One Missouri Property Features A Pool That's Sure To Raise Eyebrows

Many times, when a home gets placed on the market, there's something unique or eye-catching about it. An extravagant room such as an at-home theater or an uncommon exterior feature such as a tennis court are just some of the many instances we come across. However, sometimes, basic features that a home contains are turned into something unique. That's the case for this home in Missouri that features an odd-shaped pool, via Instagram.

According to Zillow, the stunning estate that was built in 2005 has hit the market for close to $1.3 million. At almost 6,353 square feet, this home features many spectacular interior features, including four bedrooms, five total bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, and even a movie theater. Sitting on almost three acres of land, this residence has many exterior features as well. The infamous unique-shaped pool, detached garage, outdoor kitchen cabana, and a pool house, just to name a few.

The unique pool

The pool, of course, is the most striking exterior feature. Per Realtor, to enter this pool, one can simply walk into it, no steps or stairs are needed. The pool then slowly slopes down into the ground and has stones and pavements on all sides. As the pool slopes down, the bottom turns from the pavement into the pool itself, in the shape of ... well, something a bit suggestive, according to Instagram. The slow and smooth entrance to the swimming area gives off a beachy vibe. At night time, this pool has LED lights that make it bright and aesthetically pleasing.

Nearby this pool is a cabana that features a mini outdoor kitchen. The kitchen consists of a grill and a small amount of counter space. This cabana itself, however, is big enough for one to cook underneath and have protection from the bright sun or any storms that may arise. A ceiling fan also resides above to provide some cool air and keep the grill ventilated. A pool house is also nearby that also has a small canopy area attached. There is also a ton more yard space to add any other features that one may want as well.

A cute kitchen

The kitchen, according to Zillow, is small and cute. This room, like most other rooms within the home, has tan walls and white trimming. The cabinets are also a similar shade of tan and have brown trimming around them. The kitchen wraps around three walls. A corner window is located in the kitchen directly above the sink, offering a unique feature to this room. On the floor to the right of the sink is where the double-layered dishwasher resides.

The oven is located just to the left of the sink on the adjacent wall just a few feet down. On another wall is the refrigerator near the entrance of the room. However, between the fridge and the wall is another unique feature not usually seen in kitchens — there is an archway above the counter that reaches into the dining room. This is perfect and convenient for serving meals at dinner time.

The master bathroom

If the rest of the house doesn't impress you enough, this bathroom sure will. Per Trulia, this room is large and tan in color with white trimming. Similar to the kitchen, this bathroom features two windows in the corner of two adjacent walls. Below these windows is where the wide bathtub is located. The tub has marble countertops wrapped around it, providing some space for hygiene products. To the right of the bathtub is a near floor-to-ceiling window.

To the left of the bathtub is where a dual sink and large mirror are located. This sink is segregated by two short walls on each side, separating it from the tub and the rest of the bathroom. On the other side of the wall is where the toilet resides, which is also separated by another wall. The other side of this wall is where a stand-up shower sits that has stone tiles and designs throughout it.