60 Outdoor Living Rooms You'd Want To Sit In

If your home has a massive backyard with nothing but patchy grass, a small porch, and maybe a chair or two, you should definitely consider incorporating an outdoor living room. Having a lounging area in your backyard will allow you to be comfortable enough to spend more time outdoors. Folks who work from home and get tired from being inside all day can take advantage of an outdoor living room. You'll truly feel like you're on vacation at home.

According to MyMove, homeowners and renters have started going above and beyond with their outdoor space, installing televisions and surround sound. Instead of going simple with a bench and a fire pit, there are full kitchens and a dining table. There are so many ways to make your backyard cozy and relaxing, with some couches and a flat screen. Not only does it create a comfortable atmosphere, but it can also increase the value of your home, states SpaceWise. Here are fantastic outdoor living rooms to give you some inspiration.

1. Simple but functional

Purely for the aesthetic, this outdoor living room has a simple design featuring a three-seater couch with its own armrest and a small wooden coffee table in front. While it doesn't seem the coziest space, it gives a relaxing feeling with the pool nearby. 

2. Antique touches

This outdoor living room captures the bring-the-in-out concept perfectly with the curtains, side table, and shelving units in the corners. The hanging chandelier and vintage long mirror give the space some antique touches. It has various seating areas that look comfortable to be on all day and a fire pit for cooler nights. 

3. Picture-worthy living room

This stunning outdoor living room has the perfect black cushioned sectional to seat multiple friends or family. The wood finish coffee table matches back to the base of the couch and wood paneled wall perfectly. It's a great spot to take some Instagram worthy photos. 

4. Chic-style

This outdoor living room has a gorgeous chic style with wicker armchairs, multiple pillow-covered couches, and maple finish tables. It could definitely work as an indoor living room with the furniture, especially the stunning charcoal coffee table. The surrounding nature makes the space feel relaxing and calming. 

5. Minimalistic living room

This small patio living room holds the right amount of furniture items to make it comfortable. The white cushioned couches are fluffy and decorated with smaller pillows making them feel cozy. The oak coffee table on top of the patterned rug ties the whole look together, and the kitchen makes it feel like you're indoors. 

6. Magical-infused living room

This enchanting outdoor living room feels like you're on a magical land with string lights and lit-up lanterns. The blue cushions look soft and cozy, and the wicker-style couches make the space opulent. It's decorated with a few pillows and plants, but it's enough to be comfortable. 

7. Luxurious living room

The gray wicker armchairs, matching footrests, and coffee table make this living room a luxurious outdoor space. The stone fire pit ignites the coziness in the living room, creating a calming environment. 

8. Tropical living room

This oasis-like living room is great for lounging and feeling like you're on a tropical island. The hanging chair is cozy, along with the wicker couch and ottoman. Even though it's surrounded by nature, the potted flowers still give the space a homey feeling. 

9. Basic outdoor living room

The marble flooring spruces up the living room, making it more formal than most outdoor lounging areas. The leather armchairs and couch occupy enough space around the cement fire pit. 

10. Private living room

This living room has the best spot in the backyard, and it's secluded with high fences giving more privacy to the space. The garden adds a touch of tranquility to the living room, and the navy blue cushions look comfortable to lie on. This is a perfect outdoor space to hang out all day. 

11. Bright yellow lounging space

This outdoor living room is fun and eccentric with the string of white blow-up lanterns behind the wicker couch. The yellow brightens up the space, even though it's already outside. It would make an ideal space for small intimate gatherings or big backyard parties. 

12. Modern outdoor living room

This patio living room has a beautiful modern design with gray accents on the couch, armchairs, and coffee table. It matches back to the box planter against the fence. Additionally, the mounted TV adds the perfect touch for a movie night or when there's a game happening. 

13. Mismatched patterns

Mixing patterns can create a funky outdoor living space such as this one with striped cushions and a diamond-printed rug. The different patterned pillows also make it look fun and quirky and contrast nicely with the green environment.

14. Brown and white

This entire setup is fantastic, with the dining table next to the wicker couch. The white cushion on the sofa looks like a cloud — airy and light. The pillows add color and texture to the neutral couch, making it look cozy. 

15. Matching furniture set

Your outdoor living room doesn't always have to be a mix of patterns and colors, keeping it the same all around like this gorgeous space. You can have the same couches and armchairs with identical pillows, and the beautiful metal fireplace makes this area luxurious. 

16. Room for one

If you're not looking to furnish an entire living room outside, you can definitely get away with a comfortable lounge chair. This vintage-style setup is picturesque and a snug spot all in one. All you need is a soft, warm blanket and fluffy pillows and you're all set. 

17. Pergola shade

Breaking up your backyard to have various amenities can make it more organized. This secluded living room under the pergola makes the backyard tidier. The blue cushioned couches are simple but functional for daily use. 

