Best Ways To Clean Wool Furniture

Wool furniture is not only attractive, but it can also be long-lasting if maintained correctly, according to SohoConcept. Wool is often mixed with various synthetic fibers to create a material that is easier to clean, while also preventing it from meshing together. It is one of the most popular materials to upholster furniture, there are many designs to choose from, it's durable, and it's not likely to soak in moisture. Wool can be used to beautify many furniture pieces, but that beauty can fade if it's not taken care of correctly.

Slipcover Shop recommends wool as one of the most comfortable coverings for your furniture. The warm and cozy feeling makes it superior to other types of materials, and it goes well with most design schemes. However, properly maintaining your wool furniture is vital to ensure that quality lasts for a long time. Luckily, there are several practical methods that are easy and accessible for most homeowners.

Vacuum your wool furniture

Since wool is made of natural materials, it is more likely to shed, according to Slipcover Shop. This is especially common with new pieces of wool furniture, as some fibers will tend to stick out. However, this can easily be solved with a vacuum or a fabric brush. Once vacuumed or brushed, your furniture will have a fresh appearance and its softness will last longer. Wool furniture typically needs this sort of treatment every two weeks, or when you notice a buildup of loose fibers.

Using a fabric brush can also help remove dirt, hair, and lint, according to A Clean Bee. A fabric brush is also pretty affordable and can be easily found on Amazon. If you are using a vacuum, it is suggested to use it on the lowest suction setting to avoid stretching the wool, and if you purchase a vacuum with a brush already attached, it can make the process a lot easier.

Spot clean ASAP

SohoConcept advises that spills should quickly be cleaned to prevent any staining when dealing with wool furniture. Take action quickly and don't let spills sit for too long, as once the liquid dries, it will be much more difficult to remove. You can either use a gentle cleaning product with water or a light solvent. 

Before cleaning, it is always wise to look at the label for instructions on what products to use to prevent further damage, as well as the methods of cleaning that the manufacturer thinks are best. Use a microfiber cloth to gently rub at the stain, rubbing around it and towards the middle. Once complete, then just let it air dry. For stains that are more severe, it's advised to call a professional. Alternatively, some types of woolen covers can be removed and put into the washing machine for an easier cleaning method.

Stain prevention

According to Slipcover Shops, stains on wool furniture can easily be prevented altogether, thus avoiding the stress of cleaning it. Slipcovers are a good option for those who are using their wool furniture daily. You can have covers custom-made, so they fit perfectly on whatever you'd like to protect. If the cover gets dirty, you can just simply remove it, clean as normal then slip it back on. This can be especially nice to keep your furniture clean until guests come over when you can then remove the slipcovers to reveal your beautiful furniture.

Linen cotton slipcovers are a popular choice because they are soft and durable enough for casual use, according to Craftsy. Although slipcovers are prone to some wrinkling, they will help maintain a smooth and natural look. Cotton is another good choice for those who need something that is durable. They are very easy to wash and can be found at most craft stores.