Top States To Live In If You Work From Home

Because of the advancements of technology (and, of course, the coronavirus pandemic), work from home jobs have become very common. There are a lot of perks that come with working out of your home. For starters, you don't have to dress up in work appropriate attire. You can work in the comfort of your lounge wear. Second, you don't have to battle traffic every morning to get to the office. Instead, your office is just a few steps away.

If you are considering ditching the office for a remote position, you'll first need to assess if your living situation is suitable. To have a remote job, there are a few non-negotiable conditions. In a recent study, Wallet Hub sought to discover which U.S. states had the best conditions for working from home. The study outlined both work and living environment conditions and then listed which states ranked the highest in all categories.

Work and living environment conditions

When working from home, prioritizing your environment is key. Of course, you'll want to set up a home office, preferably with minimal distractions. You'll also want to decorate your home office to make it the most comfortable space for you. If you can, try to give yourself adequate exposure to natural light as well. But there are also a few other things to consider, and they may be affected by the state you live in.

According to Wallet Hub, to have the best work environment, you need to ensure you have reliable high-speed internet access. States where service is spotty or internet plans are expensive may not be the best for working from home. Next, think about cybersecurity. If your state doesn't rank high in security, it may not be safe to work in. Factors that come into play regarding your living environment include the price of electricity in your area, how large the average homes are, and how many people you'll be sharing your space with. All of these combined will determine if a distraction-free home office is possible. 

The top ten states for remote jobs

Wallet Hub considered all of the above circumstances when conducting their study. They also took into account which states currently have the most work from home employees and other related factors. The results of the study showed that the top U.S. state for remote jobs is New Jersey. According to Thrillist, this is primarily because most households in New Jersey have fast internet speeds and low cost plans. New Jersey is also a comfortable and affordable place to live, and it has lots of opportunities for remote work. New Jersey is followed by the District of Columbia, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Utah, Texas, Washington, Maryland, and New York.

The worst state for a work from home situation is Alaska. This is because internet connection is not readily accessible in this state, and those who do have internet connection have very expensive plans. Also, Alaska does not rank high in cybersecurity, so it's not the safest state for a remote position.