Peek Inside A Nevada Home That Looks Like The Gryffindor Common Room

On the outside, this unassuming Nevada home blends in with all the other homes in the neighborhood; on the inside, however, it's designed as though it came straight out of a "Harry Potter" movie, as you can see on Zillow. Now this house is on sale for $825,000, and is a dream for anyone who is a fan of the magical wizardry world. With the colors and designs of this residence, it seems like the previous homeowners teamed up with Gryffindor for its interior design. Fandom says Gryffindor is represented with colors scarlet and gold, as well as a lion. The three main characters of the movie "Harry Potter" — Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley — were all part of Gryffindor.

If you identify with Gryffindor, this may be the magical home you've been waiting for. It was built not too long ago in 1999, and is located in Nevada. It's is described as one-of-a-kind, and is definitely fitting for someone with a specific taste in interior design.

The exterior of the Nevada home

The unassuming Nevada home has a fresh and bright exterior, according to Zillow. It's painted with an off-white shade and has a clay-red roof to contrast with the desert out in the distance. The driveway is long and leads to two garage doors, one that can fit a single car and the other that can store two cars. As you make your way to the front door, you'll notice a stone column made of large rocks that also matches the rocks that fill in the landscaping that borders bottom of the house.

The front yard is very green and luxurious, and also has a tree and shrubs that create the appearance of a healthy garden environment. As you make your way to the backyard fence made of brown wood, however, the scenery is a bit different. There is still some green grass, but there are also patches of yellow grass that a homeowner could revitalize with some care. Then there are a few green bushes as well as small steps that lead into the home through the patio door.

Halls of red and gold inside

As you walk through the interior of the space, you'll notice many of the walls are either red or gold — just like Gryffindor — as noted by Zillow. For starters, the living room is intense and luxurious; the walls are a deep red, the sofa and sectional area a dusted red, and the area rug is also red but with a golden floral design. There is also a plethora of golden décor, such as a white bust of a man with golden features and other golden features that mimic different cultures from around the world.

The kitchen contrasts with the living room given that it has painted golden walls. Then above the windows and cabinets there is more golden décor, as well as black vases with golden flowers above the fridge. The countertop is a dark gray granite, but it is also lined with a spiral-shaped golden trim. There are also plenty of cabinets for storage space, including built-in cabinets, and the pantry door is contrasting with gold and white colors. Gold is definitely the theme here.

Eye-catching designs in the master bedroom

The master bedroom of this unique Nevada home looks like a dedicated Gryffindor museum, straight up. There is gold décor, large statues everywhere, and a floral pattern throughout the room, per Zillow. Two decorative chairs are in the middle of the space so homeowners can unwind before entering the jacuzzi in the bedroom — which is quite dramatic. The tub is designed with black tile and golden slabs lay on the steps and the top — and as you look up there's a golden frame the size of the jacuzzi on the ceiling, labeled as Steve's Palace.

The master bathroom is painted with gold paint to match the bedroom, and the floor is tiled with a pattern similar to gray stone. Although the framework of the bathroom is standard, the décor makes it very unique. More floral and more golden décor can be found throughout the rest of the home. The rugs are the same as seen in the master bedroom and living room, creating a similar design that flows from room to room.