10 Faux Marble DIY Projects You Can Take On In A Weekend

Marble is a beautiful material that can be placed almost anywhere — on the floor, wall, countertop, backsplash, and more. However, depending on the square footage you need, it can be pretty pricey. Based on the type of marble you're looking to install, prices can range from $10 to $50 per square foot, and the average price to install these floors is $2,500 to $5,000, according to Angi. However, there are ways to avoid such high costs.

There are plenty of methods to create the look of marble without spending thousands of dollars. Instead of ordering a large slab of marble for a room, there are other techniques you can do to complete that project. Crafted By The Hunts says they were able to create a marble look in a powder room with paint and just a few other tools. Luckily, most of the classic marble designs are simple, so you don't have to be an elite artist to pull this off. Let's take a look at some faux marble DIY projects that may best suit your home.

1. Paint your countertop

If you have outdated countertops and don't have the money to spend on new slabs of marble, this is for you! You can purchase paint specifically for countertops. To create that beautiful marble look, you'll need to paint the primer first and let it dry before softy painting gray veins.

2. Feather technique

Another way to paint faux marble is by using a feather. The texture of a feather will help you create the look of marble and can be especially useful for those who can't hold small brushes steadily. 

3. Vinyl

A simple and affordable substitution for marble flooring is vinyl. This material comes in many different patterns and is designed to look very similar to the real thing. This area of the project had only cost about $27, which each piece of vinyl only being a little over $1. 

4. Marble furniture

Instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars on marble furniture, you can save all of that money by building your own. This table was constructed and painted from scratch to create this beautiful design.

5. Bubbles

A fun and exciting way of creating the look of marble countertops is by blowing bubbles! This can be done by adding all the painting materials you need — including dish soap — and blowing the bubbles onto the surface. You'll be left with a beautiful marble effect when they all pop.

6. Marble wall

Not only can you change the aesthetic of your countertops, but you can also paint your walls to create that beautiful marble design. This fun and blue design can be implemented if you have a feature wall or focal point.

7. Polymer clay

To create these stunning faux bowls, you'll only need some polymer clay in the colors you desire and a bowl to make your shape. This is done by rolling the clay into one piece and using an oven-safe bowl to create the size and shape you'd like. Once that's done, keep the clay in the bowl and bake it at 275 degrees for 10 minutes.

8. Contact paper

Contact paper does an excellent job of imitating real marble and can be easily applied once your surface is clean and sanded. Cut your contact paper to size, remove the backing, and slowly smooth it out on the countertop. A blowdryer is also helpful for edges and removing any bubbles.

9. Spray paint

Another fun technique to create that marble effect is by using spray paint specifically used for countertop surfaces. After a few layers, you'll hopefully end up with the countertop of your dreams.

10. Marble coasters

Stylized coasters can be pretty pricey nowadays, especially since they're sold per piece. Instead, you can create your own by cutting out the shape you'd like from a piece of wood, painting it the color you desire, and laying down the marble effect with contact paper.