Bizarre Things Home Depot Workers Have Seen On The Job

Home Depot is known for selling items necessary for most home improvement projects. Most tools you'll need, from tiling materials to lighting, gardening, and more, will probably be at this store. The popular retailer was established in 1978, and since then, they've become the largest home improvement store — with 2,300 stores in the U.S., according to its official website. Although widely respected for their success, Home Depot employees have seen customers do some peculiar things that'll make you scratch your head, per Yahoo News.

Home Depot employees have witnessed customers putting themselves in danger or just being downright immature. There are several different types of incidents they have shared that might pique your interest — maybe you can relate because you've also experienced this at your own store, or you may be a customer who has accidentally put themselves into one of these situations. Read on to see what bizarre things you should avoid doing at a home improvement store.

Danger is not your middle name

BuzzFeed says Home Depot employees become irritated when they see customers doing crazy things. A man was pictured inside the store, standing on top of a cart with wheels that could have easily gained momentum and possibly caused a major injury. Employees are also surprised that some customers will not move out of the way when a forklift is heading in their direction. The employee could be laying it on their horn, but customers sometimes don't seem to care about the possible injuries that could happen if they don't move.

Something else Home Depot employees don't understand is customers who are oblivious to warning signs and walk into an area they shouldn't be. As a consumer, you don't know what's going on there, so it's best to leave those areas alone. Something that could actually be dangerous for employees is having them load a crazy amount of concrete bags. It can be very strenuous on the body, especially since they'll probably have to help load items for more customers later in the day.

Don't be ridiculous

There's nothing wrong with returning items if you're unsatisfied, but many stores have a return policy limiting the days you have to bring back any of your purchases. However, according to BuzzFeed, Home Depot employees have noticed that some customers believe returning the items they bought a few years ago is okay. A picture was taken of a receipt given to a customer in 1995 — although the store has a 180-return policy.

Home Depot has many displays, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to showcase different types of countertops, showers, toilets, and more. However, the retailer's employees have noticed that some customers act as if they're in their own homes. Employees have seen customers leave garbage on the displays, and cleaning up after an adult can be a pain. A picture was taken of spilled coffee under the sink of a kitchen display. The customer may have assumed it had plumbing — just a heads up, it does not.