How To Decorate With Wrought Iron In A Modern Way

Wrought iron enjoys a long-standing reputation for bringing timeless elegance to home designs. Besides being durable and sturdy, such furnishings will introduce a classic feel into your place. It's not a coincidence that even in the Old World age, the manufacture of almost anything relied on wrought iron.

Unlike its cast counterpart, wrought iron is easily weldable yet stronger. According to Timeless Wrought Iron, its toughness has made this material dominant for thousands of years. At the onset, hand-forged iron served as a building material for churches, railways, and warships. But gradually, its use spread to the home interior; today, you can see it on doors, windows, lighting fixtures, wine racks, and furniture.

Hence, whether you dream of a modern vibe or an antique-infused atmosphere, wrought iron is a gamechanger. Incorporating this element into your home setting will give it a unique character. The ultimate purpose of iron surfaces and intricate patterns is to resonate with style and sophistication.

The upside of wrought iron is that you can find it in various designs and shapes online or at the local blacksmith. All you need is a will to experiment and our ingenious insight. Below, we list 14 ways to incorporate classic iron-laden pieces into your modern home. We curated each tip carefully to help you recreate a timeless, jaw-dropping look.

Set the scene with a door grille

Your entryway introduces everybody to your place, so it's the first chapter of your decoration endeavor. However, the exterior design must match the interior's overall theme. We begin with an appealing preface that entices your guests to get in and explore further.

Consider placing a grille on your front door to embellish your home. More specifically, decorative patterns are a perfect stylistic addition. Art Factory lists some of the most popular wrought-iron grilles with a security feature. Besides adding appeal to the house, you can also boost your safety.

Wrought-iron doors can be as elaborate as you prefer. Bolder individuals might pick a more intricate version, whereas less experimental minds can go with minimalistic, classic designs. According to Baltic Iron Doors, custom iron doors express your personality.

However, modern front doors are better off with straight lines and symmetrical boxes. These don't have to bore the eye, but they can be intriguing if you go with crisscrossing lines or more elaborate grids. For a unique yet futuristic look, combine straight with curved lines.

Spruce up the windows

Unlike a few years ago, when smaller wooden windows were trendy, massive iron windows are in the lead nowadays. Besides bringing in more sunlight, iron is more durable and practical. With wrought-iron windows, you can achieve the perfect aesthetic touch and increase the value of your property.

Upper-floor apertures don't necessarily have to incorporate grilles. You can add some by choice, but it's up to your taste. Conversely, it's advisable to protect your ground-floor windows with grilles for safety reasons. Before anything, your window grilles should match the front door and continue the flow of lines.

Often, a classic colonial or diamond type can achieve a contemporary aesthetic. Robert Passal has managed to introduce diamond grilles into his modern design. Alternatively, you can choose flexible variants on hinges that open when necessary.

Iron Doors Forever explains that some openings can remain fixed. Contemporary patterns involve interlocking spirals with twisted steel, arrows, and floral motifs. However, though fixed windows are durable and unique, they are harder to install and maintain.

Invest in a fancy staircase and railings

Are you craving a metallic element that will make a vast impact without cluttering the space? Go for a massive wrought-iron staircase that connects the upper part of your home with the ground floor. You can play with height and intricate details for the ultimate modern display.

The advantage of this element is you can order a highly personalized custom balustrade. In contemporary homes, the impact will be more powerful if you combine full logs. Prestige Wrought Iron shares some of its best staircase designs featuring organic, soft details. It's advisable to go with a subtle floral or sleek stair baluster with diagonal lines for a sophisticated vibe.

Besides adding elegance, wrought-iron staircases enhance safety and property value. Experts from Royal Stair say incorporating wood handrails plays a critical role in achieving a dramatic interior. Plus, wooden pieces are warmer, more comfortable, and blend perfectly with modern designs.

Complete the look with fencing

Using wrought iron for fences inside and outside is quite common. And though some may associate it with gothic or ancient styles, wrought-iron fencing can also serve as functional décor.

Depending on your preferences, fences can be minimalistic with streamlined structural features, or you can go with a more dynamic design with intricate details and curved edges. Both approaches guarantee a contemporary architectural finish that abounds with dimension and depth. For instance, the yard can benefit from an iron separator that closes off the driveway.

What you must focus on is maintaining the overall style in every segment of the house. All designs outlined by Prestige Wrought Iron would work perfectly for the yard fence. If you want to be on the safe side, go with smooth, sweeping, wave-like patterns. To arouse visual interest, ask your contractor to interlace the spirals. Finally, high-gloss black paint will transform the fencing into a modern art statement.

