The Five Best Crate & Barrel Hacks That Will Save You Money

Crate & Barrel is a home shopper's idyllic destination, filled with everything you need to decorate and furnish your house. The website's mission statement says the company aims to provide consumers with lifestyle inspiration and high-quality products for everyday needs. Their pieces are perfect for making a statement or filling a room, and you can find almost everything you need for homeware and furnishings under their roof. While their pieces tend to range on the higher end of the price spectrum, there are plenty of Crate & Barrel hacks that can change how you DIY your home.

These tips and tricks can help you save money and show you how to take advantage of the store's promotions, specials, and deals. Your home is your sanctuary, and filling it with pieces that make it shine is important. However, you shouldn't have to blow your budget to do so. Check out these helpful hacks to get the most out of your Crate & Barrel shopping experience.

Sign up to receive texts

Your smartphone is an endlessly useful tool when it comes to saving money at your favorite stores. One of the ways you can snag a deal at Crate & Barrel is by signing up to receive their text messages, which automatically gets you 10% off when you register. You can also enter an email, which will keep you in the know about special offers, promotions, or upcoming deals. Being well-informed means being the first to access all the good discounts, so don't pass up the opportunity to have all those options at your fingertips.

According to Koopy, you can sign up by visiting the official Crate & Barrel website. A section will pop up offering 10% off of everything, which you can then click on to fill out an email and phone number. A text should appear on your phone almost immediately asking for confirmation, and once you receive the coupon, you're good to go! Make sure to check the expiration date in order to take advantage of the savings before it runs out.

Get the Crate & Barrel rewards card

Owning a credit card to your favorite store can usually save you money, and this Crate & Barrel hack is no different. Their store credit card gives customers 10% back through their rewards dollar program, so every purchase you make earns cash back. According to the Crate & Barrel website, for every $200 a member spends, they get $20 worth of reward dollars. You'll also get exclusive updates and access to deals and upcoming events, so you can be ready for any specials that come around.

The Crate & Barrel Mastercard is another option for frequent shoppers, and it offers a variety of additional benefits on top of the ones provided by the regular store card. You can get 2% back at grocery stores and 1% back anywhere else where Mastercard is accepted. According to Koopy, both offer no annual fee, and you can even the forgo rewards dollars to take advantage of financing options instead. This is an ideal solution for those higher-priced items that catch your eye but are not currently in your budget.

Use the free design service

If you're redecorating or renovating your house, make sure to take advantage of Crate & Barrel's free design services. According to the Crate & Barrel website, The Design Desk is a free option that allows you to work with a professional designer to scope out a new or refreshed floor plan. They work with your current furniture and decor and  help you select new items that will complement your existing space. You'll even get realistic 3D renderings and a floor plan to see how the new purchases will look.

Interior designers can be expensive, but this free service allows you to enjoy all the perks of working with one without shelling out the cash. It also gives you the chance to see how the updated designs will look before you purchase anything, saving time and money in the long run. 

Look for free shipping options

Another Crate & Barrel hack that can save you a decent chunk of money is keeping an eye out for free shipping options. According to GlitchNDealz, you can search for sales on the website, then filter the selections to only include items with free shipping. The store's standard shipping costs range from around $5 to $45, but by choosing items that don't cost to send, you'll be saving money with every purchase.

You can browse a variety of pieces that range in size and design, and as long as they state the shipping is free, you won't pay a penny over the sales price. Choose from kitchenware, rugs, decor, as well as outdoor furniture and bedding. To find this section, click on the sale tab, then scroll down to select "all free shipping." You can also shop the rest of the sale section while you're on this page, because even without free delivery, there are still some fantastic deals to be found.

Take advantage of price matches

Like many name-brand stores, Crate & Barrel offers customers price matching options on items. They are happy to adjust the price of your purchase as long as it falls under their exclusions and restrictions policies. In order to take advantage of this money-saving hack, the item must be identical to the one being price matched, including color, weight, and model number (to list a few requirements). The website also states that the purchase must be from a Crate & Barrel direct competitor.

This list includes Williams Sonoma, Macy's, Pottery Barn, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Bloomingdales, to name a few. You can find the other competitors on the Crate & Barrel website, so you will know what items are eligible for price matching. Financed pieces or buy one, get one selections are exempt from this deal, too. Koopy notes that you can only get a price match the day you make the purchase, not after the fact. Make sure to bring in an advertisement or website with a photo of the valid selection so a store associate can validate the sale.