20 Incredibly Satisfying Pressure Washing Before And After Photos

Pressure washing is a great way to clean outdoor spaces. It removes things like dirt, stains, grease, mold, mildew, and salt. Concrete driveways, patios, decks, and certain kinds of house siding can all safely be pressure washed, per Home Advisor.

Red Door Pro Wash lists some of the benefits of pressure washing your outdoor spaces regularly. First, it maintains the property value and curb appeal of your home. Washing away built-up dirt and grime from your driveway, siding, and deck will improve the appearance of your home. Second, it can help diminish allergies, as it washes away harmful algae and mildew. Third, pressure washing is a great way to prepare surfaces for repairs. If you're wanting to fill cracks in your driveway or get your exterior repainted, pressure washing is a great first step.

Another benefit, however, is how appealing the before and after pictures will look. Below, you'll find 20 before and after pressure washing images that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

1. Before: Dingy and moldy

While the side of this house doesn't look horrendous, it is in need of a power wash. Stains are visible on the surface of the siding. Overall, it looks grimy, and it's not clear whether the paint is beige or just dirty. 

2. After: Fresh and clean

After a good power wash, the side of this beige house is left looking spotless. All traces of dirt and mildew were washed away by the powerful spray of the pressure washer. The homeowners must be pleased –- just like we are — for being able to see the satisfying before and after photos. 

3. Before: Covered in dirt

This concrete patio is in desperate need of a deep clean. The surface has turned a gray color from caked-on dirt and grime. A green stain is also visible, which may be mold or mildew. Cleaning this patio will not only improve the appearance but also protect those who live inside the home from dangerous allergies. 

4. After: No dirt in sight

This patio looks so much better after having been cleaned. Instead of a gray, speckled appearance, its true color is able to shine. Not only does it look clean and appealing, but it is also free from dangerous allergens.

5. Before: Dark and grimy

This concrete path is so dirty that it looks like a completely different color. It appears to be dark gray with spots of green, most likely from mold and mildew. It's also covered in grass and small twigs. Clearly, this path hasn't been cleaned for quite some time. 

6. After: Light and clean

This path's beautiful speckled appearance is no longer hidden by the caked-on dirt. Instead, this path is able to shine without any mold, mildew, grime, or grass covering it. Power washing this concrete path instantly removed layers of dirt from the surface. 

7. Before: Looks old

Because this driveway is so dirty, it looks old and outdated. It's covered in dirt and leaves. This driveway is definitely diminishing the overall look of the home. However, after a quick power wash, this driveway will look brand new –- and the after picture is sure to be satisfying. 

8. After: Looks brand new

After being cleaned, this driveway is unrecognizable, in a good way. The gray dirt has been replaced by an orange color that looks much better. Taken from a different angle, this image shows how much better a clean driveway looks next to a home. 

9. Before: Needs a good wash

This is another driveway in need of a deep scrub. Dirt has made its way into every crack and crevice over the years, changing the color to a dark brown.

10. After: Perfectly spotless

After being cleaned, this driveway is almost reflective. It looks like a whole new, squeaky clean driveway. It's incredible what a pressure washer can do. 

11. Before: A slipping hazard

Not only do these stairs look dirty and dismal, they're also a safety hazard. Someone could easily slip and fall walking down these slimy steps. They need to be cleaned, stat. 

12. After: Beautiful wooden steps

After being pressure washed, what once was a dangerous hazard now looks fantastic. These warm, wooden steps are finally visible, and they look amazing. 

13. Before: Caked with mud

These brick steps are caked with mud. In every space between every brick, there are layers and layers of dirt. This is a perfect pressure washing job since pressure washers can clean some of the smallest crevices. Get ready –- this transformation is unreal. 

14. After: Sparkling clean

With all the mud gone, these bricks look completely new. Before, the gorgeous light tone of these bricks wasn't even visible. Now, they're able to sparkle and be used without fear of falling or getting shoes dirty. 

15. Before: Dingy and dismal

While this deck doesn't look awful, it does look a little gloomy. The surface of the boards has taken on a slight green tinge, most likely from harmful mold and mildew. 

16. After: Desirable

After being cleaned, this deck looks warm and inviting. Most of the green hue has disappeared and the boards appear to be a much lighter wood. Add a picnic table and a grill and this deck is ready for entertaining. 

17. Before: Stained

While some may not think the back of a house needs to be cleaned, they may want to think again. For those who spend time in their backyards, or those who have neighbors living behind them, keeping the back of the house clean is important. 

18. After: Spotless

After being pressure washed, gone is the gross dirty stain on the white foundation –- and the yellow siding looks much better, too. There are no longer any dirty marks. Clearly, this house has increased in curb appeal. 

19. Before: A moldy mess

Sometimes, mold gets so bad that it completely covers a surface. This is what has happened here. Mold and mildew have completely covered these red bricks –- but with a pressure washer and just a little effort, all that green will be gone. 

20. After: Beautiful bricks

Wow, is that after picture satisfying. With a few quick swipes of the pressure washer, all the mold and mildew is washed off these bricks, which allows their beautiful red color to shine through.