Why You Should Never Buy Cleaning Products At Home Depot

Whenever folks decide to start gardening, need to fix a few broken items around the house, or want to start a project and need some materials, The Home Depot is one of their options for a place to get it all. They have an abundance of products to choose from, such as various paint colors, light fixture styles, gardening tools, etc. The Home Depot is one of the biggest home improvement retail stores, next to Lowe's, with multiple locations in various cities. According to data from Hardware Retailing, they claim that consumers shop at The Home Depot regularly due to their convenient locations.

While they're reliable when it comes to being around the corner and have most materials you need to improve or install things around your home, they have a few items you might not want to purchase, according to CBS News. Even though The Home Depot can offer great prices and discounts, some of its products have a knack for disappointing buyers, including their cleaning products.

Toxic chemicals added

The Home Depot offers home improvement materials at an average or better quality with great prices, but folks may want to stay away from their cleaning products. While The Home Depot advocates for being environmentally friendly, CBS News claims they're everything but that when it comes to cleaning items. Cleaning products from The Home Depot may be filled with various toxic chemicals, including sodium hydroxide, ammonia, and even sodium hydroxide.

If you're looking for a toxic-free cleaning product, your best bet would be to look through the Target aisles or any local grocery store, states Kyle Richards, a residential and commercial contractor, to BestLife. The Honest Consumer blog states different tips on how to find eco-friendly cleaning products. Always read the labels and check for their ingredients, and if they don't list their ingredients, then stay away from those products. Many cleaning products that come in recyclable packaging are safe to use, along with fragrance-free products.

While The Home Depot has stocked toxic cleaning products, they're aware of them being on their shelves. In 2018, The Home Depot announced they were going to work with their suppliers to remove nine toxic cleaning products by the end of 2022, per their website. They're looking into providing solely eco-friendly cleaning products that will "impact indoor air quality." Folks won't have to worry as much whether they're harming their homes and themselves when they use the products.