Step Inside The Stunning NYC Townhouse The Co-Founder Of Reddit Is Selling

The Lawton Constitution shares that Reddit was officially founded in 2005 by two college roommates at the University of Virginia, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. The site started out as a very simple platform where users could create individual spaces to share hobbies and interests. Within the first year, however, the platform grew significantly. Eventually, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian decided to sell the platform to Conde Nast for several million dollars, bringing Reddit to the next level.

Today, Reddit is known for being one of the greatest social media networks the world has seen. Reddit claims that its platform connects millions of people all over the world with an endless amount of communities that allow users to connect, chat, and share content. Although the co-founders sold Reddit years ago, Alexis Ohanian still sits as an executive chairman at Reddit's headquarters (per People). As his platform continues to grow, so does his success. Realtor now confirms that Alexis Ohanian is officially moving out of his $2.3 million Brooklyn condo as he moves to greener pastures. Let's take a look inside this stunning space he is seeking to sell.

Condo surrounded by green space

Elegran states that the condo is located at 360 Furman Street in Brooklyn Heights, New York. Although homes in Brooklyn Heights are known for being nearly just as expensive as Manhattan homes, they are surrounded by city beauty. Street Easy informs that Brooklyn Heights is a beautifully manicured neighborhood with tree-lined streets and a variety of parks scattered throughout. The area is also packed with stunning views of Downtown Manhattan and New York Harbor.

Amongst this beauty, Alexis Ohanian's condo offers the perfect place to reside. Although no outside feature is directly connected to the privacy of the condo, the residential living space has plenty of unique features to offer. Surrounding the group of united housing is an 85-acre park for residents to enjoy. The park not only offers 1.5 miles of trails to jog and bike, but it also includes playing fields, playgrounds, sports courts, and even a calm space along the water for kayaking and canoeing.

Spacious interior

Moving into the individual unit of the home, a very spacious area is revealed. Although the condo only consists of two bedrooms and two bathrooms, the space is a luxurious set-up for a single or couple of residents. Elegran starts by introducing the stunning living area that residents are first met with as they enter the home. This area consists of high ceilings with tall windows that light up the room with natural lighting and stunning views. Across from the living room is the kitchen, which is noted as a Chefs Kitchen with top-tier appliances. Although the kitchen is rather small, there is still plenty of cabinet space for storage and an extensive amount of counter space on the kitchen island. Although there is plenty of room for a formal dining table between the kitchen and living area, informal spaces are also available on the kitchen island.

Moving to the bedrooms, Elegran states that the master bedroom boasts a stunning amount of space with large windows overlooking Manhattan and the harbor. Attached to the master bedroom is also an extensive walk-in closet that leads into the master bathroom, which contains a long double vanity counter, deep soaking bathtub, and walk-in shower. Although the other bedroom is not as stunning as the master bedroom, it is still beautifully designed, offering a comfortable place for children or guests to reside.

Modern and industrial styles

Stepping inside this stunning home, residents and guests can immediately recognize the mix of modern and industrial styles. Starting in the main living area, the modern, crisp white walls are mixed with a more industrial-looking light hardwood floor. The tall, black-framed windows also add to the industrial style. Turning around to the kitchen, the cabinets are made of a smooth, light brown wood, similar to the hardwood floors seen throughout the house. The countertops, however, bring back a modern look with their slick, white marble.

Although Elegran does not reveal images of the master bedroom, the guest bedroom is painted a comfortable blue color, which corresponds perfectly with the same industrial, black-framed windows and light hardwood floor seen throughout the rest of the condo. Moving into the master bathroom, however, the industrial style seems to disappear as a completely modern style emerges. Every wall along the bathroom is decorated with slick white tiles, which match the grainy white tile floors. The only contrast the bathroom shows is from the double vanity counter, which boasts a black countertop and black cabinets underneath.