Relish in gorgeous bedframes

Wrought iron is a staple piece that matches various elements and styles. Hence, why not incorporate it in the bedroom without detracting from your unique choices? Let's consider a few ways to emphasize metallic finishes by making the bed a focal point.

The best way to accentuate iron in this regard is the headboard. If you pick a wrought-iron piece with intricate floral patterns, your bedroom can become the most appealing nook in your house. Remove and Replace shares a few tips on mounting hardware to the wall if you are a DIY person. The project doesn't require much time, but it will save your buck.

Another idea to emphasize wrought iron is to use it for the bed frame. If you're lucky enough to have a rusty and chipped bedframe in the basement, you could revive it in a few steps. By using several low-cost supplies, Rebeca Nelson managed to upcycle a delicate wrought-iron furniture piece. Pair it with updated furnishings, and the white frame with a sleek shape will make the ultimate impact.

Spread the vibe to tables and chairs

Fast-forwarding to dining sets, wrought-iron seating can define your home in a subtle, yet modern, way. Combining a metallic dining table with complementary chairs will continue the flow of coolness and elegance throughout the place. To this end, an ever-growing number of homeowners use wrought-iron tables to create simplified designs and add contrast.

Start decorating by adding a glass-surfaced coffee table to the living room. Robert Passal is a strong supporter of iron furniture and often incorporates it into his artful projects. He plays with metallic pieces skillfully and often combines them with complementary textures and materials.

As for the dining table, pick one with an iron base and a solid surface or latticework on the top. Slabs that go well with wrought-iron frames include pieces made of granite, tile, and cultured marble. Finally, pay attention to the chairs that must be complementary. Consider HGTV's suggestion for iron chairs in a hue of your choice. Ensure you're sitting comfortably by adding cushions in a solid color or a unique pattern.

Don't forget about kitchen cabinet hardware

If you want to avoid aggressive iron elements, shift your attention to cabinet handles and knobs. Kitchen hardware allows you to enjoy the benefits of wrought iron without dominating the overall design and aesthetic. Plus, you can play with shapes, sizes, and personal prints. At this point, we move on to the more sublime details of the interior décor.

For this purpose, opt for custom-made furnishings or find a suitable replacement in the local hardware store. According to Roche Handle, cabinet handles and knobs should match the rest of the theme. In our case, minimalistic wrought-iron pieces will make for a sleek, modern design. Follow the same procedure with ironware needed for chests of drawers.

For a more distinctive look, consider using wrought iron for door hinges, latches, and locks. Besides being super durable and sturdy, such hardware will fit the rest of the setting. Finally, consider thin iron sheets to serve as a veneer for cabinet doors.

Make a statement with light fixtures

Introducing wrought-iron chandeliers and lamps is a straightforward way to fill the place with opulence. Start experimenting by considering old-fashioned iron lanterns and oil-burning lamps for the hallway. Pendant lights are another alternative to achieve a cool, modern look.

Today, designers use various methods to give traditional settings a modern touch. Hertfordshire Lighting and Design suggests a few tips on incorporating wrought-iron chandeliers into contemporary homes. One idea is to pick a chandelier with old-fashioned chains that feature bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Hertfordshire further lists various lamps with iron motifs and unique lampshades.

Wrought-iron table lamps are another solution for a modern interior. A single lighting arrangement can enlarge the room and hide its flaws if used correctly. Timeless Wrought Iron says custom table lamps warm the atmosphere and add harmony to the predominant scheme. Alternatively, choose wall torches or sconces with modern-day bulbs.

Add functionality and character with shelving units

Do you want to spread the metallic feel to your design scheme? Wrought-iron shelves and cubes are ideal office furnishings for practical and decorative reasons. They go well with natural woods and monochrome designs, but are also excellent add-ons to rich colors such as blue, violet, and red.

Shelving units can be floating or stand freely in the corner or against a wall. With intricate motifs and dark hues, corner shelves can make lonely areas in the house attractive. Foter explains that these display stands are perfect for placing plants. Pick between triangular, wall-mounted, or latticed shelves, depending on your preferences. You might also want to go with scrollwork and nature-inspired motifs combined with distressed wood shelves to serve as multifunctional dividers.

