The Top 5 States To Live In In The US In 2022

Rankings have a way of helping steer you toward a good decision if you are at a loss for what your next move should be. This is true for purchasing essential goods for the home, and it remains an important feature in moving from one state to another. Homeowners and renters are both consistently on the move when it comes to the place they call home. With a move happening on average every five years, according to My Moving Reviews, it's important to stay up to date on great options for your future.

In the modern climate, lifestyle considerations, workplace opportunities, and many other factors can play a significant role in any decision to move across town or to engage in a long range transition that sees you change coasts, or voyage along a north-south axis from one state to another. What's more, with remote and hybrid working assignments on the rise, moving away from a former base of employment to enjoy a different sort of out-of-the-office lifestyle is actually possible for many without sacrificing career mobility or a longstanding position in a great company.

According to MoneyRates, these are the five best states to live in, based on a reading of wage statistics, cost of living, tax considerations, workplace safety, and of course, unemployment figures and other elements affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Washington state tops the list

Washington has been at the top of the MoneyRates list for half of the ten years the firm has been conducting this survey. Washington boasts a zero income tax addition beyond the federal rates (along with only seven other states), and Washington residents enjoy the fourth highest median income across the United States, at $48,140 per year. In addition to the economic data that leans decidedly in favor of residence here, Washington is home to some of the most serene landscapes in the country. The Pacific Northwest offers a vast natural landscape that's hard to top.

While Washington was severely impacted at the outset of the pandemic, Seattle and the surrounding localities of the state are coming back in full force, with a drop in unemployment seeing the March 2022 figure at just 4.2%. As well, CBS News reports that both Seattle and Bellevue rank among the top 50 U.S. cities to call home, at 13 and 11, respectively. Both cities are noted for commuter-friendly metro areas and a lifestyle that's perfect for all kinds of families and individuals. Seattle is also home to multiple professional sports teams that keep the excitement level at a consistent high throughout the year.

2. North Dakota is great for families

North Dakota is listed at number two on the MoneyRates rating (and has remained in the top ten for the third year in a row). North Dakota was one of the most resilient local job markets throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and boasts a nationally leading 2.9% unemployment rate.

Livability reports that North Dakota was a potentially surprising hub for migration in the early history of U.S. immigration. Norwegian, German, and Native American cultures played a significant role in influencing the food selection that North Dakota residents enjoy on a regular basis.

North Dakota is also ranked at number six in the United States in terms of higher education. This makes the state a great place to raise children or move to for a collegiate education to write home about. North Dakota might not be high on many people's lists when considering a wonderful new place to call home, but the stunning night sky that North Dakotans are able to drink in on a nightly basis is to die for and really rounds out the complete package that this northern state offers up.

3. Minnesota is affordable and pleasant

Minnesota has pushed up a spot on the MoneyRates rankings this year (while earning the fourth spot in each of the last two years). Minnesota, just like North Dakota, exhibits a uniquely low unemployment rate, sitting at 2.5% and tied for fifth lowest in the United States.

Norhart reports the Minnesota is a highly affordable place to live as well. In addition to a thriving art culture, great sports facilities and teams, and amazing views of the natural landscape's complex and dramatic beauty, Minnesota is a place of both metropolitan city living and sprawling rural towns that are equally affordable across the entire state.

As well, Minnesota is home to an abundance of festivals, fairs, and community events. The state is consistently engaged in making life pleasant and active for its residents; the calendar, as a result, is continuously booked out with a wide variety of different attractions and interests that everyone can enjoy. Livability also notes that Minnesotans love their home state, and even during the colder winter months, positivity and a love of the community and landscape win out.

4. Michigan is full of opportunities

Michigan has been moving higher on the MoneyRates list every year for the last four years. In 2022, Michigan has once again moved up within the top 10 to rest at number four. Michigan's median income rivals some of the highest-earning states in the country, and coupled with a cost of living that's significantly lower than the average (via McKinley Blog). The state also provides a wealth of opportunity in the financial realm of family health, happiness, and wellness.

McKinley also notes that Michigan is one of the most scenic natural places in the country. Touching on the Great Lakes, Michigan has a vibrant culture of outdoor activities and adventure, and when coupled with an historic background in its involvement in the spawn of modern American manufacturing (in the heart of Detroit), Michigan is a state with a lot going for it.

Detroit plays host to a crucial modern workplace in the Midwest and is the home of three highly visible professional sports teams: the Red Wings, Tigers, and Pistons. There is something for everyone in this slice of the United States and Michigan truly makes for a wonderful place to call home.

5. Texas is huge and diverse

Texas is a large and massively diverse state. In years past, Texas has ranked third on the MoneyRates ratings and even still, retains a high position among all 50 based on great overall affordability, a lack of state income tax, and high-quality workplace safety.

Texas is home to many fantastic cities, with The Woodlands listed by CBS News as the best town in the United States, and six others making their top 50 list. This is an impressive showing to be sure, and it all comes down to the quality of life that Texas provides and a wealth of opportunity across residential spaces in the state. The Woodlands, for instance, is a suburban space within the larger Houston metro area and offers the feel of a smaller town-centric community with all the phenomenal modern amenities that the city of Houston has to offer. Texas is full of these fabulous crossover cities that function as both a small local area and fit seamlessly into the nearby metropolitan bustle when necessary. notes that Texas residents benefit from a booming local economy, claiming the state's economic outlook to be one of the healthiest in the nation, while mentioning its ranking as the best state to start a new business in. Likewise, Texas sports a huge competitive sporting culture, making it a treasure trove of live events, no matter which part of the state you are considering calling home.