Take A Tour Of The 325-Year-Old NY Home That Belonged To Walt Whitman's Family

In the market for a historic mansion on a 4.14-acre property (or just daydreaming)? You'll want to check out this jaw-dropping home.

The six-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion is located in the historic town of Huntington, New York, according to Zillow, which is part of the New York Metropolitan area. In other words, you'd get the perfect mix of small-town and big-city living. We could only dream.

While any 325-year-old home would have stories to tell, this one is really connected to a rich history. The property was built by famous American poet Walt Whitman's grandfather around 1697 (via Sotheby's). Whitman had a tremendous impact on literature — according to the Poetry Foundation, he is even known as the father of free verse poetry, or poetry that does not follow a rhyme and meter scheme. Although Whitman grew up relatively poor and the family had sold most of the property by the time he was born in 1819 (via Britannica), it's easy to imagine that the beautiful land influenced his work, which frequently praised nature.

Surrounded by nature

The outside of the mansion is certainly impressive, but not in an overly flashy way. While the home is large, it doesn't have any extravagant embellishments. Instead, the surrounding natural beauty is allowed to shine. The green shutters add a hint of decoration, but the color still matches the small forest that surrounds the home, again defying any hint of ostentatiousness. Nature, it seems, reigns supreme here.

With such a large property, there's surely lots of room to explore. Aerial listing photos reveal a large clearing in the forest, providing the perfect spot for a picnic — or an extravagant outdoor party.

Although the property's natural beauty is stunning, there don't seem to be too many takers. According to Zillow, the house was originally listed for $1,990,000 on November 26 but still hasn't been sold. In the meantime, the price has dropped several times and is currently sitting at $1,680,000.

A vintage interior that's easy to update

Although the inside of the home has a vintage style, it looks to be in refreshingly good shape. Plus, while the decor is dated, the rooms are still bright and seldom seem cluttered — it's a refreshing switch from outdated, crammed homes that are in heavy need of renovations.

From the listing photos, it seems as though the majority of the home features beautiful hardwood floors in relatively good condition. While the hardwood floors add to the older aesthetic and pair nicely with the home's generally wooden furniture, they also will still look nice if a new homeowner decides to give the mansion a modern look (can you tell we're daydreaming of living here?).

One last feature that we can't help but envy? The mansion comes with four fireplaces (via Zillow) — probably added at least partially for practical reasons given the house's size and construction date, but still, a nice perk to have.

Room for the whole family — and the horse

The main home isn't the only building located on the 4.14-acre property. According to the Zillow listing, the lot also includes a barn, cottage, and stables. From the listing photos, it looks as though the stables include at least four different stalls — our little daydream just got even more exciting. With such a large property, there'd be plenty of room to ride your trusty steed.

More of a barn person? The structure looks to be in relatively good shape and features a second-level walkaround that overlooks the main floor. If you're a fan of the rustic look but aren't planning on storing large equipment (or hay), the barn could probably be converted to an event space.

Unfortunately, we can't seem to identify which pictures are of the cottage versus the main house. However, since Walt Whitman and his family continued to live on a small section of his grandfather's land even after the family had lost most of it (via Britannica), we'd wager a guess that the cottage may have been where they stayed.