50 Creative Ideas To Bring A Beachy Vibe To Your Bathroom

Your bathroom, more so than any other room in the house, should feel like a mini-retreat at the end of a long day. Keeping it clutter-free and calm is one of the ways you can install that impression so that when you're unwinding before bedtime, you avoid being distracted by chaos. Another idea you can embrace? Bring in a beachy vibe for ultimate relaxation.

To embrace this trend, you don't have to live by the ocean or in a year-round warm climate. In fact, according to Homes & Gardens, it's when the beach days feel far away that this aesthetic can be the most desirable. From painting the walls with sea-inspired hues to bringing in natural décors such as driftwood, tropical plants, and seashells, there are countless ways to recreate the feeling of being at the beach in the bathroom. Ahead, you'll find 50 creative ideas to inspire you to bring the beachy vibe into your very own space.

1. Framed swimsuits

Incorporating bathing suits into artwork may be one of the most unique ways to add a beachy touch to your bathroom. Choose swimsuits that complement the room's theme, with designs such as nautical stripes, polka-dotted pieces, or tropical palm leaves.

2. Seaside shelving

Decorate an industrial wall-mounted shelf above the toilet with items representing the sea. From lanterns that double as toilet paper or soap holders to seashells and a small propeller, the possibilities of bringing a beachy vibe to this space are endless.

3. Sea glass shelves

If you like the idea of bathroom shelving to display beachy décor but prefer a more minimalist look, try hanging natural wood shelves. Then, style them with classic, neutral items such as clear glass jars, a small pail, and a simple plant.

4. Float away

The beauty of adding shelves in a bathroom is that you can place them almost anywhere, and they're great for maximizing storage space. Place a small floating shelf for hand or face towels near the vanity with hooks. Add a few decorative touches such as a candle, seashell, or a succulent to bring out the beachy vibe.

5. Bird's eye view

Keep it even more uncluttered by adding a small wooden shelf, a couple of rolled white towels, and a small bird statue. This makes the bathroom feel like a beachside spa.

6. Porthole mirrors

You can pretend like you're heading out to sea when getting ready for the day by simply hanging a couple of mirrors. Choose large, round mirrors for the vanity with nautical details such as rope for hangers.

7. Rope mirror

Better yet, display a mirror fully encased with nautical rope trim in your bathroom. Hang it against a wall that's painted or papered in a shade of ocean blue to really invoke the sensation of being on the water.

8. Bamboo-framed mirror

Choose a beautiful bamboo framed mirror for your vanity for a more tropical touch. Pair it with wooden sconces and palm tree-printed wallpaper to fully immerse your bathroom in a beach theme.

9. Light vanity

Make a style statement using your sink by selecting a vanity with intricate bamboo molding around the drawers, cabinets, and even the corners. A light, bright color like mint combined with the trim details will create an amazing beach vibe as soon as you go to use the bathroom sink.

10. Even more bamboo

There's no limit to where and how you can incorporate bamboo features into the bathroom. More home décor products are being made with sustainable materials, such as bamboo, so everything from shelving units to hampers is more easily accessible. Don't forget to add a bamboo plant or dried sticks for an added beachy touch.

11. Beachy bath time

Surround your bathtub with beach-themed home décor to give you the same sense of relaxing on the water. Candles, a piece of artwork depicting the ocean, and even starfish are all acceptable. Meanwhile, beautiful sea glass-colored jars can serve double duty by storing your bath salts and soaps.

12. Marine wall sconce

Any bathroom needs a good source of light, no matter how much natural lighting it gets during the day. So choose fixtures that beg a beachy aesthetic, such as marine light wall sconces. Whether the finish is in silver or gold, it will add a unique element to your bathroom that was a necessity anyway.

13. Alluringly fishy

Bathrooms are the ideal place to add wallpaper, too, since they're relatively small spaces, so it's an inexpensive way to pack a style punch. There's no better way to feel like you're at the beach than by laying down a fun fish-patterned wallpaper.

