40 Ideas To Turn Your Living Room Into A Beachy Escape

When you think of the beach, images of relaxation and serenity are most likely to surface. Picturing yourself surrounded by the sun, sand, and waves are a welcome respite from the busyness of daily life. So what if you could recreate that feeling within your very own home? Your living room already serves as a mini retreat at the end of the day or on the weekend. You use it to unwind, kick your feet up, and indulge in your favorite TV show and a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Giving it a beach-inspired makeover will only take it up a notch.

Regardless of where you currently reside, you can incorporate coastal elements into your living room, even in small doses. According to The Spruce, this can be accomplished by using beach-inspired color palettes and earthy decor, among other design decisions. Check out the following ideas we compiled to turn your very own living room into a beachy escape.

1. Hang a surfboard

A quick and easy way to bring the beach into your living room is to use a surfboard as a piece of décor. Lean one or hang it onto a wall, and you'll feel like you're returning to your own private surf shack every time you walk into the room.

2. Or an oar

For a more nautical look, do the same but with an oar. You can display one or two on the wall to channel the feeling of rowing on a calm body of water.

3. Starfish garland

Garland isn't just for the holiday season. Drape a string of starfish or seashells along the bottom of the fireplace mantle for a festive, beachy atmosphere.

4. Incorporate art

Every living room needs some art on the walls, and, fortunately, there's no shortage of beach-themed paintings, photographs, or décor to be found. Although the inclination is to lean towards lighter palettes, don't be afraid to do something a bit different and go with one reminiscent of a sailing sunset.

5. Imitate jellyfish

Glass globes in shades of blue, white, and even purple, suspended from the ceiling, can emulate the gorgeous colors of jellyfish in the sea. A display like this is sure to make a statement in any room.

6. Get the TV involved

Jump on the new trend of using your TV to exhibit artwork so that even when it's turned off, a beautiful photo or painting of the ocean will be on display.

7. Add accessories

Without cluttering the living room with tchotchkes, bring in a few beachy décor items to place on the coffee table, end tables, or console. Lanterns with candles, seashell dishes, and coral paperweights will all bring a coastal character to the space.

8. Coastal coffee table

If you need a coffee table, you might as well make it a conversation piece. A glass top standing on an oversized seashell is the ultimate centerpiece of your beachy living room.

9. Seashell showstopper

An accent wall full of shells is a stunning sight to see. Consider adding them to any small, empty space, such as above the fireplace mantle.

10. Stick to shiplap

While it's true that the popular shiplap trend seems to be losing steam in the interior design world, it's still a definite go-to for coastal-style homes. The horizontal wood planks scream beach house. Stick to a light color and install them on every living room wall.

11. Consider the ceiling

Instead of shiplap walls, contemplate taking the style up to the ceiling. If your living room happens to have hanging or exposed beams, the combination with the shiplap will create an even more beachy effect.

12. Wild wallpaper

Unlike the debate surrounding shiplap, designers seem to fully agree that wallpaper is here to stay. Opt for a bold tropical pattern rather than the dated pastel and floral prints. This can make a statement and is more affordable for a small-scale living room.

13. Bring in the blues

The color blue is synonymous with the ocean, so it's a no-brainer to drape your beach-themed living room in it. Stick to a single shade or integrate a few from light to dark in your couch, armchairs, throw pillows, wall color, or artwork. As a bonus, bringing blue into any space offers a calming effect.

14. An unexpected pop

Since blue is such an easy way to bring the beach into your home, take it a step further and paint the ceiling a pale blue color. Combine it with shiplap and wood beams for the ultimate dreamy living room.

15. Toss in turquoise

Evocative of the sea glass often found at the shoreline, turquoise is a perfect addition to your living room. If you just want a touch of the color, incorporate it into smaller accents, such as side table lamps and vases.

16. Combine it with coral

For a funkier vibe, mix turquoise and coral throughout the room with items such as end tables, decorative pillows, and patterned ottomans. Done the right way, this playful combination can look quite sophisticated.

17. Blend brown and red

Not quite the color scheme you might think of when making your living room feel beachy, but red and brown invoke the feeling of being on a boat. With some pops of blue, a nautical red mixes well with the walnut brown that you'd find on a ship. Add a wall wheel to complete the look.

18. Go green and yellow

Using green and yellow in your living room décor is like bringing in palm trees and sunshine. Live or faux plants are one way to add greenery, but also consider tropical printed cushions and complement them with a yellow throw blanket.

19. Or orange and green

Not a fan of yellow? Swap it out for a swatch of orange. Keep it subtle by using it as part of patterned pillows or the border of framed artwork. Of course, include lots of green shades for a bright and beachy combination.

