10 DIY Father's Day Gifts To Bring His Home To The Next Level

Father's Day shopping doesn't always come easy, and Forbes reports that dads typically don't get the gifts they want. Whether you're shopping for your dear old dad or the father of your own brood, it can be hard to find something for the man that seems to have everything. While you may have left DIY homemade gifts to the kids, don't be so quick to walk away from the crafting table. Homemade gifts can be sophisticated, classy, and thoughtful, and not to mention a lot of fun to make. 

This list of amazing DIY Father's Day gifts will give you a lot of inspiration and crafting knowledge. None of these DIY tutorials will require much-advanced planning, and you can obtain almost everything you need from a quick stop at your favorite local craft store. So even if you've only got a week until Father's Day, don't panic! You have plenty of time with these nifty DIY gifts for the man who helped give you life.

1. Vintage Vinyl Bowls

Raid your vinyl collection or the local thrift store and create these stunning vinyl record keepsake bowls with Emmelie Herwegh. These playful dishes are made with vinyl records, an oven-safe bowl, and heat. Pops will love seeing these relics from the good ol' days turned into creative items for everyday use. Just be sure not to use any of his favorite records — that could make for a tricky Father's Day. 

2. No-sew monogrammed napkins

Monogrammed napkins are a great way to make any family dinner feel like a momentous occasion. But you don't need to pick up the needle and thread — instead, use Martha Stewart's tutorial with stencils and fabric paint to create gorgeous, elegant custom napkins. As a bonus, you can continue making these as new members join the family through marriage, birth, and more. These also double as place cards at the dinner table, so don't sleep on this easy DIY. 

3. Photo memories on glassware

Dad may not have a favorite flower vase, but that's all about to change with this idea from BFranklinCrafts. Consider adding a photo of you and him, your brood, or a picture of a favorite vacation memory to it, and he'll be eager to pull that vase down any chance he gets. Fair warning, this project takes a little trial and error, so don't get frustrated and enjoy the process, and be sure to use laser-jet prints only. That means you'll likely have to run to the print shop for this thoughtful craft.

4. Turn a book into a keepsake box

Give Dad a unique place to keep all his special treasures, like cufflinks, Polaroid photos, and tiny nicknacks with a handmade keepsake box. By hollowing out a book, you can present Pops with a thoughtful, unique gift. You can decorate the cover as seen in the DIY from The O'Neil Sisters or leave the surface as is for a more classic, rustic touch. Thrift stores are a great place to find affordable books that need a second chance.

5. Custom cutting board with family-favorite recipes

Food is one of the things that brings a family together, and there's nothing more remarkable than passing down a family-favorite recipe to the younger generation. Commit your family's go-to recipe to a cutting board for a beautiful, thoughtful, and DIY gift. We recommend printing the recipe from a handwritten note for an extra lovely touch — bonus points if you have the original recipe card handy. Follow Ashley Poskin's tutorial on Martha Stewart to make a gift he'll genuinely cherish this Father's Day.

6. Leather blanket carrier

From picnics and tailgates to camping trips and backyard family barbecues, you've got to have blankets. But transporting them can be a pain as they are bulky and often heavy. Create a simple leather harness so Dad can tote his favorite blanket with ease. These simple leather blanket carriers can also double as a firewood tote, making this a versatile, handy, and super thoughtful DIY gift for Father's Day. If you're looking to score extra brownie points, pair this idea by Cristina Ramirez with a cozy outdoor blanket, and dad will be ready for his next adventure outdoors.

7. Make a homemade blanket for under $10

Ever wondered what separates a piece of fabric? It turns out, very little! It's Always Autumn shared a straightforward DIY so you can create your own fringed flannel throw blanket for Dad. Flannel material is soft and ultra-durable and comes in many prints and colors far beyond the typical red and black plaid. That makes it easy to tailor this craft to your dad's tastes, and it's a beautiful and practical gift for Father's Day.

8. Modge-Podged map coasters

Whether your dad lives for international adventure or he's happy in his hometown, this DIY cork map coaster tutorial from Martha Stewart is a perfect gift for Father's Day. Take maps from his favorite places and paste them onto cork coasters, so the locations he holds dear to his heart are never too far away. This also works great for fictional lands and even theme park maps if those happen to be his happy places. No matter what maps, real or imagined, he'll love using these gorgeous map coasters.

9. Industrial leather wine rack

Whether your dad loves the high-shelf stuff or the good ol' bargain buys, a DIY industrial wine rack is a great way to class up his bar cart. Using PVC pipes, leather straps, and metallic joint connectors, Rachel Metz shows just how easy and fun this homemade wine holder is. You can switch out the metallic pieces to best suit your dad's tastes and even paint the pipes entirely for a more masculine look, but you can't go wrong with this DIY.

10. DIY family photo coasters

You can never have too many coasters, and making them personalized is a great way to encourage everyone in the family to actually use them. Per Amanda Kuhlman, find some of your favorite photos of great memories with the special dad or father figure in your life. Get copies from your local print shop, do not attempt with the actual photos, and seal them to wood or cork for a fantastic, sentimental, and practical gift for your dear old dad. A black and white aesthetic is sleek and classic, but colored photos also lend a rustic charm.