Book Lovers Won't Want To Miss Out On $1.75 Million NYC Apartment

Here's a home for all the book lovers out there. According to New York Post, Sarah McNally is selling her Manhattan estate for $1.75 million. McNally is the owner of the independent bookstore, McNally Jackson, which has now expanded all across New York City. She opened her first bookstore almost two decades ago in 2004 in the Nolita area of NYC. Since then, she has opened three more stores all within the Brooklyn area. Her most recent store was opened in 2020.

McNally first purchased the home in 2016 for $1.63 million and is letting it go just six short years later. The apartment is located within the Greenwich Village area on the 6th floor of its building. The building itself was first built in 1926, however, in 1984, it was then converted into a co-op. Inside this apartment resides two bedrooms, one bath, a small kitchen, and a cozy living room.

A natural apartment view

Since this is, of course, an apartment, there isn't much personal space on the outside. Per Corcoran, the building itself sits at nine stories high. Made of mostly bricks, the building is also made of concrete molding on the lower floor as well as in between some of the bricks of the floors above. The main entrance into this building consists of gold double doors, making it easy for those looking for their building in the busy New York streets. However, if that's not enough, a big blue canopy resides just over these doors with the number 35 written across it to show the street name.

Other notable exterior features include a small gate wrapped around the building that barely reaches the bottom of the first-floor windows. Within this area, between the building and the gate itself, are a variety of flowers and other plants. Two concrete pots with plants reside on each side of the doorway entry as well. Many tall trees reside out front on the other side of the sidewalk as well, making for a great view for those on the top stories of the building.

A cozy living room

The inside of this apartment is cozy and more personal than the outside, via Corcoran. The living room is sure to be a book lover's favorite area of the home. This is mostly because of the bookshelves that align two of the four walls in this room. Stretching from just a foot away from the corner of the wall, these shelves expand all the way over an entrance, down the other main wall, and over the other doorway entrance. These shelves are built in many shapes and sizes as well to fit a variety of books. Of course, these shelves can be used for other purposes, such as movies, music, or decor.

The other two walls within this room are much more of an average setting. All the walls in this room, as well as the ceiling, are painted white. A few standard-sized windows also reside on the other side of the wall. These windows, combined with the white walls, make for a bright setting, perfect for reading. A fireplace is located on one of the walls, which doubles for warmth in the cold winter New York months, as well as a reading nook aesthetic.

An updated kitchen and simple bedrooms

As per Corcoran, the kitchen has been updated and is ready for use by its next owner. The kitchen, while small, is long in size and has enough room for one to use with ease. The flooring consists of white tiles with black trimming. Brown cabinets align most of the walls within this room, providing a ton of space for dishes, electric appliances, and groceries. White marble countertops also reside on top of the lower cabinets. A single standard-sized window sits at the far end of the room. Underneath this window is a small square cut-out, perfect for cookbooks.

The two bedrooms within this home bring more simplicity to this residence. One bedroom is decorated with pale blue walls. The ceilings are white with beams on them that are also painted the same pale blue. Brown laminate flooring also resides as well as two windows. One window has a white frame while the other frame is black. Nearby, the other bedroom is located. It's even more simple with white walls, white ceilings, and the same brown flooring. It appears to be a bit smaller in size and features one standard window.