Creative Ways To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Kitchen

For years, all-white kitchens have dominated the design space. You couldn't look at a design magazine or kitchen inspiration article without seeing white backsplashes against white counters on top of white cabinets. This look is timeless and it's not going anywhere, so if you love the all-white look, boldly put it in your kitchen.

Those who love color have been turning to painted cabinets in the last few years. Shades of blue and green are two popular options for kitchen cabinets, according to Plain Fancy Cabinetry. Greens are relaxing while blues are sophisticated, so it's no wonder these are popular options for colorful kitchen cabinetry. But what are other ways to add a pop of color to your kitchen? Whether you love the maximalist look and want color everywhere or just want a lot of color in a few different places, here are some creative places in your kitchen to add color.

Bold lighting

Light fixtures tend to come in metallic shades. But do a deeper dive, and you can find fixtures in tons of different shades. You can choose one accent color and incorporate that throughout the kitchen in unexpected places like the kitchen light fixtures. Get creative and choose bold lighting to add a small dose of color, says Levans Design Group. With lighting, you'll be able to add as many or as few fixtures to get the exact amount of color you want.

Pendant lights are the easiest way to add color. You can find lights that have colorful lamp shades. There are even lights with colorful glass to provide some color. Some lights are sculptural and can look like an art piece in your home. Hang these lights over the island to be more of a focal point in the kitchen. Or add a single, larger light over a breakfast nook or in-kitchen dining table for a more subtle pop.

Colorful seating

Want a non-permanent way of adding color to your kitchen? Consider your kitchen seating as a way to add color, says Endlessly Lush. Seating is also a great way to add color in a budget-friendly way and is easy to fit into any kitchen. Whatever kind of kitchen seating you have can be converted into a more colorful version. Bar stools for a kitchen island or chairs around a kitchen table can easily be painted to better match the new brighter color scheme. And if you're someone who likes to change up their interior, this is an easy way to swap in a new color when you feel the inspiration.

If you have built-in seating like a bench or banquette seats, another way you can add color is with upholstery. Bench pillows and throw pillows in bright colors and bold patterns are sure to add a pop to your kitchen without being overwhelming. This is great, especially if you don't want to paint the seating itself because it matches the cabinets or nearby walls. The upholstery and pillows are also easy to swap out with the seasons or when you want to try a new color.

Knobs and pulls

The cabinet doors aren't the only spots that can take on a bit of color. You can further customize your kitchen cabinets by focusing on the knobs and pulls. For a few years, brass and gold have been the main trends for adding color to cabinets and drawers. But why not take it a step further and try even less traditional colors?

Colorful knobs pop against white cabinets and can give a design a fun, refined, funky, and unique look. You can find knobs that look more traditional but come in bright colors. There are also knobs with designs on them, knobs in novelty shapes, and even knobs with gemstones in them. Antique stores are a great place to look for unique cabinet knobs. With fun knobs, you should go for high contrast, says Wit and Delight; for example, if your cabinets are matte, choose a knob or pull with a matte finish.

Display using opening shelving

Open shelving is a favorite for many homeowners because it gives them an opportunity to put some of their favorite kitchen pieces on display. It's also a great way to make your kitchen feel personalized and lived-in. With open shelves, you can also add some color. Choose colorful cookware or plates and display it on your open shelving, suggests Caraway. Cups, mugs, and spices are another great addition to open shelving for a pop of color. This is a great option for small kitchens or for people who prefer their space to be functional as well as beautiful.

But if you want to use open shelving as more of a display case, you absolutely can. Consider colorful glass vases or antique colored glasses you found in a thrift store. Show off your green thumb with flowers and herbs. Show off your colorful collection of cookbooks. Or make the shelving itself a pop of color by painting the shelves a bright shade.