20. Build a boat bar

What's better than going to a bar for happy hour? Hanging out in one in your own living room. Build a model that resembles a boathouse bar, complete with a wooden top, plank walls, and a sign bearing its name, if you'd like to go all out.

21. Scalloped edges

It's easy to find scallop details everywhere as it's currently trending. One can argue, however, that the repetitive arc pattern is overwhelming, but you can easily minimize the intensity of the design by hanging a framed fish scale scallop art on a feature wall in the living room.

22. A small driftwood detail

Driftwood is a quintessential element found on the beach. So why not infuse it into your space? Placing a small piece of wood on the coffee table or finding a lamp with the base made out of it for an end table is a subtle yet effective way to introduce a beachy look to the area.

23. Or a large one

If you're looking for a more impactful way to blend driftwood into the living area, find a large piece of furniture made out of it. A driftwood coffee table, for example, is both functional and makes quite the beachy statement.

24. Bring the outdoors in

Want to feel like you are at the beach while lounging in the comfort of your own home? Incorporate furniture with natural materials into the living room. In addition to the driftwood coffee table that we just discussed, consider adding rattan or wicker seating or decor pieces to give it a real outdoor, beachy presence.

25. Beachy boho

The boho trend is widely popular and known for its natural elements, colors, and textures. That makes it the perfect complement to the beach décor in your living space. Take tropical details such as palm trees and mix them with macramé wall hangings to blend the two.

26. Traditional style

Perhaps you have a more classic style for your home. There's no reason that it can't have a touch of the coast mixed into the design. Navy blue details in décor elements, such as in an area rug and throw pillows, mix well with neutral colors and traditional-style furniture.

27. Farmhouse features

Some say the overall farmhouse trend is on its way out, but the modern farmhouse design doesn't seem to be dissipating too quickly. If this is your style, combine wicker baskets, and mason jars with sea glass and decorative bamboo or Kulu sticks to bring a bit of the beach to your living room.

28. Go nautical

The timeless theme of the nautical decor is reminiscent of spending beautiful days out on the water. Dark blues, reds, and browns are the colors you want to incorporate into the living room, along with porthole mirrors or windows, framed flags, or a wall wheel as décor.

29. Tropical theme

There's nothing quite as relaxing as a tropical beach vacation. With this theme, you don't even have to leave your living room to feel its effects. Integrate lots of green in the form of paint, artwork, and either live or faux plants. Add organic materials such as bamboo and water hyacinth to complete the look.

30. Jungle touches

Take the island look a bit further and add in animal or leaf print pieces. Leopard couch pillows, palm leaf armchairs, and a shaggy rug can give your living room a beachy, wild safari ambiance.

31. Modernize it

Even a simple, contemporary living room can exude a beachy feel with the right touches. Streamlined, minimalist furniture in natural colors, an oversized tropical plant, and breezy curtains will turn your space into a beachfront abode.

32. Seaside glam

While you may not think you can blend a glam interior design with a beachy one, you most certainly can. Take an ornate décor piece such as a chandelier, for instance, and simply find one with seashell details. Also, blend bold patterns with soft colors like a Tiffany blue.

33. Soft neutrals

On the other end of the spectrum, an entirely neutral living room can create the ultimate beach escape. The notion is to use colors suggestive of the beach itself, such as sandy tan and ocean blue, and keep them muted for a soothing surrounding.

34. Light and bright

Sunglasses are a must-have when visiting the beach because of the bright sun reflecting off of the water. Bring a little of that feeling into your living room by keeping the windows unhindered, letting in as much natural light as possible.

35. Statement lighting

Speaking of light, a substantial pendant or lamp can not only make a statement in your living room, but it can also help add beachy air. Choose one made with natural elements such as rattan or driftwood, a shade made of shells, or a pendant with an overt wave design.

36. Mantle embellishments

If you're fortunate to have a fireplace in the living room, take full advantage of the mantle when designing the space. If you're going with a natural theme, for example, add a small buoy, model boat, and a monkey's fist knot as effortless décor.

37. Classy console

With a straightforward design scheme, classy décor never goes out of style, but it doesn't mean you can't introduce delicate beachy details. Use a console in the living room to display a small palm tree and dish with a handful of shells. A rattan wall hook can store a striped blanket and burlap bag for easy reach.

38. Boat bookcase

Take one of your favorite beach pastimes, perhaps reading, and make it a feature of your living space. Fill a boat-shaped bookcase with your treasured reads and sit it in the corner of the room.

39. Beachy books

While we're on the subject of books, bring in a few that have beachy themes, such as photos of the world's best beaches or beach house designs, and add them to your coffee table for décor.

40. Plant power

At the very least, adding a tropical plant or two will most certainly bring a beachy aspect to your living room. Go large or go small and choose real or fake variety. Any kind of greenery will transform your space into a paradise.