This DIY TikToker Covered An Entire Wall In PopSockets

As fidget toys have become increasingly mainstream, PopSockets seem to have popped up everywhere. While PopSockets are usually applied to phones or tablets in order to secure a better one-handed grip on the devices, TikTok creator Ali Spagnola (@alispagnola) decided to embrace the age-old adage of go big or go home. She combined both with her love for the toys by covering an entire wall in PopSockets.

To create the statement wall (and that's taking the term to a whole new level), Ali used a whopping 3,200 PopSockets (via TikTok). Like with most applications, they are not permanently connected to the wall, so they can be pulled out and popped back in with ease. In her videos, Ali mentions that playing with the wall is incredibly satisfying. While she applied the toys in a stunning rainbow-like pattern with the colors slightly bleeding into each other, we'd imagine how much fun it would be to move them around in order to create new designs.

Bringing things to a new level

According to a video recently posted on Ali's Instagram, when her PopSocket wall went viral, it paved the way for the company to send her approximately 9,000 additional sockets. The goal? Creating an outdoor version of the wall that anyone could experience. While Ali could've simply stuck the PopSockets onto another wall and called it a day, she decided to take things to a new level by covering her entire car with them. She then drove it around and encouraged pedestrians to play with fidget toys. From her videos, it looks as though the project was a massive success. People generally have big grins as they realize that they're allowed and even encouraged to pop the toys.

The project didn't stop there, either. When Ali initially posted a video of her removing the 9,000 PopSockets from their individual packaging in order to tease her upcoming car transformation, the comment section was filled with people frustrated about the excessive waste. Ever the creator of quirky, fun art, Ali made a later video to show how she used the packaging to create a super-tall bonsai tree — yet another unique idea!

A knack for unique creations

While Ali's PopSocket adventures might sound over-the-top, they're just a few of her many zany projects. Other fun builds have featured chia seeds. Ali has coated her car and toilet in the seeds, and even managed to create a wearable suit covered in the plants. If you can't tell based on her fun creations, Ali seems to have a great sense of humor, too. For April Fool's, she borrowed her friend's car and returned it with a custom wrap that made the whole car look transparent, complete with a life-size Ali reclining and waving hello from the trunk.

In addition to showing off her artistic creations, Ali also makes music and fitness content. In particular, she seems to love recreating songs in different genres (for example, in this video, she reimagined In Da Club by 50 Cent as a Christmas carol). Regardless of the type of project that Ali is working on, there's always one major consistent thread: her videos are a lot of fun.