How To Remove Cherry Stains From Furniture

Nothing's worse than spilling stain-causing substance onto furniture and thinking, "Well, that's definitely not coming out." This is especially annoying if it's brand new furniture. Many of these accidents are caused by children, pets, or even exhausted adults who let something slip out of their fingers. However, it happens, and it's crucial to identify the stain and quickly clean it up before it becomes one with your furnishings.

As everyone enjoys the summer heat and sunny skies, there are certain foods most people are starting to eat. Martha Stewart says a common fruit consumed in the summer is cherries, which means new cherry stains on furniture if you're not careful. Seeing a bright red cherry stain on your sofa or favorite chaise can be frightening, and you may be tempted to give up at that point, but don't! There are plenty of ways to remove these stubborn stains to ensure the quality of your furniture is long-lasting.

Remove those pesky red stains

Although cherries can be quite enjoyable, their prominent stains on furniture are something no one definitely wants. However, there are ways to quickly eliminate them before the stains truly set in. Your first instinct may be wishing to rub away the stain promptly, but this will only cause you more trouble, according to Kitchn. You'll first want to carefully scrape off all the pieces of cherry that may be present, and then flip the fabric inside out and rinse the stained area with cold water. If a bit of time has passed since the stain was made, gently dab the area with lemon or vinegar; rinse it the same way after a few minutes.

After most of the stain has lifted, you'll have to rub the area with a detergent and wash the fabric. The temperature of the water should be boiling, and check for any remains of the stain before drying it because it will most be too difficult to clean later. Once your furniture fabric is clean, quickly check to see if the stain is still there. If so, you'll want to dab the area with lemon or vinegar again; leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rewash it.