14. Go green

Not a fan of the fish? Try a simple yet bold, green patterned wallpaper. Go for a shade reminiscent of palm trees to give off tropical vibes and hang wood-framed mirrors for the perfect combination.

15. Sunset skies

Choose an unexpected pop of pink and dark blue for a more creative color combination. The blend will give off some outstanding sunset-over-the-ocean vibes in your bathroom that you can't resist falling in love with every time you enter the space.

16. Toucan touch

Want a wild way to bring a beachy ambiance into your bathroom? Paper the walls with a bright toucan pattern. This is especially effective in a small space and can be offset by a black tiled half wall.

17. Wave out the window

Act as if you're on a cruise ship about to dock on an island by installing a porthole-inspired window in your bathroom. A round window is suggestive of the one you'll have in your vacation room on a cruise.

18. Sea glass tile

Whether the bathroom is fully tiled or the tiles are concentrated in the shower solely, consider using glass tiling in shades of blue, green, and even gray. This will make it seem as if the room is encased in stunning sea glass like the kind you would find on a nightly beach stroll.

19. Scallop tile

Scalloped details continue to be considered a classic trend in home décor, from bedding and furniture to mirrors and lampshades. So why not embrace the beachy shape in your bathroom as well? Install scallop shower tiles in a light blue color to make your space stand out.

20. Spell it out

For a small-scale tile design, stick to mostly all-white tiles and add a word spelled out in a different color, such as a darker blue shade. The word you choose can be anything that reminds you of the beach, including port, ocean, or sail. It's all up to you and your imagination.

21. Pebbled floors

Take the beachy look down to the floor by installing river rock tiling. Keep the pebble-shaped tiles in neutral, earthy colors, and imagine you're strolling along the coastline every time you enter the bathroom.

22. Add art

Keep the beachy vibe simple in your bathroom by adding one large framed piece of artwork depicting the ocean. It can be a painting or photograph, depending on your preference but make sure it gives you the sense of standing on the beach and looking out at the waves.

23. Smell the sea

While staring longingly at your framed ocean art, add an extra element to the experience by lighting a beach-scented candle. In addition to the scent, find one that also has beachy materials such as wood, rattan, and rope in its design. The bathroom is a place to unwind, and candles are synonymous with self-care.

24. Small details

It's the little things that create a sense of style for any room. So avoid overlooking details that may seem unimportant such as the tissue box. Instead, implement a cover made of natural materials such as seagrass or water hyacinth or, alternatively, pick up boxes with a beach print on them, all ready to display in the bathroom.

25. The opposite of trashy

Another subtle style choice in your bathroom can be the type of trash can you choose. Upgrade it to a beachy theme by choosing one made of jute or bamboo. As an upside, natural materials such as these are better for the environment than those made out of plastic.

26. Nautical knots

If your shower bath requires a curtain, you can add a beachy touch by hanging it with nautical knot rings. Alternative ring choices can be starfish, seashells, or even small boats. You can even go bigger and hang an entire beach-themed shower curtain.

27. Crafty crates

This quick and easy DIY project will give your bathroom luxurious beachy vibes. Pick up mini crates or shadow boxes and decorative sea urchins from a craft store. Paint the crates in a color that matches your space, allowing the urchin pieces to pop once you affix them, and hang them on the wall as artwork.

28. Sponge bath

Natural sea sponges can have a dual effect in the bathroom. For one, they can serve as a display on the counter or a stool nearby the bathtub. Second, they can be used as actual sponges to lather up while bathing, replacing synthetic loofahs.

29. Lazy ladder storage

Seen often in living room designs, ladders provide excellent storage for items such as blankets while also serving as a décor piece. Why not take one into your bathroom and use it to hold bath towels? Choose one in a light, natural wood ladder for a lakeside look.

30. Driftwood beams

Exposed ceiling beams can pack a big style punch in any space. If your bathroom is fortunate to have these, or you can add them in, choose a darker, distressed wood to stand out against whitewash walls for a rustic yet nautical look.

31. Propeller fan

Have the ability to hang a ceiling fan in your bathroom? Use the opportunity to choose a wooden propeller style for the ultimate nautical look. It'll feel even more beachy if against the backdrop of a white and blue ceiling.

