The Five Best Menards Hacks That Will Change How You DIY

When it comes to buying items for your home, and especially for your DIY projects, Menards is the perfect place to find a wide selection of stock. The well-known store offers everything from patio furniture, gardening supplies, and fire pits, to air conditioning units, rugs, lighting, and all the pieces in between. You can likely find anything you need for those home upgrades or renovations, and they offer a variety of deals and promotions to help people save. While these are great, there are several Menards hacks that will save you even more money while shopping there.

Known primarily for its wide selection of home improvement products, Menards has stores all across the Midwest. With 300 locations, it is no surprise this chain caters to DIYers and homeowners at large. But it's their famous slogan — "Save BIG Money" — promising consumers budget-friendly options and savings galore that really draws the crowds. According to Shopping Kim, they are also well known for their 11% rebate program, which gives customers a credit that can be used for future purchases. This, along with these other helpful hacks, will keep you in the budget-friendly zone throughout all your upcoming projects.

Shop the 11% rebate sale

Rebates have been around for a long time and Menards continues to make them work for their customers by holding 11% rebate sales. Whenever the store has one of these sales, take advantage of it because it's a great time to stock up on major savings. Anything you purchase that is part of the deal will provide you with credits. Those credits can then be used in the store when making future purchases. A sales associate will provide you with a rebate receipt for whatever you buy in the store. This is what you'll use to obtain a voucher for store credit.

To use this helpful savings trick, Shopping Kim recommends visiting a guest services desk inside the store, then taking the form that matches the rebate code on your original receipt. You can fill out the form there or at home, then mail it in to receive your credits. When mailing your information in, make sure to send the form and the rebate receipt, but hold onto your original receipt. The process can take up to eight weeks, so hold off on those future purchases until your rebate vouchers arrive. There is also an online option on the official Menards website.

Buy mis-tinted paints

If you're planning to paint your home in the near future, take advantage of the mis-tints in Menards' stores. According to Family Handyman, there is a selection of paints that were customized, but the colors didn't turn out exactly as planned. These are still usable, and if you aren't picky about an exact shade, they are the perfect way to save. The shop offers a large discount on these mis-tints, but you might have to do a little detective work to find a color similar to the one you had in mind. There isn't always a section marked for mis-tints, so take your time perusing and ask an associate.

On top of discounted paints, you can also find deals on floor models and items that were opened. Many of these pieces will be deeply reduced, meaning you can save by selecting an item that may have been used but is still in excellent condition. A little wipe down and you're in business, with some extra money in your pocket as a bonus.

Browse Ray's List

During the 11% rebate sale, you are sure to find a multitude of bargains and deals with additional credits coming back to you for more purchases, but there's even more. Another Menards hack is Ray's List, which you can use to find extra savings and clearance items. On the store website you'll find Ray's List in the Departments drop down menu, and it carries all the clearance and in-store bargains you could hope to find. This page lets you browse slightly dented or damaged items, as well as special orders that were never picked up by their potential owners. More often than not, searching through clearance like this is left to in-store shoppers, but Ray's List gives you access to all the discounted goods without having to leave your home.

The best part of this department is that you can single out particular store locations to search their clearance inventory, according to Family Handyman. That means, should your Menards location not offer a particular item, you may still be able to find it nearby.

Shop the low-priced materials

Menards is a gold mine when it comes to purchasing cheap materials. Apartment Therapy recommends shopping Menards over other big box stores for fantastic bargains on DIY items like plywood because they offer such low prices. On the official website, there is a section titled Project Center, which lets you choose projects you are working on or new DIY endeavors you want to take on. Scroll down to Design & Buy, then let the site help you create your dream deck, garage, or any other home addition.

Saving on materials is a game changer when it comes to building from scratch. Whenever you can cut costs but still grab quality materials, take advantage. Using Menards' as your go-to for supplies will definitely help you complete those important projects without breaking the bank.

Sign up for Menards emails

Signing up for your favorite store's newsletters, email promotions, and texts is a great way to get access to upcoming deals. Whenever the chain is having an event, you'll get a notification straight to your inbox so you don't miss a thing. According to Apartment Therapy, the Menards website has a Weekly Ad section where you can enter your zip code in order to see current local offers.

Knowing when a rebate sale is coming up, or having access to special promotions ahead of time, will let you plan out upcoming DIY projects. Make a list of items you need, then purchase everything during the 11% rebate sale, or whenever they go on sale. Knowledge is power, and Menards' emails give you the power of great savings right at your fingertips. If you shop at this chain often, consider applying for the Menards BIG Card. This is their answer to a store credit card, and it gives you the choice between a 2% rebate every single day on any purchase or a financing option for purchases higher than $299. Financing gives you extra time to save up and make payments. They offer pay back periods ranging from 6 to 48 months.