18. Green theme

This lavish backyard is filled with flowers and small trees, creating the most relaxing environment around the couch. The green cushions and blue and yellow pillows add to the lively surrounding plants. The black base of the sofa and the coffee table are also sleek and tie the whole space together. 

19. Warm by the fire

This outdoor living room is set up with a variety of furniture pieces, such as the mahogany wicker armchairs on one side of the coffee table. The blue cushioned couches look comfortable to lay on, especially by the fireplace. It's charming with the wood accents and stone fireplace surrounded by tall trees. 

20. Use patterns

If your furniture is going to be in the sun all day, choose the wicker variety. This outdoor space has a grand color scheme with the brown wicker and gray cushions, which prevents them from getting sun damaged. The small décor pieces, such as the potted plants and centerpiece baskets, make it feel like you're indoors. 

21. Use bright cushions

If you don't have a huge patio or deck, a small corner can be enough to make an outdoor living room cozy. The orange striped couches and yellow reclining lounge chair look comfortable enough to be on all day. 

22. Use grass as furniture holder

Most outdoor living room furnishings are on a flat surface, such as a patio or deck, but this furniture is sprawled out on the grass. It's refreshing to see a different furniture setup, and it looks relaxing, especially with the hanging chair next to the armchair. 

23. Poolside living room

A poolside living room makes you feel like you're in a spa. This living room is simple with the white-cushioned couches that are a bit far from the pool so that when you're lounging, they won't get ruined by the water. A few throw blankets could make it feel cozy. 

24. Traditional furniture

The mahogany wood couches give a great vintage feel to the deck, but the coffee table would look better if it matched the mahogany wood. Still, it's gorgeous; see how the gray oak contrasts the wood finish nicely. 

25. Lavish outdoor living room

This luxurious outdoor living room has the most incredible views of the trees and the city. The flatbed couches with gray cushions match the white sofas perfectly, and the wooden coffee table complements the wood ceiling and the other picnic table. 

26. Pop of orange

Using a couple of armchairs in the middle of your backyard as your outdoor living room setup is a straightforward layout. The bright orange makes the armchairs pop on the green grass. Sometimes you don't need multiple couches to be comfortable. 

27. Lakeside views

This lakeside living room is stunning with the gray furniture set and granite coffee tabletop. The striped rug complements the tile flooring and small décor pieces such as the pillows and side tables. 

28. Romantic living room

This dreamy living room is cozy and romantic, with the pulled-back curtains in the pergola and the string lights illuminating the space. It's perfect for a date night or long conversations, and the brown couch looks comfortable enough to lay on for hours. 

29. Contemporary

This stunning pastel pink cushioned couch with green patterned pillows epitomizes the soft girl aesthetic. The pastel pink base of the side table matches back with the cushions and makes the space feel fun and girly. 

30. Minimal setup

Designing an outdoor living room with basic wood furniture and white pillows or cushions is easy to do, and it still makes the space look put together in a modern way. The plants in the background add color to the entirety so that you don't have to add colorful décor such as pillows. 

31. Resort-style

This resort-like outdoor living room has a serene feeling, with the pool nearby and curved lounge chairs. The furniture is simple in a wicker style, and the coffee table is stunning. The vintage-style table is an aquamarine color with hints of orange; it stands out against the plain furniture. 

32. Opulent living room

This living room has the most fabulous city and ocean views with a spacious balcony. There are multiple wicker round chairs to sit on, along with the small mahogany wood couch. The wicker texture complements the wood finish of the coffee table and sofa perfectly. 

33. Colorful boho

This gorgeous outdoor living room has unique boho-patterned couches against a pink wall with a couple of mahogany finish coffee tables. There are multiple planters around to give life to the space since it's on a balcony overlooking the town.  

34. Leather life

These leather love seats definitely give the space a cottage in the woods vibes — with the lanterns next to them and velvet pillows. It's simple but could make a great hang-out spot. 

35. Navy and gray

Using darker-colored furniture that's surrounded by flower beds and green shrubs can make the furniture appear less dull. The seating area is perfect for sitting and doing work or lounging for a few hours, and it does need softer-looking cushions to make them look cozy.  

36. Balcony living room

Using your balcony as an outdoor living room can make any apartment or room feel larger than it is. This living room looks cozy with the multiple blankets accessible and fluffy cushions on the couch. The match-back wicker coffee table is perfect for holding snacks or drinks while you lay out. 

37. White and black

This contemporary-style living room is neat with simple black armchairs and a couch, and the wooden coffee table complements the rest of the furniture. The space feels peaceful and could be a great place to spend time with loved ones. 

38. Wood accents

Sometimes all you need is a small couch and a single armchair to create your own outdoor living room. The gray cushioned sofa looks comfortable, and the three-tier oak wood tables give the space a farmhouse feel. All it needs are some soft blankets to use whenever they're needed. 

