The Best Way To Clean Behind Your Washer And Dryer

There are probably a few rooms in your home that get cleaned on a regular basis. These may include your kitchen and bathroom because they're frequently used and can get dirty pretty quickly. Another room you may tidy up often is your living room, where your guests spend most of their time. However, you may be overlooking a room that probably needs a deep clean: your laundry room, as Merry Maids mentions. Cleaning your laundry room includes dusting the counters and shelves, mopping the floors, getting rid of any possible spots, and cleaning behind the appliances.

Cleaning behind your washing machine and dryer may be more important than you think. Dirt, dust, detergent, lint, mildew, and mold can easily collect behind these units. If you've ever tried to retrieve a sock from the back side of these machines, you know just how much fuzz and dust can gather in that small area. Luckily, cleaning behind your washer and dryer isn't very difficult, and here's how to do that.

Pull out the appliances

The first step to cleaning behind the washing machine and dryer is to move these appliances away from the wall. However, you'll want to avoid scratching the floor when doing this. To avoid this unpleasant happening, it's best to begin by cleaning the floors around these appliances. This is because dirt or small rocks can create indents and friction underneath the machine as it is moved, per Compact Appliance. To clean the floor, first, begin by vacuuming or sweeping. Then mop with a floor cleaner and allow the space to dry completely.

Once you have cleaned the floor, you are ready to pull out your appliances. To do this, Compact Appliance says you may need the help of a dolly or a handcart, a plastic floor guide, or plywood and carpet squares. Because your machines' pipes will still be attached to the wall, you'll only be able to pull the units out a short distance.

Mop well behind the washer and dryer

Now that your appliances are away from the wall, you can properly clean behind them. Simply Maid outlines the best way to do this. First, you'll want to absorb any moisture with a dry rag. Then, you need to remove dust from the exterior of the washing machine and dryer with a duster or a dry rag. Clean My Space also recommends using vinegar and water on a microfiber cloth to clean the doors.

Grimy areas can be cleaned with a toothbrush and baking soda. Also, make sure to dry the units with a cotton cloth; after this has been completed, you can vacuum behind the units. Next, clean the floor, wall, and back side of the machines using a mop or a clean rag and a disinfectant solution. Then allow the area to dry completely before pushing the appliances back into place. Tampa Appliance Parts also recommends cleaning your dryer vent regularly. A vacuum hose will remove debris build-up, or you could get it professionally cleaned. Regularly cleaning the dryer vent will help you avoid house fires.