The Five Best HomeGoods Hacks That Will Change How You DIY

HomeGoods has been a homeowner's go-to for over 20 years; Good Housekeeping says the first model store was opened in 1992 and serves as a one-stop-shop for everything you could need to decorate, renovate, and design your abode. The retail chain that owns this popular store, TJX Companies, oversees other notable names like TJ Maxx, Homesense, Marshalls, and Winners. These spots are known for offering customers everything they could need under one roof, which is why HomeGoods is such a coveted destination. 

Whether you are looking to change up the aesthetic of a room or bathroom or need to start decorating your home from the bottom up, HomeGoods offers incredible deals and vast selections ranging from linens to wall hangings and even furniture. Their budget-friendly items are perfect for big or small projects, but you can also find more HomeGoods hacks that will save you money and make DIY projects easier. Some of these tips and tricks can even help you brainstorm ideas and layouts to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Get the HomeGoods app

HomeGoods is constantly adding new inventory to its shelves, and it can be hard to keep up with the influx of stock. By downloading their app, you'll be able to view new items with the tap of a finger. The company has dedicated a specific section to displaying recent additions to their stores, organized by location. Budgeting Couple recommends you tap on "The Goods" once you open the app, then browse their current stock in your area.

The convenient online tool also lets you redeem rewards on purchases by signing into an existing account and linking a card. You can then access rewards in-store while shopping and keep gift cards on file, along with any TJX credit cards. Having everything in one place makes your HomeGoods experience easier and allows you to pick out or browse items from the comfort of home before hitting the physical store. If you do find something that you can't live without, call your nearby HomeGoods and have it placed on hold.

Ask for additional discounts

When shopping at HomeGoods, don't be afraid to inquire about further discounting options. Items that are broken, chipped, or lightly damaged might be reduced by another 10% if management sees fit. If something has an imperfection that you can fix or live with, why not request a price drop to help save a little more money? The Spruce notes that discounts can be applied to a variety of imperfections, including chips or cracks, missing paint, colors that are off compared to similar items, or fabric tears.

Give merchandise a once-over while shopping and address any issues you might see before purchasing. Speak to a store associate to inquire if a price reduction is possible, but just make sure the problem is fixable or small enough that it won't affect the integrity of the item further. HomeGoods also has a clearance section filled with imperfect selections, many of which are still usable despite their disrepair. Shop this area of the store for everything from candles to wall hangings and stationary, all of which just need a little TLC.

Apply for a TJX rewards credit card

Applying for a TJX Rewards Credit Card is one of the best hacks for saving money and earning rewards at HomeGoods. As soon as you open the card, you'll receive 10% off your first purchase in the store. After that, you'll get 5% back toward rewards whenever you spend at any TJX chain, including TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Homesense.

You earn five points for every dollar spent at participating stores, and once 1,000 points are collected, a $10 gift card is sent out for you to use on future purchases. Wallet Hub notes that there is no annual fee, and the rewards points don't expire. This credit card is perfect for anyone who shops at these stores regularly and will end up saving you money with the rewards that accrue over time. This option is perfect for a HomeGoods regular but might not be the right option for anyone who doesn't frequent these chains.

Shop during the weekdays

HomeGoods regulars know the store can turn into a zoo during prime opening hours. Weekends are busiest since people are usually off of work, and it can make shopping a little chaotic. Hey Pumpkin recommends visiting the store on a weekday in order to score the best deals and find the best items. Shelves are usually restocked between 9 am and 11 am, so plan to get there around 10:30 am on restock day. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are all ideal days for quiet excursions, especially during the morning and early afternoon hours.

Planning a shopping trip right after a restock means you can snag items that have just been put out rather than searching through a picked-over selection. Ask an employee what days they restock merchandise so that you can work around those, too. These might vary, and won't always fall on a weekday, so you might have to pick and choose if a restock is more important or quiet shopping conditions are. Both will allow for better browsing, and you won't likely leave empty-handed.

Shop multiple locations

Depending on if you are decorating a room or several different areas, some design ideas might require multiples of an item you want. Apartment Therapy suggests that if your local store doesn't have more than one of the same thing, don't be afraid to expand the search and visit other HomeGoods in your city or town. While it might be a further drive, you are likely to find similar stock at another location, as well as items that your store didn't have. One of the benefits of HomeGoods is every location varies slightly, mainly due to different demographics of shoppers.

While one store could be low on wall hangings or linens, another might have a surplus of these items. Expanding your search to other areas of town will result in a bigger selection. Don't forget to investigate the sister stores, like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, which also carry home apparel. Check out online selections, too, in order to cast a wider net. The more options, the better the overall results.