39. Long and narrow

This minimalistic outdoor living room also gives a hint of chicness with bright colors, such as the yellow coffee table and pink lounge chair. The long white couch fits perfectly in the small space but just needs more fluffy pillows. 

40. Lush

This beautiful white and black furniture set is luxurious, being placed on a tile patio with a match-back coffee table and side table. The brown floral patterned pillows add some color to the white cushions. It's surrounded by gorgeous greenery, various topiary trees, shrubs, and a perfectly trimmed lawn.  

41. Outdoor spa

This outdoor living room is heaven with massive trees and ocean views. The pool next to the gray couches is perfect for hot days, and with the multiple lounging areas, you can have a pool party. The sofas look cozy against the gray tile and next to the mahogany coffee table. 

42. Multi-seater sectional

This plush white couch is cozy enough to seat multiple people for a movie night and late-night talks by the fireplace. The coffee table is a little small to hold everything one might need for a movie night, but it matches the base of the couch. 

43. Farmhouse style

The gray wash wicker furniture against the brick wall and fence makes the perfect farmhouse-themed living room. The furniture complements the wood finish beautifully, and the tree adds color to the space. 

44. Multi-textures and monochromatic

This outdoor living room encapsulates the monochromatic look subtly with the different textures of the furniture and wood flooring. While it's the same shade, the white cushions and burnt orange pillows give it a boost of color. 

45. Eclectic furniture

This eclectic outdoor living space is striking with the dark wood features of the pergola and flooring. The teal cushions add a fun personality and a pop of color to the area. It's packed with books to read on the comfortable couch. 

46. Leafy

This striking fairy-like garden makes the perfect spot for an outdoor living room. It has beautiful white couches that can seat multiple people, and the white and green pillows fit with the greenery of the plants surrounding them. The small chandelier hanging from the ceiling adds a nice touch to make it look more sophisticated. 

47. Cozy

This outdoor living room is stunning with the thick cushions on the couch and armchair; even the center table has a cushioned top. It's minimally decorated with a few pillows, but the marshmallow cushions stand out the most; they'd look like they'd be comfortable enough to lay on all day. 

48. Dreamy living room

A shabby chic outdoor living room surrounded by gorgeous white pillars makes the space feel elegant and serene. The wicker furniture has huge fluffy white pillows perfect for resting and a beautiful oak wood coffee table. The entire area looks like a villa in Italy. 

49. Rooftop living room

If you have a rooftop or terrace with enough space for a living room, then installing a sectional couch could be the way to go so that it doesn't take up too much space. This couch looks cozy, and the zigzag rug makes the area pop. 

50. Seaside views

If you own a beach house, adding an outdoor living room with a lighter-colored furniture set like this white cushioned one can fit a great nautical theme. The string lights hanging from the ceiling will light up the night, and the two plants give the space a natural feel. 

51. Countryside style

This maple wicker furniture set is striking with the green cushions on the porch. The gold coffee table and side table make the living room look flashy, and the views of the colorful trees give so much life to the space. 

52. Retro

This stunning turquoise and gray furniture set are perfectly located between the small bushes and trees and in front of the pool. It has fantastic views of the ocean behind the couch and looks cozy enough to sleep on. 

53. Jungle vibes

This outdoor living room looks like it's in the middle of a jungle with multiple bamboo trees surrounding it. The chairs are lined against the bamboo fence and give the terrace a traditional look with the style of armchairs and a love seat. 

54. Multifunctional living room

This living room has everything and more one could have in their backyard for everyone to enjoy. The swinging bench is perfect for kids to lounge on, and the gray wicker couches are great for having guests over since there's so much room. 

55. Urban style

The lighter color palette of this living room will make it feel like it's spring all year round in your backyard. The hanging egg chair doesn't take up too much space in the corner next to the wooden couch, and it looks clean and symmetrical, with plants on either side of the sofa.

56. Formal living room

This formal outdoor living room has gorgeous blue striped couches and armchairs with two small patterned tables in the middle. It looks out to the ranch making it a great spot to lounge on warm days. 

57. Cabana-style living room

This beautiful private living room is under the pergola that resembles a cabana you would lounge in at a resort. The sheer curtains wrap around the entire pergola, and the black wicker sectional has white pearl cushions to rest on. 

58. Swinging couches

You can install swinging chairs for more fun to spruce up any outdoor living room. These wooden swinging couches with lime green and gray cushions look comfortable and could definitely rock you to sleep. 

59. Mid century modern

This outdoor living room has some striking furniture pieces with a mahogany wood finish on all three couches. They have minimal décor pillows and a gray flatbed on each, and the stone coffee tables make the space look expensive. 

60. Elegant outdoor space

These unique couches are almost floating — with the metal legs holding up the sofas. They're luxurious and sleek with their matching coffee table and fireplace on top of the table. The lights in the plants illuminate the surrounding along with the floor lamp.