See Why This Home For Sale In Michigan Is A Golfer's Dream

When it comes to our favorite pastimes, some people seem to live and breathe their passions, like professional basketball player Shaquille O'Neal, who during his outstanding career played in arenas all over the country. However, when it came to relaxing at his former home, instead of just kicking back by the poolside — which we're sure he did plenty of — he chose to have a regulation-sized basketball court within the walls of his mansion for when he was in the mood to shoot some hoops off the clock. But what if basketball isn't your thing? Maybe you find bowling alleys and tennis courts on your property to be a little passé. Well, if you're passion happens to lie on the grassy greens of a golf course, then maybe it's time to find a way to bring the links to your backyard. Literally.

A home in the middle of Michigan has come up for sale that may make any lover of golf extremely jealous. Located in Alma, Michigan, this sprawling mansion is on the market for $1.2 million, according to the listing on Realtor. However, it's not the space inside that will have people strapping on their golf cleats. If you're one of those people who keeps a set of clubs in the trunk just in case you get the opportunity to get in a quick nine, then this house might be just right for you. Kiss those weekend trips goodbye because this amazing property backs onto a championship golf course.

Outside of the Michigan mansion overlooking a golf course

No, this isn't a dream — this spacious mansion rests on a 1.7-acre lot of land from which you can actually walk out of your backyard and onto the grounds of the Pine River Country Club in Alma, Michigan, per the listing on Realtor. The 18-hole private golf course stretches over 5,600 yards of smooth fairways and rolling hills and has been the host of many quality tournaments, including those within the NCAA, according to Pine River Country Club. With a full bar service and banquet lounge, it may be tempting to spend your days lazing joyfully around the country club. However, it can be just as cozy from a lounger in the backyard of this impressive property which can be accessed through the 10th fairway of the immaculate course.

The backyard also features meticulously maintained hedges and grass with long brick pathways leading to a patio area overlooking the golf course. From there, you can entertain guests as you take in the sites of the luscious treeline. For a little escape from the sun, you can retreat to the covered concrete patio space that is illuminated by hanging lanterns and pot lights. Beautiful brickwork surrounds the area and helps to accent the patches of green space and continues to climb up the two towering columns. Around the front of the home, features include an enclosed three-car garage, trimmed hedges, and a lawn that is watered through an in-ground sprinkler system.

The inside is dated but has plenty of potential

Built in 1963, this mansion is spread out over one main floor with a basement that is perfect for entertaining. Among the 7,788 square feet of living space are design features that look as though they are straight out of the 70s and 80s. The main foyer is built with wood-paneled closets and hallways that are met with a cream-colored marbled floor that flows into white carpeting, according to the listing on Realtor. The home features a few living rooms that can be reached through the long stretching hallway, one of which has a large marbled fireplace with huge ornate black-framed windows accenting each side.

Another living space has polished parquet flooring and teal carpeting where the retro furniture islands itself. A huge bricked-in fireplace is sure to keep you cozy on those cold Michigan nights. Sliding doors give you easy access to the outdoor patio space or allow fresh air to flow into the room. As you take the carpeted trail to the kitchen, you will find that there are very few rooms that aren't lined with carpet, which ranges in color from white and aquamarine to rose and teal. The kitchens, in particular, have been treated with cozy carpeting that doesn't seem out of place nestled up to the aged appliances and blush tinted cabinetry. However, even though the decor is definitely of a different era, everything is kept in tip-top order and cleanliness, despite its decades of use.

The basement is ideal for entertaining guests

This large mansion seems perfectly laid out for you to host a slew of guests. With multiple gathering spaces, kitchens, six bedrooms, and four-and-a-half bathrooms spread out over one large main floor; it makes it easy to flow seamlessly from room to room. Each bedroom has its own unique style. This includes a guest room decorated with royal blue carpeting and motel quality bedding with an adjacent wooden desk, as well as another guest bedroom with olive green cozy flooring complete with matching bedding. The main bedroom is spacious and has room for a large bed and seating area located near a sliding door that will lead you to the backyard patio, as per the pictures on Realtor.

However, it's the downstairs area that really provides the entertainment space that is perfect for your guests. A sprawling environment that is designed with equal parts pale-teal carpeting and rich patterned wood flooring. Guests are kept comfortable with thickly cushioned chairs across from a deeply stained wooden card table. Next to that are a pool table and ping-pong table that rest next to each other but provide more than enough space for you to whisk easily by each one. No entertainment space is complete without a libation station, and this home bar could easily put others to shame. Thick leather bar stools cozy up to a smooth chocolate-stained bar that has a fridge, sink, and also a full oven range to treat everyone to snacks.