How Much Does A Home Depot Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Using the Home Depot bathroom remodeling service is a great way to stretch your dollar as far as possible. Homeowners often target the bathroom for remodeling because the space sees a significant amount of activity on a daily basis, leading to excessive wear and tear that goes above and beyond many of the other areas of the modern household.

HGTV notes that a tactful bathroom remodel can yield a return on investment north of 100% in some markets (citing, in particular, a Baltimore home that earned an astronomical 182% on a $9,400 investment). Bathrooms are great for adding financial value, but they also improve the energy and mood of the home as a result of their intense usage rates. The Home Depot bathroom team is a great option for remodeling this area of the home, with almost 6,000 reviews on the service's dedicated page and more than half of them rating the experience with a five-star score.

The cost of services is competitive because the retailer is able to bundle materials and labor as a single unit. Of course, prices will vary depending on the scope of your project. As such, Home Depot estimates that a powder room renovation averages between $5,000 and $10,000, a guest bathroom job will typically run between $14,000 and $20,000, and a master bathroom remodels starts around $30,000. In addition to expert remodeling services, this home improvement retailer can help you plan out the project, mixing budgetary needs with your vision for the reinvigorated space.

Factors for cost

Many factors play a role in the overall cost, and a bathroom remodel can take on a small footprint, a massive overhaul, or even something that falls in between. Speaking with a professional consultant at Home Depot can help you make sense of the cost and plan out the perfect remodeling project for your home and budget.

Bathroom size

Size is one of the most important factors when weighing the cost of a bathroom revamp. The professionals at the Home Depot in your area are highly experienced in several specialized bathroom remodeling projects, and they can help you plot a course to the exact bathroom installation you're looking for. Size matters a lot because the larger your space, the greater your project's material needs will be, the longer it might take your installation crew to complete the job, and it might even add to the number of people involved in the overhaul.

Demolition needs

In any bathroom remodel, there will be a need to tear out existing fixtures and other elements that are already present in the space, Home Depot notes. Demolition is labor-intensive, and once the removal of old features is complete, the resulting mess will need to be taken out from the workspace and disposed of. This involves both cleaning and waste disposal, both of which can add to the overall cost you can expect to pay for the renovation.

Demolition is a natural part of any home improvement project, and it should be factored in accordingly. Typically, demolition in a bathroom will focus on the tile floors and may add the shower or bath, vanity, and even the toilet to the list of elements to be removed and replaced. In addition to the standard removal process, you may have to expand your demolition efforts to account for repairs necessary, let's say, as a result of water damage in an old bathroom with failing water seals around the shower or toilet.

New feature construction

Building new features into the bathroom is the next component of the project. Many homeowners opt for a customized vanity and matching cabinets (either hanging or standing options that complement the style of the vanity), and these features will add to the project cost. Home Depot remodelers are a great asset in this part of the build because they have access to prefabricated vanity and accessory options that can be worked directly into your bathroom or customized from an original floor model design.

Materials and labor cost

Materials and labor make up the bulk of any home improvement project, and the size of your remodel will dictate both of these elements that feature prominently in the cost calculation. Homeowners typically want to include targeted upgrades and personalized features in their home improvements. Still, the added costs that can come along with poorly established plans for the build can minimize a homeowner's ability to take advantage of these focus points. Balance is critical, and a Home Depot installer is a great asset when it comes to managing the weight of labor and material costs against the vision that a homeowner has for their future rebuilt bathroom.

Additional costs

Alongside traditional pricing factors, you'll need to think through a few other features that can affect the overall cost of remodeling your space.

Luxury upgrade options

Home improvement often aims at introducing elegant features that will improve the user experience. Homes are built for constant use, so a luxurious amenity like a double vanity or a large, waterfall-style shower can really impact your daily life and the experience you enjoy in your home. Luxury additions can add to the cost, of course. The Home Depot team offers a free in-home consultation designed to help you identify areas of particular focus and interest to match upgrades alongside cost-saving selections to make the most of your budget (via Home Depot).

Plumbing alterations

In any bathroom remodel, it's possible to encounter the need to bring in the expertise of a plumber. The professionals working for the retailer can tackle virtually any aspect of the bathroom remodeling space, so plumbing alterations fall within the brand's overall wheelhouse. However, significant changes to your plumbing layout can increase the workload and, therefore, the price.

HomeGuide reports that plumbers typically charge between $45 and $150 per hour, so a similar expense should be expected when conducting a remodel through the Home Depot umbrella — although a bundled price structure may help reduce this cost, bringing it closer to the lower end of the range.

