Here's Where You Can Visit The House From Bird Box

Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock, has continued to be Netflix's most popular film since its release in 2018, Screen Rant notes. What has also been popular is the California home that was featured in the movie, Patch says. Since the movie's release, fans have traveled from all across the country to gawk at the exterior of the home that Sandra Bullock's character used as a hideout from harm.

Located in Monrovia, people continue to visit the home and reminisce about all of their favorite scenes. While the house isn't empty, the homeowner was paid $12,000 to allow filmmakers to film scenes of the home for the movie. That resulted in over 45 million people watching Bird Box in a single week and remembering the house as a great hideout. This movie was truly a spectacle to see as the main character fought to escape a mysterious and evil entity with her children. We're excited to take a look at the fabulous exterior that caught the eyes of Hollywood producers.

A California wonder

This famous home is located at 304 N. Canyon Blvd. According to Realtor, the house is 113 years old and was last sold in 1998 for about $625,000. With 4,478 square feet, the property has seven bedrooms and five bedrooms and sits on about half an acre of land. The beautiful and grand stone entrance to the home, lit up by two lanterns, leads up to the stunning Craftsman-style designed residence.

Nonetheless, the single-family home has made the movie fans "go blind" in an attempt to recreate the film's main takeaway. According to Patch, fans have gone to the home to execute the Bird Box challenge, which is done by blindfolding yourself and walking away from the house as you try not to get hurt. However, Netflix has begged fans to avoid this challenge as it can be very dangerous. YouTube has even removed videos of those executing the challenge, as it promotes a potentially harmful activity.