The Five Best Bed Bath & Beyond Hacks That Will Change How You DIY

Bed Bath & Beyond is a DIY shopper's dream, thanks to the superstore's vast selection of stock and merchandise. Founded in 1971, this New Jersey-based chain became the go-to for homeowners looking for everything from linens and bath supplies to kitchenware and more. According to Business Insider, throughout the 70s, the powerhouse expanded to California, New York, and other cities around the U.S., with 19 stores opening over the next decade. It wasn't until the 80s, though, in response to a big competitor joining the game, that Bed Bath & Beyond opened its 20,000-square-foot spaces, changing the face of home goods shopping forever.

The store took DIY needs and decor hunting to a new level, giving consumers the opportunity to find almost everything they desired for their homes under one roof. Now, you can purchase organizational items, appliances, and other merchandise without the hassle of jumping from shop to shop. Bed Bath & Beyond hacks are plentiful, giving you the ability to complete home projects while saving time and money.

Save your coupons

Bed Bath & Beyond is well-known for the 20% off coupons they send to consumers throughout the year. Like other coupons, these display an expiration date, but these versions don't actually expire. According to Coupon Cabin, while there is a use-by date, the chain accepts them regardless of how long ago that time passed. Make sure to sign up for mobile coupons as well as mail-out versions, then save them for that next DIY project.

Another Bed Bath & Beyond hack is to use more than one coupon for a single transaction. Some locations allow shoppers to use multiple coupons, applying them per item rather than to the running total. Always make sure to ask when checking out if they will honor all of the coupons you've collected. Even if they won't, you can use the remaining ones at any point when you go back. Since there is no actual expiration date to worry about, you don't have to stress about losing out on the savings.

Understand the sales tags

Shopping sales and clearance are musts for any DIY needs, mainly because they save you money. When you're redecorating or working on a big project, every penny counts. Bed Bath & Beyond has yellow and orange tags located throughout the store on inventory. Yellow signifies final markdowns, meaning the item won't be discounted any further. This is the time to grab these, so don't wait if there is something you want with a yellow tag.

According to Never Ending Journeys, orange stickers mean an item has a temporary markdown or just got discounted for the first time. It is still a good idea to purchase anything you really want if it boasts an orange tag, but there could be future sales on it, too. Any time Bed Bath & Beyond has a sale, take your time to sift through the clearance items or markdowns, because there are always some hidden gems throughout the store.

Inquire about price matching

Price matching is a great way to save money, and Bed Bath & Beyond does offer this budget-friendly option. According to the website's policy, shoppers can present a competitor's ad or show an associate the website with a different price. You can also call their customer service line and request a match over the phone. The superstore only honors a price match request OR their own coupons, so you cannot use both in the same transaction. The associate will apply the better deal, so you can rest assured you'll save the most between the two.

The Krazy Coupon Lady adds another Bed Bath & Beyond hack, which allows you to use competitors' coupons in-store, too. The store won't honor both a price match and a competitor coupon, so pick the one that offers the bigger discount and use that for the transaction. Always ask an associate if a discount from another store can be used, but as long as they honor it, the savings will keep rolling in.

Get a price adjustment

According to the Bed Bath & Beyond website, you can bring an item back within 14 days to have a coupon applied to the previous transaction. The purchase has to be eligible for a coupon, so check ahead of time because some store items are exempt from them. However, most items do work with one, so if you didn't have it when you paid, make sure to take advantage of using it after the fact.

They also offer price match adjustments unless the item was on clearance or was a seasonal selection. The same time frame as above applies, so remember to get back to the store within 14 days. Always have the item you are price matching available, so an associate can verify the difference and change the amount. These hacks are great for saving on DIY project purchases, even after the original visit. Keep your receipt so that everything is easier to adjust.

Join Beyond +

Beyond + is Bed Bath & Beyond's answer to a membership option. The cost is $29 per year, and you save 20% on every transaction, as well as gain access to a discount on their interior design services. You get half off when working with a professional designer, should you want to take advantage of the offer. The membership also provides free shipping on any orders, which will save you money throughout the year. The Krazy Coupon Lady recommends joining this program if you spend over $150 per year at the store because the savings don't always add up as much before that.

Having a Beyond + membership means you don't have to wait for physical or mobile coupons to appear because the discount is applied year-round. For all those DIYers out there, 20% off every transaction adds up quickly and might save you a decent chunk of money. And the last Bed Bath & Beyond hack for shaving a little extra off of a purchase: inquire about delivering an out-of-stock item to your home. Most stores will waive the shipping fees, which tend to add up over time.