The Best Crystals Every Leo Should Have In Their Home

Every year July 23 to August 22 marks the midsummer bliss we know as Leo season. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and according to #Legend, they are the natural-born leaders of the zodiac signs. Symbolized by the lion in the zodiac, Leos are fierce and courageous, and they are often very set in their ways, according to Ancient Element Creations. The energy of Leo is powerful, and while people born during this time are affected by its energy the most, Leo's fiery energy affects everyone. With Leo's ruling planet being the Sun, according to Conscious Items, they have a natural love for life and people, and they are naturally enthusiastic beings. Leos are the life of the party, and they love the limelight. They love a good time, and they love being the center of attention. They're very social beings, and they feel their best being around their friends and family.

During this time of the year, things can feel more intense and charged up, but this energy brings in something beneficial. According to Conscious Items, Leo is one of the most powerful zodiac signs for manifesting abundance, wealth, and success, so you can significantly benefit from having its energy around you. Regardless if you're a Leo sun, moon, rising, or not, everyone and anyone can benefit from the energy Leo crystals bring, so get into the best crystals any Leo should keep in their space for every bit of Leo solace.

Black Onyx

Black onyx is a crystal of protection for Leos, especially when it comes to negative energy, and, according to Conscious Items, in the past, it has been believed to banish negative spirits. Because Leos are generally naturally happy, enthusiastic beings, this stone comes in handy for staying in high vibrations, especially around negative energy or low vibrational people who try to project their own insecurities onto Leos. 

It's a root chakra stone that has been used for centuries to rid one of internal fears and phobias and enhance inner strength, so this will work in favor of Leos who need the extra push to release and overcome internal fears and struggles as sometimes they can become complacent due to fear of failure. Black onyx works wonders against negativity on top of turning weaknesses into strengths, so this energy will give them the will and drive to dive into hard projects calmly yet confidently. With black onyx, Leos will deepen the connection with their higher selves, work, and life due to its life-transforming powers.


Not only is peridot the August birthstone, but it's also the primary stone for Leos, according to #Legend. With this stone, Leos are their most powerful and protected by higher powers. According to #Legend, this stone was heavily used in ancient times to fend off wicked spirits. 

As a heart chakra stone, peridot also promotes the energies of love and compassion, which is perfect for Leos as they are natural-born lovers and deeply value companionship. When Leos are dating or in love, they fall hard and fast. This is the perfect crystal for single Leos looking for love or Leos in love. This makes sense as a heart chakra stone, according to Ancient Element Creations, that promotes unconditional love and heals emotional wounds and negative thoughts, which can help Leos move out of any depressing funk they're in. Peridot is also used for clarity in the mind, cleansing auras, and beautiful things in every aspect of your life.


Citrine is a mesmerizing and powerful stone for Leos because it works with the Solar Plexus, as does Leo, according to Conscious Items. The citrine stone is immune from negative energy, so it works as a highly enhanced protection stone for Leos and balances out their positive traits. This stone carries an invitingly warm and positive energy that matches the energy of Leo, according to Ancient Element Creations. 

As one of the most powerful crystals in the world, Leos will experience positive growth in their careers and high creativity, especially those that are business owners. Leos are luxury-lovers and enjoy the finer things in life, so this stone will only bring in more luxury, wealth, and prosperity. Citrine is also a beneficial crystal for any Leos experiencing blockages in their chakras as it completely releases blockages in your third chakra, your Solar Plexus. Because of its warm energy, citrine removes Leos from fear and anxiety. It also promotes good sleep and rest, so Leos will enjoy the extra self-care and refreshed energy because Leos love their rest.

Tiger's Eye

If you know or you are a Leo looking to welcome abundance and wealth into your life, then tiger's eye is for you. For ambitious and goal-driven Leos, this stone is a work of art for creativity and manifesting. According to Divine Twist, tiger's eye carries the energy of the sun, which is Leo's ruling planet, so of course, it's a perfect match for Leos. Tiger's eye enhances creativity, motivation, and ambition and balances emotions. 

With this stone, Leos will pursue and achieve their goals full force. Because Leos are used to envious eyes when it comes to their success, tiger's eye will remove jealous and malicious energy projecting onto Leos from other people and keep Leos focused on their goals without worrying about negative opinions or perceptions of anyone. It will also calm their minds as sometimes Leos can struggle with endless thoughts about things they want to get done to the point where they are unable to sleep. Tiger's eye will relax the mind to enjoy a good night of sleep.


When exposed to light, this stone shines radiantly due to its connection to the sun, and this is why it's the perfect stone for Leo's fiery energy. According to Ancient Element Creations, sunstone is for leaders like Leos because it will only enhance their strongest traits such as their personal power, leadership, generosity for helping others, and natural love and drive for life. With this stone, Leos will thrive and experience self-discovery and empowerment, which will only enhance their born self-confidence. Because sunstones are known for carrying warmly energetic energy, Leos will block out any envious or negative beings, so they are able to freely focus on themselves, their light, and move in the world as the positive and practical beings they are.

To reap all of the energy of sunstone, Ancient Element Creations recommends wearing it as a ring or bracelet on your dominant hand as a reminder for any Leos to continue offering their gifts to the world or, on their other hand, for attracting what you need. The sunstone helps Leos overcome stagnant energy they may be dealing with if they're feeling depressed, unhappy, lazy, or unmotivated. This stone provides Leos with support and the energy they need to keep going, despite setbacks or how they're feeling.