Look Inside The Spooky House From The Conjuring That Just Sold

When most people go looking for a historic home to purchase, they search for cool architectural features, gorgeous brick fireplaces, or original hardwood floors. However, when real estate developer Jacqueline Nuñez set out to buy a house, she was looking for something a little different. The property, which Nuñez owns as of May 26, 2022 inspired the 2013 horror film "The Conjuring," as per Realtor.

The buyer paid $1.5 million on the haunted 8.5-acre estate, well over the $1.2 million asking price. With at least 10 other prospective buyers on the hook, according to the New York Post, she wanted to make sure the house would be hers. The Heinzen family, who previously owned the home, interviewed Nuñez before selling it to her to make sure that she would be a good fit. In the process she agreed that she would not live in the house full-time, respect the spirits that live there, and continue to host tours for paranormal investigators.

The owners of the property from 2019 to 2022, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen sold the "Conjuring" house for several reasons including health issues. Still, they plan on being involved with future investigations inside the Rhode Island residence. As of now, Nuñez plans to open the haunted residence up as a learning center for people to connect with the spirits who are said to live there.

Three creepy bedrooms

Long referred to as the historic Arnold Farm, via Fright Find, the property's history goes back as far as 1736 when the house was first constructed. It features three large bedrooms, one full bathroom, and one half bathroom. All three of the bedrooms can be found on the second floor with connecting doors leading to one another. The room facing southeast contains a sloped ceiling and windows with wooden interior shutters that add to the room's creep factor. On the opposite side of the room is one of the home's original fireplaces and two red doors.

Through one of the red doors is the second bedroom which is used best as a parent's bedroom. This is because it includes an interior window to look into the children's room at the northwestern point of the home. The middle bedroom also features a walk-through closet that is shut by two large blue doors located on either side of the bed.

The final room upstairs is designed as the children's room, as noted in one video on YouTube. Two twin-sized beds are positioned against the wall allowing for plenty of open space. There is also a large chalkboard and a door to the birthing room. According to the YouTube video, the room was kept warm for expecting mothers who may go into the small space to give birth with a midwife. (The YouTuber mentions that she's sure there were a lot of deaths in the room.)

Historic touches in every room

The first floor of the house that inspired "The Conjuring" is where visitors find the baking room, library, séance room, dining room, kitchen, and living room. Each room has provided guests and residents with at least one spooky experience, as explained in the YouTube tour. Gorgeous beamed ceilings run throughout the entire main level, warming the creepy home with its texture. Equally as warm are the three original fireplaces located in the séance room, dining room, and front room.

The library has undeniable charm with its several floor-to-ceiling bookshelves lined with thick books. The previous owners decorated the room with two antique chairs and a standing globe. Next door to the library is the séance room that features lots of spooky décor, including two Ouija boards and a Ouija printed blanket draped over the couch, as seen on Zillow. In one corner of the room is an antique chair holding two dolls as a nod to "The Conjuring" films.

As of the 21st century, some modern additions have been made to the kitchen. It is now outfitted with a tall black refrigerator, a black oven with an electric cooktop, and a large stainless steel sink. Still, the kitchen uses vintage cabinets and hardwood floors that keep its historic feel.

The misleading exterior of The Conjuring home

The haunted home that inspired "The Conjuring" is surrounded by several acres of undeveloped property that allow for a secluded environment. Aerial view photos on Zillow illustrate exactly how isolated one would feel when confined to this estate — even though new and previous owners constantly explain how you're never really alone here.

Additionally, the exterior of the residence arguably does not give away the house's frightening past and present. The wooden walls actually make it appear like a vintage retreat or a summer camp cabin. Lush green grass and pruned hedges surround all sides of the building. Outdoor décor such as an American flag, twig wreaths, and patio furniture welcome guests at the entrances and allow you to let your guard down before entering the haunted home.

A few other structures besides the abode can be found around the 8.5-acre property. They include a large coop, a shed, and a barn. The barn is not far from the home, and it has some of its own history with the original Arnold family, which is discussed in the informative YouTube video.