New windows or ventilation requirements

You might also need the addition of ventilation or want to change the windows of your bathroom and the interior design aspects of the room. These elements bring the project together and add a touch of completion to the remodel. New windows and other similar additions are also within the realm of possibility when hiring the Home Depot remodeling team.

Types of services offered by Home Depot

Home Depot contractors note three distinct bathroom types as a template for their work: the powder room, guest bathroom, and master bathroom. The team can engage in any renovation type you may have in mind, but basing your cost calculation and intended project scope on one of these overarching form factors can help you gain clarity in planning and executing the project.

The powder room

A powder room is typically a small bathroom space that likely doesn't include a shower or bathtub. A powder room is another name for a half bath, but that doesn't mean it should receive any less attention than a full bathroom. Half baths or powder rooms are often found in communal areas of modern homes, making them the ideal place to be used by a guest who is looking for a bathroom. Moreover, powder rooms are an area to show off the luxuriousness and sensibility of your home's style, so a renovation here can make a big impact on the welcoming quality of your house.

A powder room update is typically the least expensive of all bathroom remodeling projects due to the condensed size, and the features brought into this space are typically a scaled-down version of any other bathroom remodeling. From the flooring to vanity updates, a powder room renovation is simply a small bathroom update that makes for a big change in your home.

The guest bathroom

Guest bathrooms are also listed prominently in the Home Depot repertoire. A guest bathroom remodel will typically involve many of the same elements as a powder room renovation or a master bathroom redesign. Yet, guest bathrooms typically focus on efficient modernizations rather than total customization. The Home Depot team's initial consultation is a valuable asset when reimagining your guest bathroom. They can help you set expectations and bring in valuable features that will support the needs of any guests you host for many years to come.

The master bathroom

Professionals from this retailer also specialize in complex and large-scale renovation projects focusing on the master bathroom. According to Home Depot, remodels that center on the master suite often incorporate new lighting elements that make the room pop with energy and brightness, upgraded tile throughout the room (including the walls, if desired), shower, bath (or both) upgrades, and new, luxurious vanity options installation that fit with the thematic design of the whole room.

Why you need a new Home Depot renovated bathroom

Using the Home Depot remodeling service to update a bathroom is an excellent option for homeowners across the United States. With more than 2,300 stores in North America and the largest do-it-for-me business in the industry (via Home Depot), the retailer's installation team is a unique resource that makes for a fantastic bathroom remodeling experience.

Expertise in the initial consultation is central to the project

Home Depot professionals offer a phenomenal service to homeowners looking to transform their bathrooms. Working with those experts can give you a brand new outlook on the home renovation process while also maintaining confidence in the process from start to finish.

The element that really sets the Home Depot experience apart is the in-home consultation that marks the beginning of the renovation. The contractors are knowledgeable and professional; viewing the space you want to transform within your home and speaking with you about your expectations and desires without strings attached is a great way to launch the project. The team makes the entire experience positive for homeowners and brings its expertise to bear from the first moment when viewing the space.

The new bathroom experience is one you shouldn't miss

An old bathroom is going to impose a negative effect on your overall interaction within and throughout your home. At the same time, a remodeled space provides a light, airy feeling that follows you into and back out of the area each time you enter the room.

A new bathroom is a great addition to your home because it also provides brand-new energy to the property. In addition, a new bathroom that makes use of modern touches and brightening aspects is one that genuinely transforms the entire interior space of a home. The Home Depot renovation team knows this and can help you make sense of the renovation while streamlining the whole rebuild for you.

Benefits of the Home Depot bathroom remodeling service

Renovating your home can be a stressful project, and that's why homeowners rely on the professionalism and guidance of their contractors throughout this process. With the help of the Home Depot remodeling team, installing the bathroom you've been dreaming of is more attainable than you might have ever thought possible while minimizing the strain and micromanagement that all too often hangs over the home improvement job site.

Local professionals mean a prompt and professionally done job

Home Depot notes that the company employs an enormous stable of local contractors across the country, with background checks and resume scouring as a standard procedure. This means that the experts working on your bathroom remodeling project will always be knowledgeable, trusted, and professional members of the contracting and remodeling community. Fast and professional service is expected from homeowners in all corners of the United States, and the team certainly delivers.

A pairing of great contractors and low pricing on materials

Perhaps the most important benefit that a Home Depot remodel provides is a unique marriage between great contractors and direct sourcing of the materials used in the build. This means that you can take advantage of great pricing on the labor and material costs associated with the renovation. Bundling both of these elements that often make up the vast majority of any home improvement project's costs can give you access to great discounts on both facets, leading to a wonderful experience and a revamp project that actually falls within your budget.