One Hawaiian Estate Boasts Unparalleled Ocean Views For A Hefty Price

During this hot summer season, it's common for many families and individuals to go on vacations to warm destinations. Sometimes it's as simple as going to the closest beach. Other times, it's hopping on a plane ride and going somewhere far, like Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its tropical climates and convenient beaches. It's a perfect summer escape for one to go on for a week or two. However, wouldn't it be even better to live there?

According to Realtor, a gorgeous home built in 1996 in Hawaii is on the market for sale, and its features are stunning. Located in the Lahaina area, this estate is 6,645 square feet in size while sitting on close to 10 acres of land. The interior of this home consists of six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two full-sized kitchens, and so much more.

The exterior, of course, is equally impressive, with an extensive swimming pool, a waterfall, and fruit trees, just to name a few. Of course, all these luxuries and features come with a price tag. This home is for sale for close to $60 million. Let's take a quick look at the property.

The outside luxuries

Per Zillow, the outside has a ton of luxuries to relax and entertain guests. For starters, the large pool that resides in the backyard can be a relaxing oasis for anyone that steps foot on this property. Additionally, a spa is located at one end of this pool to further help one unwind after a long day. However, if that isn't enough water for you, elsewhere on the property is a large waterfall. Surrounded by plants and trees, this waterfall looks like a scene straight from the movies.

Keeping up with the water resources, there is also a pond located on this property. Additionally, this pond has its own mini waterfall within it. This pond, as one might have guessed, is also surrounded by trees and other types of plants. Lastly, this entire property is located near the ocean. One can see an ocean view almost anywhere in or outside the home. One of the best views comes from the pool, as it has a direct look over the water.

Two full sized kitchens

If you're already in love with the exterior of the homes, just wait until you see the interior. As per Realtor, this home is said to contain not one but two full-sized kitchens. Each of these kitchens contains its own luxuries and features as well. The first kitchen is cute and simple. A light tan floor and white walls reside in the room, as well as a ceiling that is white but leads to its own hollow point where the ceiling fan resides. A center island is what sits in the middle of this kitchen with brown cabinets and a thick blue countertop. The rest of the cabinets are brown as well but instead feature a dark green countertop.

The next kitchen is equally as appealing. This one, much like the first one, has tan floors and white walls as well. All the cabinets in this kitchen are also brown, however, the countertops are white. Similar to the first one, this kitchen also has a hollow point on the ceiling where the ceiling fan resides. Other notable features include the stainless steel appliances that are already installed. It is also noted that there is a large walk-in pantry nearby with three commercial freezers.

Bedroom views

The views from the bedrooms are one of the most eye-catching features this home has to offer. For the most part, all the bedrooms, aside from the master bedroom, all have almost identical features, via Zillow. These rooms all have tan flooring and white walls like the ones located in the kitchen. Additionally, they all have a view of the ocean as well as long sliding glass doors that lead out onto their own private balcony. Of course, each of these rooms is decorated in its own way with themes and different types of art.

However, the master bedroom is a bit different. The floors in this room are also tan, and the walls are as well, unlike the previous rooms. Instead of one long sliding glass door, this room features a 180-degree view of the ocean and a yard with several glass doors. One long glass door resides on one side of the room, with several standard-sized doors that wrap around the room. The view of the ocean is where the long glass door is, and the yard can be seen from the standard doors.