The Property Brothers' Biggest Secrets To Making Your Yard Feel Luxe

The "Property Brothers" rule HGTV. Twins Jonathan and Drew Scott first made their television debut in 2011 with their show "Property Brothers," which helped people turn older fixer-uppers into updated dream homes. When that was a hit, the Scott brothers also starred in "Buying and Selling," where they helped people renovate their homes to sell before finding a new dream home. With many successful shows under their belts, it's obvious the "Property Brothers" know how to renovate a home to make it luxurious and homey. And that even expands into the backyard, where indoor-outdoor living is just as important.

Backyards provide more room to relax, enjoy the outdoors or play. They're especially great if you like to entertain. According to Take A Yard, 77% of homeowners feel that a backyard is essential in a home. But to get the most out of your backyard, you have to use it to its highest potential. The "Property Brothers" provide their expert tips to create a yard that feels just as luxurious as the inside of a home.

Dine al fresco

One of the best ways to create luxurious indoor-outdoor living is by creating a space to make dining outside possible. The "Property Brothers" suggest adding a kitchen and bar to your patio. A built-in outdoor kitchen is sure to transform any backyard into a luxurious space. Summer Breeze Outdoor Kitchens suggests a grill, side burner, pizza oven, and refrigerator for your outdoor kitchen. These appliances provide you with all the basics that make cooking outside easier.

You can also add a bar that'll make entertaining more fun. Extend the counters of your outdoor kitchen to include a bar where friends and family can sit, watch you cook, and enjoy a drink. Include a wine fridge to keep bottles cold and a sink with ample counter space nearby to make crafting cocktails easier. Don't forget to also add a patio dining table so you can dine al fresco, enjoying the sun or the stars.

Gather around a fire

Nothing is cozier than gathering around a fire at night, which is why the "Property Brothers" advocate for this feature when they can. Adding a fire feature to your backyard doesn't only make it luxurious, but it also extends how long you're able to use your backyard. Fire provides heat and light that can make sitting outside on cooler evenings much more enjoyable. Fire pits, fire tables, and fireplaces are all options for a backyard fire feature. You'll be able to sit around, stay warm, chat, or roast marshmallows. There are also options for the fire source, so you can find one that best matches your lifestyle.

Techo-Bloc mentions wood, gel fuel, natural gas, and propane are the most common fuel sources. Wood provides a charm and scent that many enjoy, but the maintenance can be a lot. Gel fuels don't give as much heat, but they're an eco-friendly option. Natural gas offers convenience but requires adding a gas line, which can be pricey. Propane fire pits are good to add at any time and are nearly cleanup free but require refilling a tank that needs to be concealed.

Add a pergola for shade

If you have an open patio that gets direct light, you may find it too hot to be enjoyable. But covering a patio with a roof can be expensive, while other options may not be as stylish. That's when the "Property Brothers" will suggest adding a pergola to your backyard. Pergolas are wooden structures that can shade out the sun or elements with slats that sometimes open and close.

What's great about pergolas is that they can be added almost anywhere in the backyard and create a defined space that can be used for anything. Of course, you can add it over an existing patio or deck for shade. But you can also build the structure out in the yard. Azenco says that flooring options under a pergola can be tile or artificial grass as well as a wooden deck creates a sturdy foundation. Underneath your pergola, you can have a dining area, a conversation space, or a relaxation zone.

Don't forget foliage

Greenery brings a backyard to life and keeps it from looking like a blank slate of tile or wood. Add lush greenery throughout your backyard to make your space feel more comfortable. Start with larger landscaping like trees, which can add shade to a sunny backyard. You can add planter boxes or create a tiered landscape with retaining walls. On your deck or patio, add potted plants to bring life to the living space.

You've got tons of plant options for your backyard, but it's important to keep in mind your lifestyle and how much care you can provide for plants. Vegetables are often easy to grow with little maintenance. You can also find perennials that easily grow in most backyards, says Gardener's Path, like black-eyed Susans, English lavender, and Montauk daisy. While Treehugger suggests October Daphne, hostas, and Boston ferns for potted plants on the patio.

Give the pool some color

A pool often becomes the centerpiece of the backyard, so why not make it as stylish as possible? Pool tiles add a ton of color that can create a bright pop among neutral-colored patio tiles and green grass. Blue is one of the most common colors and makes the pool water seem brighter. There are tons of shades of blue for pool tiles, from greenish teal to a violet-y blue. But you can also find pool tiles in shades of orange, yellow, or pink. Mosaic tiles, patterned tiles, and iridescent tiles are all popular options to add something extra to the pool design.

You should also keep in mind the material of your pool tiles. According to M & J Plastering, the most popular options are ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, mosaic, and brick. Keep in mind the size of the style and the maintenance associated with each material. Some may be more slippery than others when they get wet. For some backyards, it may be best to have waterline tile only.