The Five Best Walmart Hacks That Will Change How You DIY

Shopping at Walmart almost always results in saving money or finding great deals. The superstore is known for its budget-friendly prices, as well as its vast selection of stock and merchandise. If you are working on a DIY project, Walmart is your one-stop-shop for everything from home decor to craft supplies and more. While you might know about their impressive deals advertised around the store, you would be surprised to find out there are even more hacks that will change the way you DIY.

Walmart has been serving customers for almost 60 years, providing shoppers with everything from food to clothing and home items, so you can find everything you need under their roof. The following Walmart hacks range from coupon overages to price matching, but there is so much more to learn about this powerhouse when it comes to DIY projects. You can redecorate or design your home from the ground up with products from this superstore and even find great replicas that look just like items found in high-end shops like Pottery Barn or West Elm.

Always price match items

Walmart is known for its impressively low prices, making it a go-to for anyone looking to save some money or shop on a budget. They offer everything from home goods to pet supplies and pharmacy products, not to mention all the categories in between. While its pricing is already on the low end of the scale, you can still price match certain items that might be cheaper online. If you find something on their website that costs less than it does in-store, show an associate the lower dollar amount to have it matched. Walmart does note on their website that in order to take advantage of this policy, the item has to be in stock online, and a supervisor may have to verify the purchase.

This Walmart hack is great for anyone who likes to browse stock online before heading into the store. If you find an item that will help with DIY projects, make sure to bookmark or save it on your phone or tablet. Whenever you visit a physical store, as long as the item is there, you can request a price match to save money.

Pay attention to coupon overages

On top of price matching, Walmart also honors coupon overages. According to Eat This Not That, if you present a coupon and the item costs less than the amount it is for, the overage will be applied to the rest of the transaction. When shopping for DIY supplies, every penny counts, right? Keep an eye on prices as you shop, and make a mental note if an item is less than the coupon amount. For example, if you find something that costs $2.97 but the offer was for $3 off, $0.03 goes toward the remaining bill. This hack could end up saving you a decent amount of money because even small savings are better than nothing.

According to Walmart, sometimes cash will be given back if the overage amount surpasses the total bill. Certain items may be ineligible for the cashback option, but a store associate will let you know if these circumstances arise. Make sure any coupons you bring are presented before the purchase is completed and have a GS1 barcode that is scannable.

Download the app for savings

Apps are great for customizing your shopping experience, and the Walmart app is no exception. On top of having thousands of items at your fingertips, the app will alert you whenever an item has a high markdown. According to Eat This Not That, the convenient platform shows shoppers the biggest discounts around the store each day. This makes it incredibly easy to keep up with DIY items you have on your list and save money any time they go on sale.

The app also keeps you in the loop about promotions happening in-store and online. You can easily access any rollbacks that are running and keep an eye on the stock that you need for future projects. It also allows you to create shopping lists and opt for free delivery or in-store pickup, depending on your preferences. The Walmart app makes shopping for DIY items or any other necessities simple, which is great when you're trying to complete projects.

Consider picking up online orders

Another Walmart hack for saving money on DIY projects and beyond is to choose the "pickup" method when shopping online. While delivery certainly makes things convenient, you might get a discount if you go to the store to retrieve your purchases. According to Mashed, during your checkout on the website, look for a note or phrase that says a discount is available if the order is picked up instead of shipped. This option is ideal for faster access to the items you need, but keep in mind the website doesn't always specify what the savings will be per bundle. Most online orders over $35 offer free shipping but can take two days to arrive, so the pickup option is perfect for purchases that are better if acquired immediately.

If your cart doesn't qualify for free two-day shipping, check for other options which might still save you money. Items that you aren't in a rush to receive and can be pushed out to 3-5 day delivery might save you shipping costs, too. Every online order will vary, so pay attention to rates and options during each shop.

Shop clearance end caps

Like most stores, Walmart has clearance items that change regularly. Many of these can be found on the aisle end caps, according to The Penny Hoarder. Clearance might also be at the very back of a particular department, so spend time wandering around and checking out where certain sales sections are located. Look for signs notating deals, and get to a store early to browse newer items that may have just been put on clearance. Many items get marked down during the first week of the month, so mark your calendar.

Clearance is different from rollbacks and promotions, so take your time perusing the shelves. DIY items may boast a small tag showing it has been marked down to clearance, or there might be larger signs notating a specific sale area. Always keep an eye on expiration dates for perishables, but take advantage of savings for your DIY projects when there is a deal. You can also search online for Walmart clearance, and the website might offer items that aren't in the local store. Use the app to check a price when shopping in-store, especially if something is unmarked. It could be on sale but not properly tagged. Lastly, The Krazy Coupon Lady suggests checking social media pages like Instagram for updated clearance items that other shoppers have tagged with hashtags like #walmartclearance.