32. Ship in the shiplap

The modern farmhouse trend is still going strong in all home areas, with no exceptions, even in the bathroom. Take it all around the space from the walls to the ceiling for a dramatic and rustic beach house effect.

33. Walk the plank

For a one-of-a-kind bathroom design, use plank wood for the ceiling. Set it against white shiplap walls and a bright blue striped shower curtain to give the space a dreamy, beachy character.

34. A fan of rattan

Rattan furniture and décor are identified with beach houses everywhere. If you want to transform your bathroom into an oceanside oasis, become a fan of the material. Incorporate it into the mirror, lighting fixtures, towel hooks, and anywhere else you possibly can.

35. Vessel sink

Suggestive of a boat, add a vessel sink with gold-cross handle faucet knobs to your vanity. This, paired with one or two porthole mirrors, can be the best beachy bathroom setup.

36. Rope it in

A delicate way to bring a beachy detail to your bathroom vessel sink is to trim it with rope. Then, accessorize with complementary pieces such as a water hyacinth tray, wooden soap dispenser, and rattan light fixture.

37. Classy coral

Bring a beachy yet classy look to the bathroom by displaying beautiful décor pieces. For example, a white faux coral sculpture will stand out on a shelf, especially when paired with an elegant mint and gold box.

38. Sea green

One way to make a big beachy impact in your bathroom is to paint it a color that reminds you of being by the water. For example, try a sea or seafoam green on the walls and coordinate it with sand or tan-hued accessories.

39. Put it in neutral

Create an all-natural beachy color scheme in your bathroom by emphasizing the colors of sand and driftwood. Stick to more shades of brown for the vanity, flooring, wall color, and décor.

40. Soft blue and brown

Perhaps you'd like to infuse an ocean blue color into the bathroom alongside the brown? Mix muted hues of both to bring in a true beachy vibe. Try blue board and batten walls with brown framed artwork, a vanity mirror, and floating shelves.

41. Stark navy and white

Opt for a rich navy blue and bright white for a simple yet bold beachy color combination in the bathroom. A navy double sink vanity pops against white shiplap walls and a marble countertop.

42. Add in aqua

A bright and light aqua blue is the ultimate beachy color you can introduce into the bathroom. Paint the entire room with it or stick to using it in an accent or two, such as on the vanity or the ceiling.

43. Shells and stripes

Give the color aqua a nautical twist by combining it with white to form stripes on the bathroom walls. Then, take it a step further and add a standout seashell-lined vanity mirror.

44. White and bright

You just might need your sunglasses in a bathroom this brilliant. Channel the look of white sand beaches by going all alabaster with your choice in paint color, tiles, flooring, and vanity sinks.

45. Go dark

On the other hand, you can choose to give the impression of black sand beaches by painting the walls and window trim in rich, dark color and choose a bathtub in a glossy black. Then, contrast it with a few tan-toned features such as a vanity and shelves.

46. Earthy elegance

Just because your bathroom is beachy doesn't mean it also can't be classy. Blend sandy white tiles and natural elements such as a driftwood bath stool with gold hardware and a beaded shell chandelier to create an opulent oasis.

47. Natural elements

Elicit the wonderful feeling of nature when relaxing at the beach whenever you step into your bathroom. White exposed brick, thick wood window frames, and organic bath towels create a calm and simple environment to get ready and unwind each day.

48. Boho beach

Embrace a boho trend in your bathroom and give a twist to the beach aesthetic. Be sure to add large pampas leaves, a jute bath mat, macrame wall décor, and plenty of greenery.

49. Farmhouse fresh

Take a different approach and adopt a modern farmhouse spin for a classier look. For example, include white shiplap and bronze metal baskets alongside beachy décor touches such as a nautical rope-lined vanity mirror.

50. Hang towels on the wall

Individually hung large towels along the wall bring to mind a beach house in the height of summer. Install a hook for each family member or guest in the bathroom and give them their own fluffy towel in a light, beachy color.