Jasmine Roth's Tips For Taking Your Home From Bland To Grand

HGTV fans will recognize Jasmine Roth from her recent rise to notoriety on the home improvement network after being named the season two winner of "Rock the Block" in 2019, according to HGTV. Since then, Roth has gone on to have a successful hosting career with the network on the hit show "Hidden Potential," where she helped homeowners turn their generic, cookie-cutter houses into one-of-a-kind custom pads, and most recently on the hit series "Help, I Wrecked My House!" where she helps homeowners rescue their DIY home renovation projects gone wrong by turning their messes into beautiful, custom designs.

Armed with her keen eye for design and renovation and her years of experience on the cult-favorite home improvement network, Jasmine Roth is now sharing her biggest tips for homeowners who are looking to transform their boring, generic houses into HGTV-worthy dream homes –- in a way that doesn't completely break the bank.

Revamp the exterior

One of the easiest things Jasmine Roth says you can do to make a dramatic impact and breathe new life into your house is to spice up the exterior. If your house blends in with the rest of the neighborhood, she suggests, per HGTV, to make it stand out by incorporating custom elements such as adding a fresh coat of paint.

If the siding on your house is the exact shade as all your neighbors, a good option to give your house a bit of character is to replace it with cedar siding. The unique color and texture of the cedar will help your home stand out and give it a more custom look. Roth also says that a fresh coat of paint in a fun, bright color can also help your house stand out, and painting the siding, front door, or garage doors is an excellent way to customize the exterior of your space.

Don't forget about landscaping

Jasmine Roth tells HGTV that one of the biggest mistakes she sees people make during renovation is not factoring landscaping into the budget. Freshening up the exterior of your house by planting fresh flowers, shrubs, trees, and other plants is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home and make it stand out as the most beautiful in the neighborhood.

If you live in an urban area and don't have a yard to landscape, Karen Rogers from KR Garden Design tells Homes & Gardens that adding potted plants to your front porch or any other outdoor area you have access to is a great way to incorporate color and beauty into your space and make it a pleasant place to spend time.

And while your front porch can easily be decorated with a beautiful and customized array of terracotta pots, urns, and other types of planters, garden designer Tasmin Kelly suggests, via Homes & Gardens, planting climbing plants such as wisteria or jasmine near your front porch to give it an even more unique look and feel. Setting up a network of wires on your porch will help encourage the plants to climb and will be subtle enough to conceal once the plants start growing and spreading.

Don't underestimate the power of outdoor decor

Renovation doesn't always have to equate to full-blown construction or demolition, and sometimes even the smallest and most subtle changes, like adding some new throw pillows and rugs to your outdoor seating area, can make the most dramatic difference. Jasmine Roth tells HGTV that this is a quick and inexpensive way to spice up the exterior of your home and boost its curb appeal.

Better Homes & Gardens adds that keeping symmetry in mind when decorating your front porch can help it look larger and more balanced, which is particularly helpful if your porch is relatively small or if you live in a more urban area and don't have much other outdoor space to work with. Placing two of the same pieces of decor, such as planters or lanterns, with one on each side of the stairs can create a sense of symmetry and intentionality with your front porch design. Replacing your boring porch railings with decorative railings is also a great way to help dress up your front porch, with Roth telling HGTV that custom railings look like much more of an intentional and thoughtful design choice than generic ones.

Modernize your kitchen

When it comes to interior renovations, updating your kitchen is one of the best places you can spend your money since it is one of the main focal points of any home and is often used for entertaining family and friends. This is why Jasmine Roth suggests, via HGTV, adding an island to your kitchen if you have the space to do so. Not only will this help give you more counter space, but it can also help your kitchen look bigger. Islands with built-in storage can even provide you with twice the amount of storage as a small pantry would, according to Cumberland Kitchen & Bath Design Center, making the benefits of a kitchen island not only beautiful but practical as well.

Even the most modernized and updated kitchen can still feel bland and generic if there is too much of one color –- namely various shades of beige, like most homeowners tend to gravitate towards out of comfort. Roth encourages homeowners via HGTV to not shy away from color and to utilize it in their kitchen whenever possible. Painting the cabinets a bold color can help revamp the space and give you a kitchen that is uniquely yours. She also adds that homeowners can take it a step further and incorporate open shelving into their kitchen as well to break up the cabinets for an even more dramatic look.

Natural light is everything

Natural light is one of the most valuable features in a home, and a room illuminated by natural light can instantly feel bigger and more open and inviting. If your home isn't already blessed with plenty of natural light, Jasmine Roth says, via HGTV, that you can help bring more in by designating space to add more windows if your current layout allows. Otherwise, she suggests replacing a single exterior glass door with a double French door to allow more natural sunlight to shine through. Smaller windows that aren't letting much light in can also be replaced with larger windows or replaced completely with sliding glass doors to provide natural light to come in from floor to ceiling.

If changing out doors and windows isn't in your renovation budget, mirrors are a great way to brighten up your space. Michael Reeves of Michael Reeves Limited design company tells Forbes that placing mirrors in particularly dark corners of a room can help "bounce" and scatter natural light around the room.