Step Inside A Luxe South Carolina Mansion With Beach Access For $20 Million

There's no doubt about it, the south is one of the warmest places to live. Even in the winter, temperatures are mild and have been known to stay in the 50s and 60s during the day in most places, via World Travel Guide. Every so often, it does get cold enough to snow, but this is rare. Southern states such as South Carolina are more in line with sunshine and tan lines. If this sounds appealing, you're in luck because there are houses for sale everywhere. Even a nice mansion on the beach.

According to Realtor, a mansion located on Kiawah Island is for sale for $20 million. Sitting on barely two acres of land, the home comes with a lot of luxury features, including an outdoor pool and private access to the beach. The home itself takes up 10,500 square feet of space and was built in 1993. It features nine bedrooms, nine full-sized bathrooms, and one half bathroom, along with several other standard rooms such as a living room and kitchen. Located relatively close to the Charleston area, this home sits near a lot of famous scenery and luxury activities.

The outdoor pool and beach access

Located on the backside of the property, behind the large mansion itself, is where the stunning outdoor pool is located, per Realtor. It has dark blue lining around the interior of the pool, setting the mood for a cool and relaxing oasis. Pavement resides all around the pool, giving more than enough room for lounge chairs, umbrellas, towels, and event tables should one desire to do so. Sitting on one end of the pool is also a large pool house with all the amenities one may need. A pathway that wraps around several areas of the property leads to the private beach access.

Near the pool is a small outdoor kitchen with a stainless steel grill. This is perfect for a nice home-cooked meal while lounging in the pool all day. One could eat this meal near the pool as there is plenty of room. However, this home also comes with a large deck with tons of room for outdoor furniture. A sofa, a table, some chairs, and even umbrellas are perfect to sit outside on the sunniest of days. Even if pools aren't your thing, the sound of the ocean waves while sitting near the pool is sure to calm anyone after a long hard day.

A country themed kitchen

As stated, this property comes with many rooms and features. Each room and feature is unique in its own way. The kitchen in this mansion is no exception. Per Zillow, the kitchen on this property is cute, small, and cozy. It's bright and has fun colors within the room as well. It consists of brown laminate flooring and tan walls. The ceiling is a bright white that matches the cabinets in this room and has several spotlights installed. However, the counters and the backsplash is where the unique fun colors come into play. The counters consist of brown marble, and the backsplash is different shapes of tile with multiple colors such as brown, yellow, and even blue.

While the kitchen is small compared to the rest of the house, it still holds its own and has every appliance one might need to cook whatever meal they desire. It's square in size and wraps around, providing only one entryway. To the left is the refrigerator, with cabinet space filling the rest of this wall. The wall adjacent is where the stove has cabinets filling up the rest of this area as well. The counter then wraps around, including a sink, and wraps around again, forming the square where a small bar is located.

A large family room

According to Zillow, the main and primary family room is possibly the largest room on the property. It's full of light and space, and one can turn this room into anything they desire with ease. Perhaps, the most appealing and noticeable aspects of this room are the tall ceilings. They stretch upward to the second floor and are painted a calming shade of blue. This is not common in many homes making this home even more unique than what it already is. The same flooring that is located in the kitchen resides in this room as well, and all of the walls are painted a bright shade of white.

Since the ceilings are so tall, the windows within this room are located on the two stories as well, with one window residing directly above one another. Additionally, a smaller set of windows resides just above these two windows as well. This makes three sets of windows all a different style from each other. The larger lower windows are split into two vertical pieces, while the windows above them are separated into four equal pieces. The smaller windows above both of these are split into eight each, with two in each section.