The Best Target Home Décor Hacks That Will Change How You DIY

Thrifty finds can't be ignored upon entering Target's doors, especially in the shopping area known as the Dollar Spot. The shelves are filled with genuine, useful finds, or maybe stuff you don't know quite what to do with yet; either way, there's always a hack into something new. Miscellaneous products like crafts, home décor, seasonal, teacher supplies, and toys are generally priced between $3 to $12 at the Bulleye's Playground but are mostly under $5. According to Mom Deals, you can even have this section delivered to your door by shopping online.

Although do-it-yourself projects seem like a trend of the present, they started in the mid-century and prior. Amidst troubles endured in the early 20th century with the Great Depression, many families tried to keep up with domestic appearances on their own as salaries declined. As a result, according to Science Museum, there was a surge of DIY projects within the home during the 1950s and 1960s, which was encouraged by the media. These days, life hacks have become an alternative way to save money on normally expensive items, including finding shortcuts to accomplish a job.

So, what are the best home décor tips that will accelerate your DIY regime? With so many items to choose from, here are the top five hacks on our list utilizing these everyday items: a wooden cutting board, vintage-style necklaces, a wooden gardening crate, a circular metal shelf, and matching wire/wood baskets.

Transform mundane items into purposeful pieces

From the seasonal to everyday items section in the store, take a wooden cutting board and redefine it. Of course, what you purchase will ultimately depend on what you need in your home's decorative or useful space. In this case, you might create more imaginative and useful kitchen items like a small soap dish pedestal. First, break off unwanted parts of the cutting board and sand down any remaining residue. Then, add teak oil to protect the wood finish from water and deterioration, and attach four small metal egg holders to the board with a secure glue like E6000.

With some ropes and strings attached, you can recreate a wooden crate by repainting it with a suitable color and using it as a bedroom shelf. Tie rope through the ends, glue it securely on the bottom, then hang and embellish.

You might also build a tiered hanging fruit basket for the kitchen. Take two identical baskets and tie and knot leather cording through to connect them. If you want 18th-century elegance, check your old cheap jewelry that maybe isn't worn as often as you would have liked and repurpose it as a tieback for your curtains. According to MyfirstSaving on Medium, this is a lovely hack that adds style and grace to your home décor while holding on to slightly unwanted jewelry. Attach pearl, gold, or silver by themselves or together around the material; they all give a lavish presentation.

Browse the kids and clearance sections

Kids or not, don't overlook the children's section when shopping at Target. Items in this area are simple, affordable, and ready to hack. For example, take a metal circular shelf, hang it above your bed or in another appealing mature space on the wall, and decorate it with serene items like faux plant greenery, pottery, or other abstract artistry that presents texture. You could also put toiletry items like lotion, tissues, or other personal items on the shelf. Suppose the piece you choose is not a normal type of shelving. In that case, per Long Life For Art, you might want to efficiently fasten it with museum putty, which helps keep valuable items like glass, ceramics, crystals, paintings, and porcelain secure onto various wall surfaces.

Additionally, peruse the clearance section before shopping the regularly priced areas, as new arrivals can sometimes get in so suddenly that they are soon headed to the discount shelves. Get creative with everyday items — sometimes a rug may not be suited to be only a floor covering. If the design is visually appealing enough, it can be used as a wall hanging in your living or bedroom areas. You need a wooden dowel rod and some twine to create an inventive art display. Thread the rod through the rug's overlapped end, tie the twine on each end, and voilà! You've got an innovative décor piece.