20 Well-Lit Bathrooms That Will Make You Want To Buy A Chandelier

Lighting can be the determinant of the overall design in any room. Whether you have natural or artificial lighting, what you use can make or break the efforts you've put into creating a beautiful space. CW Interiors says lighting can change your room's apparent size. So if your room is painted and designed with dark colors, poor lighting will make your room seem smaller. However, your room could appear more prominent if you have dark colors paired with natural light, mirrors, and artificial light.

One room you definitely want well-lighted is the bathroom, and an attractive option would be a chandelier. They come in different formatting and colors to appease many design themes: Victorian, contemporary, modern, and more. An excellent reason to secure functional lighting is so you can execute daily tasks, like your morning and nightly routine, according to Modo Bath. Also, chandelier light bulbs come in different colors and shapes to tend to your needs; warm lights can help you relax, and natural lighting can decrease electric bills.

1. Pendant to chandelier

This modern bathroom was executed stunningly as metal orbs hung over the freestanding bathtub. A fun trick to create the look of a chandelier is by grouping a bunch of pendants to make it appear as though it is one prominent, light feature.

2. Cove lighting

Creating a cove in the ceiling can be an efficient way to bring major attention to your chandelier. It can make the lighting fixture a great focal point, especially if the cove has its own lighting to make the lamps and crystals of your chandelier illuminate. 

3. Match your lighting

A traditional and harmonious design method is to match the style of your lighting. The chandelier, as well as the wall sconces, have similar light shades to create this soft design.

4. Pure luxury

This bathroom is the definition of luxury. From the marble walls and flooring to the freestanding bathtub decorated with flower petals, it looks like something out of a dream. However, a room like this can easily be ruined with incorrect décor. But this crystal chandelier does a good job blending into the royal essence of the bathroom.

5. Contemporary lighting

This contemporary bathroom was completed beautifully with a crystal halo chandelier. The placement is also lovely, as you'll have a ring of glowing light come down on you. Although this bathroom is pretty white, the light creates a comfortable environment by emitting warm lighting.

6. French country

The chandelier complements the French country design of this bathroom. The curves and crystals add a touch of elegance while also being minimalistic — creating a simplistic beauty.

7. Light from darkness

Although this bathroom has black on the walls, furniture, flooring, and windows — the space still glows as the light from the chandelier bounces off the white color throughout the room.

8. Bohemian

This bohemian bathroom would not look this extravagant without the chandelier over the bathtub. It's not too fancy, but it's still beautiful in its own relaxed way as it dangles from the ceiling. 

9. Floral lighting

This chandelier looks as though it was intentionally picked to complement the mirrored design on the vanity. We love this bathroom layout because it is a clear example of how to add organic shapes to a contemporary design.

10. Modern

This bathroom has been executed to mix classic and contemporary designs. The color of the walls and floor lean toward the former, but the chandelier is definitely modern as it adds an attractive design feature.

11. Large and in charge

This chandelier is large, and it seems as though it's half the size of the bathtub! When night falls, it will undoubtedly brighten the bathroom and illuminate the fixtures wonderfully.

12. Vintage

This vintage chandelier can make your bathroom unique and timeless, and when paired with vintage art and mirrors, it can elevate your overall design.

13. You're golden

A baroque design is never complete without a chandelier. This golden beauty not only complements the other elements in the space but also brightens the bathroom to reveal the detailing in the mirror and chair.

14. Whimsical design

The design of this chandelier is whimsical and flows nicely with the background — a white wall composed of patterns similar to the lighting fixture.

15. Set the mood

The large windows and indoor plants lead the way to the greenery outdoors, creating a bathroom layout basking in nature. It's very relaxed, and the warm lighting of the chandelier also helps. It's not too bright but does create a glowing ambiance. 

16. Neutral design

A chandelier doesn't always have to take all the limelight. Some have a subtle design to complement the bathroom and allow the other fixtures in the space to shine. 

17. Teardrop chandelier

This crystal chandelier flows down to create a teardrop shape, and it's a stunning way to have a soft focus in a specific area. We also love how it has a dark backdrop, allowing it to illuminate the space better. 

18. Small but impactful

A tiny bathroom with a small chandelier, and the designer took the space and turned it into something beautiful. Step inside, and you'll quickly see how the green-painted walls, art, and chandelier with icicle-like crystals have created an eclectic design.

19. Contrast

If you're someone who wants a mostly white bathroom with only a bit of contrast — this is the way to do it. The black chandelier contrasts the white colors in an impactful way by also becoming the focal point.

20. Affordable option

If affordability is an issue, pendants like these, which look similar to other chandeliers on this list, can be a great way to save money. Although small, they are still impactful, adding an attractive design to a relatively neutral room.