are also several beaches that can also be enjoyed when the weather is nice. Just outside of Homer's limits are also several opportunities to take in nature, such as visiting a wildlife center or hiking a stunning Alaskan trail.

The stunning views from the boat

Located in the perfect position within the small town of Homer, the converted boat home offers a variety of stunning views of the beautiful Kenai Peninsula and Kachemak Bay. Realtor shows the home's position along a hill that is scattered with a variety of luxury homes. At the bottom of the hill right along the water is where the boat home is located. This position allows access directly to the water, along with the beautiful view of the bay and the rest of Alaska and its mountains just beyond.

Allowing for plenty of opportunities to enjoy these views, the home incudes both a deck that branches off from the boat's main structure and a small terrace at the top of the structure. These outdoor spaces can easily be decorated with seating arrangements to make a perfect space to spend time with family or enjoy a significant other's private company.

The boat home's interior

Moving to the interior portions of Homer's converted boat home, the 1,721-square-foot residence includes a total of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a powder room. From the little that can be seen on Realtor, all the areas of the house are rather small as they would be on a fully-functioning boat. Despite the tight style of living, however, the utilities are not as restricted as they would be on a fully functioning boat; the converted home is connected to everything a normal stationary home would be, including the internet.

Realtor explains that the abode is currently being used as a vacation rental. Although it may not be an ideal living arrangement at the moment, it acts a unique place to stay during a small family vacation or the perfect place for a couple's get-away. With a few improvements, however, this eccentric house can be transformed into the perfect home for either a small family or an intimate couple.