Take A Tour Of A Bizarrely-Shaped Maryland Home Straight Out Of The '70s Inside

A time capsule of a home has recently hit the Maryland real estate market with an asking price of just under $140,000, per the Realtor listing. The house was built in 1910 but seemingly hasn't been updated much since the 70s, with red shag carpet and wood wall paneling indicating the home's last big renovation.

The house has been on the market for quite some time now, having been originally listed in October of 2021 with an asking price of $179,000. It was lowered by over $19,000 in December of 2021 and again in late April of this year with its current asking price, which is over $39,000 lower than the original listing.

The home has a lot of potential, sitting on a corner lot with gorgeous views of Maryland's natural landscape. Historical home renovators will particularly love the blend of the early 20th century and the unmissable marks of the 1970s this home uniquely offers.

A look at the Maryland home

The Maryland home sits on a total of 0.28 acres with 2,080 square feet of living space, conveniently located on a corner lot. The over 100-year-old house is two stories tall with white siding, white columns, and black trimming around the windows. The home is built in a very basic colonial style except for the large semi-circle edge, which is more reminiscent of historical southern homes.

The first floor is paved with concrete. There isn't a fence surrounding the property, but there is a sizable yard that could be great for lounging with the addition of a privacy fence. The second floor has a balcony on the rounded side and on the front, enclosed with iron fencing and providing a great view of the yard and neighborhood.

The Realtor listing states that the house is close to the Youghiogheny River, which is great for white water rafting, fishing, boating, swimming, camping, and other recreational outdoor activities (via Maryland Office of Tourism). Since the house is zoned for residential and commercial use, buyers could use it as a great rental property for outdoor enthusiasts or simply enjoy the proximity to the river for themselves.

Shag carpet galore

While the outside of the home is relatively unassuming, the inside is definitely covered in markings of the 70s. Rooms like the kitchens and bathrooms are relatively normal, if not a little outdated. The upstairs kitchen is quite large with lots of renovation potential, but as it stands, it has basic wood floors and white walls, honey oak cabinets, and outdated white appliances. The lower level kitchen is nearly the same, except for the linoleum floors and tighter space. The bathrooms are also the same, with honey oak cabinets, basic white and older appliances, and greige linoleum floors.

The rest of the house is undoubtedly retro, with bright and glaring red shag carpet in almost every room. That's not where it ends, though. The first-floor living room doesn't just have basic white walls but a floral patterned wallpaper strip on top. This room is indicative of the lower price point, with the tiled ceilings caving in and generally very uneven. The Realtor listing shows this home as having a total of three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

More of the 70s time capsule

The house only gets more and more retro from there. The lower floor entry room not only has red shag carpet flooring but a similarly carpeted staircase leading upstairs. The walls are also wood-paneled, only further adding to the 70s feel. The stairs leading into a landing also have red carpet and wood walls. The first door leads into the smallest bedroom of the home, which has red and black shag carpeting, white walls, and a red and black feature wall.

If the red shag carpet isn't to your liking, don't worry, there are a plethora of different colored carpeting. One room on the lower level pairs old wood-paneled walls with a just as old orange shag carpet. The attached sitting/dining room from the lower level kitchen has bright teal shag carpeting, which bumps right against the classic red for the formal living room, as seen on Realtor. While this house may need some major renovations, the size, layout, and light offer plenty of potential to the right buyer.