20 Fairy Garden Ideas That Are Downright Magical

Creating a garden suitable for fairies and other magical creatures can both be fun and aesthetically pleasing. As you tend to your garden, you get to take a break from other every day responsibilities to partake in a hobby you enjoy. Your garden may be full of flowers, vegetables, or both. WebMD says tending to a garden can give someone a sense of peace as it reduces sad thoughts, increases your sense of pride, boosts your ability to concentrate, and is also a fun way to exercise.

Gardening with a theme in mind can also be fun, such as a fairy garden. Using this theme can be a great way of challenging your creative mind to build something beautiful. Crafts by Amanda says there are quite a few things you'll need to create a fairy garden; wooden birdhouse, dried pods, twigs, colorful silk flowers, moss, small artificial birds, and more. But, it all really depends on the look you're going for.

1. Fairy home

Every fairy garden needs a little home that's the perfect size for these tiny, winged mythical creatures. This can be a fairly simple project with just a few items such as wood and nails.

2. Add a personal touch

When constructing your fairy home, this is a time to let your creative juices out. Add personal creative ideas of what you believe a fairy home should look like and what designs it needs.

3. Everything's useful

Before shopping, take a look around your home for items you could reuse for your fairy garden. These crystal pebbles and tiny plants have created a beautiful fairy path.

4. Fairy door

If you don't want to spend time creating a whole fairy home, you can create a fairy door and attach it to a tree or tree stump to create the illusion that there is a home inside. Feel free to add adorable details like a tiny mailbox and a pair of shoes.

5. Statues

Little statues are a fun way to create an elegant fairy garden full of stone fairies and other cute creatures.

6. Create a bit of real estate

Get really creative and construct a bit of property for your fairy garden. Here, they used a tree stump to place a small home with a yard, stone fairies, and a tree to create some prime real estate.

7. Cute details

Creating a fairy garden is your chance to create the most adorable and tiny details. This green bookshelf is so beautiful with the small decorative items on the shelf as well as the faux vines that are draped over it.

8. Do your research

There are multiple different ways to go about creating a fairy home. You can search online for different ways to execute the theme of your fairy garden successfully. This fairy home was made with different materials to create a pink and sparkly beauty.

9. Tree of life

Create a welcoming creature to invite fairies to your garden! This tree with cute googly eyes is similar to that of a Disney character that would give advice to the main character.

10. Incorporate your favorite flowers

Incorporate your favorite flowers in your favorite garden to tend to. This will help ensure you tend to it every day. 

11. Tea party

Design fun activities in your fairy garden, such as the classic tea party set. This tea cup is definitely a little too big for a fairy to enjoy, but you can create or purchase a tiny set.

12. Mushrooms

Most of us can agree that mushrooms are oddly adorable. When incorporating mushrooms into your fairy garden, you can either plant real mushrooms (non-poisonous, of course) or purchase faux mushrooms.

13. Let nature help you

To create an affordable fairy garden, you can use materials you find outside. This fairy home made entirely of twigs is a perfect example of one of the possible designs you can make.

14. Lighting

To ensure your fairy garden truly feels magical, include some lighting. You can use fairy lights (no pun intended) or miniature candle holders.

15. Create a fairy town

You don't have to stop at one fairy home, but you can create a whole town. This can be a fun project to experiment with different styles to determine what styles you really like.

16. Different season new design

Use the changing seasons as a way to change up the designs of your fairy garden. Have fun, bright colors during the summer, and orange leaves and mini scarecrows as the season changes to fall.

17. Gnome

Can a fairy garden really be complete without any gnomes? They're cute little mythical creatures that can welcome any newcomers who are attracted to your beautiful garden. 

18. Moss

Moss is a great addition to any fairy garden. It can add a bit of coziness if placed on top of a stone or used as a faux lawn for a fairy house.

19. Crystals

Some people believe that crystals can have a magical effect on your health and wellness. There are so many styles to incorporate and fit into the look you are going for in your fairy garden.

20. Different themes

Fairy gardens can be styled following several different themes that would complement your environment. For those whose homes may be more of the retro style, you might enjoy the colorful design of this fairy garden.