Why You Should Never Buy Wall Art At Home Depot

Home Depot is many people's go-to home improvement store. It can sometimes feel like a one-stop-shop, a place to pick up everything you may need for your home project. In many ways, this is true. Home Depot is a great place to pick up string lights, paint, paint accessories, tool sets, patio items, and gardening supplies, per Ben's Bargains. This big box home improvement store also offers DIY workshops and videos or in-person classes that teach you how to complete home improvement projects yourself.

However, there are certain items you may not want to buy at Home Depot, and this includes pieces in their home décor section -– specifically, their wall art. While perusing your local Home Depot, you may find a wall art piece that you think would go perfect in your home. However, you should think twice before purchasing wall art from Home Depot for a number of reasons.

Why to avoid Home Depot's wall art

Insider lists wall art as one of the main things to avoid purchasing at Home Depot. Why? Well, they say that the selection of wall art at Home Depot is usually super overpriced. While you can find wall art at Home Depot for under $20, the pieces are small and definitely nothing special. Most of their larger pieces range from $100 to $1,000 (via Home Depot) -– and considering that their wall art is mass-produced, the prices are pretty steep.

Ben's Bargains compares Home Depot's wall art to pieces found at IKEA, Target, or TJ Maxx, where wall art is sold for much more reasonable prices. Also, these stores change out their styles pretty regularly; something Home Depot has not been known to do. Best Of Life Online points out that, since Home Depot is not centered around selling home décor, it makes sense why their wall art and other décor pieces may not be the best options on the market.

Other things to avoid

However, wall art isn't the only thing many suggest avoiding at Home Depot. Ben's Bargains also says that their batteries and cleaning supplies are super overpriced. While it may be convenient to pick these things up at Home Depot, you can definitely find them cheaper elsewhere. You should also avoid kitchen accessories like pots and pans because they're not the best quality. Appliances may also be a hassle to buy at Home Depot because the return policy on large appliances is only 48 hours, a policy they hide in the fine print (via Home Depot).

Finally, you'll want to be wary of buying hardwood flooring from Home Depot -– specifically, you'll want to make sure the wood isn't infested with critters. Since Home Depot is such a large store, they may not be able to watch out for damage caused by termites or other insects to their wood, explains Best Of Life Online.