The Viral TikTok Cleaning Tricks You Should Be Using Yourself

TikTok is more than just a place to share lip-syncing videos, though it is pretty great for that, too. Many TikTokkers have taken to the platform to share lifestyle hacks, like how to ask for the perfect haircut at the salon, tips on parallel parking, and how to easily clean your home with a few tips and DIY recipes. We'll share some of our favorite cleaning hacks from the social media site that will help you get your house sparkling in no time. 

A few things to note — many cleaning-Tokkers are based outside of the US and will be seen using something called Fairy Liquid. This is just standard dish soap and is comparable to Dawn in the U.S. Additionally, it's important to know the products and materials in your home before trying any cleaning hacks. Cleaning influencer GoCleanCo advises that you should follow manufacturer guidelines when in doubt, and always be sure to read cleaning product labels.

Deep clean your carpets

If you've ever finished vacuuming and yet still felt like you're stepping on debris, or just notice that your rug or carpet just isn't as vibrant as it used to be, you may need to try a different strategy. While vacuums do a great job of picking up loose dirt and particles, things like pet and human hair can weave themselves into carpet fibers, making them difficult to pull up by suction alone. 

TikTok user miaslaterxo recommends a rather unconventional tool — a window squeegee. By using the rubber flap of the squeegee on your carpet, you can pull dirt from deeper within the carpet fibers. Plus, the straight edge of the squeegee allows you to get closer to wall trim and corners for a super clean floor. You can also use the squeegee method on furniture upholstery like velvet and mohair, making this a time- and cost-effective cleaning hack. 

Easy DIY recipe for burnt pans

If you like the bottom of your rice extra crispy, you forgot to stir the bottom of the pot when cooking, or you're just working with highly sticky foods — burned pots and pans can be tough to clean. While heavily burned pots will take some elbow grease and time, using a few ingredients from the kitchen cabinet can make this job a lot easier. Judithcollins has a TikTok hack that explains how combining baking soda, dish soap, white vinegar, and heat can get your cooking utensils as good as new. 

If you've ever followed a recipe that calls for deglazing, you know that heat and acid do a great job of getting burnt bits off the bottom of a pan. Baking soda is an abrasive but gentle powder, and dish soap cuts through sticky grease with ease. Combining these elements on the stovetop help to break down stubborn messes in no time. If your pan is stainless steel, you can use a scouring pad to peel off any debris, but don't use this on non-stick pans as it will ruin the protective coating. 

Remove red wine spills

Whether inviting a few friends over for game night or just hoping to unwind in front of the TV, a glass of red wine is often a great complement. That is, however, until someone gets too enthusiastic during a game of charades, or your furry friend accidentally knocks your glass over. Red wine spills can cause immediate panic, especially on light-colored carpets and rugs, but there's no need to worry according to TikTokker cleanthatup. Best of all, you don't need an expensive carpet steamer to get the job done. 

Instead, cleanthatup recommends using a carpet cleaner, a damp towel, and an iron. They specifically use a product called Red 1, but you should be able to use any type of carpet spot cleaner. Simply spray the affected area, place the damp (not wet) cloth over the stain, and gently press your iron on the top. After steaming for a few seconds, remove the iron and make sure that it isn't damaging your carpet. Repeat this process until the stain has totally lifted.

Tackle mold with this overnight solution

Mold is a much more common household issue than many people realize. It doesn't always look like a furry lump, so people may not even realize that they have it. To help determine if you do have mold in your shower, this guide on mold vs mildew will help to identify it. In showers, it often looks like a little patch of black dirt, but it can also come in darker shades of red and green. Grout is more susceptible to mold because its surface is broken down over time. 

If you have stubborn mold that doesn't seem to come away with scrubbing, follow cleanwithnessa's guide for an overnight soaking solution. It requires liquid bleach and some toilet paper. Layer up a few sheets of toilet paper and twist it into a roll, spray bleach along the mold line, then use the toilet paper as a barrier over the bleach. Leave overnight. In the morning, just use the paper to lightly wipe away the mold, and it should come off without issue. When using bleach or treating mold, always be sure to have proper ventilation and wear protective gloves for safety. 

DIY oven cleaning paste

Cleaning your oven can be a daunting task, especially if it has lots of burnt grease and streaked glass. While everyday surface cleaner can be somewhat ineffective, you may not want to use a heavy-duty oven cleaner than contains harsh, toxic chemicals. TikTok user mama_mila_  offers a simple, more natural alternative, and best of all, you probably have all of the ingredients sitting at home right now! 

Mama_mila_ recommends using baking soda, dish soap, and water to form a smooth, soft paste. Then, spread a thin layer around your oven (be sure to remove racks for ease of cleaning) and leave it overnight. In the morning, use a sponge or cleaning cloth to wipe down the surfaces, then spray white vinegar to remove any excess residue. If you have especially stubborn grease or burnt food in your oven, consider running the self-cleaning cycle the day prior to using this TikTok hack, and a vacuum to remove excess debris.