20 Design Ideas For Your Concrete Patio

Why should you choose concrete for your patio? It's simple because concrete is durable, easy to maintain, and versatile. Unlike wood, you won't have to restrain the concrete (via the Concrete Network). If you don't like the look of concrete it can be stamped or stained to resemble other stones for a lower cost, too. Additionally, a concrete patio can cost between $3 to $15 per square foot, depending on the design and how intricate it is, according to the Concrete Network. A plain concrete slab patio would price closer to $3 per square foot. And if you want a concrete patio that resembles brick, flagstone, slate, or tile and includes border designs, the cost will land in the $15 or more per square foot range. 

To maintain a concrete patio, the most important upkeep is to seal it about every two years. Otherwise, there isn't much you need to do for concrete. With wood, you have to worry about warping or rotting and with stone pavers, you have to worry about filling joints and pavers settling unevenly. So without further ado, here are 20 design ideas for your concrete patio.

1. Concrete and brick

This patio shows how beautiful concrete tiles look when mixed with brick. It looks light and smooth when contrasted with the brick walls. 

2. Concrete slab

Using one large slab of concrete is a sleek and modern way to design your patio. Here it is paired with a stone fireplace for added luxury. 

3. Stamp and stain

Concrete can be made to look like many other stones. It is poured into a slab and then stamped and stained to mimic individual tiles of stone, according to Concrete Network.

4. Pavers and gravel

Square concrete pavers like these look homey when styled with a fire pit and adirondack chairs. In this case, the joints are filled with gravel to add a gradual transition from the grass to the patio. 

5. Create patterns

If you're looking for more than a smooth slab of concrete, you can choose to stamp it or use concrete pavers.

6. Be cohesive

This patio uses long slabs of concrete with river rocks in the joints to tie in the water feature. 

7. Add a fire pit

This concrete patio has a simple pattern, but the real star is the fire pit. In the center is a concrete fireplace to tie in the look with the wicker patio furniture

8. Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers can be styled in a multitude of different ways. In this patio, the pavers are placed close together with no rocks or grass left in the seams. This gives a clean look to the patio. 

9. Make it extravagant

These concrete pavers are placed in a checkerboard pattern with squares of perfectly manicured grass. This takes a lot of maintenance to keep looking pristine and is certainly worth the extra work. 

10. Add an outdoor kitchen

This patio shows how nice an outdoor kitchen can look with concrete pavers. There is also a personal design touch with the gray border around the patio. 

11. Keep it simple

The concrete patio here is not the main focal point. It has a simple square pattern and is textured concrete. However, the landscaping is what stands out in this yard. 

12. Mix concrete and stone

This patio mixes concrete flooring with stones in the outdoor kitchen. It goes well together because of the cool-toned colors in both stones. 

13. Concrete and wood

Mixing materials creates an eye-catching yard. Here a wooden deck is matched with the textured concrete patio, feeling very suburban. 

14. Add walkways

This patio uses stained concrete to create a circular patio with three walkways. Adding walkways is a good idea to structure your yard into areas for activities and landscaping. 

15. Choose lighter concrete

Concrete can be mixed or stained to be different colors other than the usual dark grey. This patio shines in the sun with white concrete. It makes the blue cushions of the patio furniture pop. 

16. Let nature free

You don't need to be afraid of nature growing in the cracks between concrete pavers. Here a bigger space was left between each paver, so grass and dirt can be able to squeeze through. 

17. Simple concrete slabs

This smooth slab of concrete ties in with the décor and the color of the home. Both the house and the concrete patio are untextured, keeping the design modern. 

18. Cool tones

This multi-level patio includes a stone fire pit and metal patio furniture. The concrete is a cool grey, almost blue color to match the modern design. 

19. Create sections

Creating sections is a good idea to divide your yard by activity. Here the main section of the patio is used for lounging on the patio furniture, while the smaller section is used for displaying plants, and everything is connected by a concrete paver walkway.   

20. Make it circular

Choosing a shape outside of the usual rectangular patios is a small way to step up your patio.