Similarly, you can add black iron pieces to fit your hanging flower pots or serve as an extra storage area. In Iron Accents' designs, flowery pulses stimulate a relaxed and calming atmosphere. If the wall shelves don't get enough light, place succulents and other plants that can thrive in darker spots.

Adorn the place with statues

Due to its low carbon content, wrought iron is easy to shape and looks fascinating. It is corrosion-resistant, so besides in the house, you can use it to embellish your garden. Moreover, wrought-iron sculptures feature a unique aesthetic appeal that gives the space an elevated yet contemporary look.

While traditional sculptors relied on ceramics for their pieces, metal statues are a viable option today. According to Creative Metal Design, the array of materials for artwork today is limitless. So, in addition to an original wrought-iron design piece, you might also order a custom item with a unique combination of materials.

As for the theme, abstract metal pieces prevail in the settings of modern homes. Robert Passal artfully combines sculptures that prompt you stop for a second and think. Alternatively, opt for a nature-inspired piece, such as a tree with bare branches. In addition to the interior, you might want to adorn the garden with a statue that depicts elegant riding horses.

Give life to the walls with frames

Though iron wall décor may look vintage, it adds a chic touch to your home. Besides, picture frames are highly functional items that give depth to large living rooms. Pick complicated patterns for modern rustic and industrial designs, or simplified and minimalistic pieces for a futuristic display.

Above all, an iron-wrought picture frame can become the centerpiece of your living room. Select a few all-time favorite photos, and you'll have the perfect decoration for that massive, white wall. If you're reluctant about making a frame from scratch, this DIY project from Design might help you out. It shows how to transform an old wrought-iron piece into lovely décor.

Another hack to locate photos on the wall is to use a classic grille. In this process, you'll need to attach the frames with thin chains, ribbons, or another material. Applying a coat of solid color is optional.

Give artful accessories a prominent spot

Are you fond of unique décor that gives prominence and takes the overall design to a new level? Wrought-iron ornaments can breathe life into the interior of your home. Besides filling the place with modern glamor, the items we suggest serve a second, more practical function.

The absolute winners in this category are mirrors. These elements add a sophisticated touch to living rooms and hallways. One way to go is by using a massive mirror with a subtle framework, like the one suggested by My Custom Made. Another option is to choose a few identical mirrors and scatter them on the wall in a symmetrical pattern. The metallic and matte nature of wrought iron won't clutter the room, but they can improve the overall design scheme.

Another hack to create a striking display involves installing iron candle holders. Wrought-iron candle sconces aren't overpowering, but they make a posh add-on to your contemporary furnishings. Whether you prefer free-standing pieces or wall-mounted ones, these elements infuse the home with notes of antique and elegance.

Moreover, your options with candle sconces and lanterns are plenty. For example, you can pick a fixture with soft curves and floral motifs, or jagged lines and sharp corners, like the ones listed by Foter. Typically, post-modern lanterns appeal to any aesthetic sense.

Emphasize the power of wall art

If you're keen on large-sized art, a nature-inspired version made of iron can please your eye. Alternatively, you may find abstract pieces more appealing. Whatever your choice, wrought-iron wall art can function as a standalone or understated accent piece.

Now, let's go back to the step that suggests incorporating a statue. Provided you chose a tree silhouette, you'd go with the same theme in this instance. You might opt for a round, rectangular, or square frame that fits a wrought-iron tree inside. Or go further and pick several art pieces that feature branches and look like parts of a single decoration. For a more modern design, consider Foter's abstract items or order a custom one for a surcharge.

The bathroom can also fit in wrought-iron towel bars, toilet paper holders, and wall hooks. Besides serving a practical function, the hardware suggested by Iron Accents is a stylish way to show off your modern taste.

Finish off with garden décor

Let's round up our wrought-iron decorating journey with a hint of romance in your garden. Think along the lines of flower boxes, wall planters, and benches to achieve a timeless feel. In addition to looking gorgeous, iron-laden items will last longer, and adorn your patio for years to come.

Outdoor iron seating and surface solutions are durable and resistant to harsh weather. If you go with floral designs crafted into iron, you'll make a natural statement that perfectly complements your garden or patio. You can use Patio Productions' guidance to help you procure the best fit for your relaxation oasis.

Finally, embellish the garden with tiered plant stands, hanging baskets, trellises, and wind chimes. Let your imagination flow with these plant stands listed by Potted Opulence. We reckon they are excellent for urban settings. Finally, don't forget to add wrought-iron window boxes for a stunning display of your favorite flowers.