20 Home Decor Ideas To Bring Back The 90s

Debuting more than 30 years ago, the 90s were known for a number of things. Bad and wild haircuts, television series like "Saved by the Bell", wicker furniture, and much more came to life in this golden age. Even the clothing style was soaring and sent mainstream media into a constant frenzy. However, over three decades later, it appears some of these styles, trends, and decor may be coming back.

According to Cosmopolitan, everything many loved and loved to hate has returned in a big way. Styles such as spaghetti strap shirts, large oval hats, and even fanny packs are being seen all over the world. With social media, which was something that wasn't available in the 90s, it's now even easier to spread style and fashion trends than ever before.

If fashion trends can come back into style, then why can't home decor? If you're into the big 90s come back and want to design your home with a retro theme, doing so may be easier than you think. All you need is some vintage furniture, aged decorations, and a few DIY skills. Here are some of the top decor ideas that will bring back the 90s with ease and comfort.

Inflatable furniture

Believe it or not, a blow-up chair or couch was a fairly popular item in the 90s. Ranging from blue or pink to all the colors in the rainbow, these inflatables were common among kids and teens everywhere. They were surprisingly cheap during this time too and could be found at a local Walmart.

Box TVs

Before flat-screen TVs made their debut, televisions were a bit bulkier. They came with a big box on the back and were almost impossible to mount to a wall. Some were also known to sit on the floors. Additionally, and obviously, they didn't have anywhere near the resolution that we have now.

Sheer curtains

While still being popular today, sheer curtains were pretty common in the 90s as well. They're cute, simple, and still easy to find at retail stores such as Amazon or Walmart. Additionally, you can most likely find them at thrift stores along with other 90s decor items.

Printed furniture

Furniture 30 years ago came in many shapes, sizes, and designs. However, unlike today, these types of furniture were far brighter and more noticeable. Random colors and designs were constantly placed on furniture whether it flowed with a room or not.

Canopy beds

Canopies placed over beds were popular in the 90s and well into the 2000s. They're cute, aesthetically pleasing, and even provide comfort. Furthermore, they can be a DIY project that requires very little supplies or effort.

Weird phones

Not everything that came out of this time period was the smartest or most attractive choice. This is especially true when it comes to phones, specifically those shaped like hamburgers. Hamburger phones were all the rage and you were sure to be cool if you had one.

Spiraled shelves

Spiraled shelves are another decor item that was born in the 1990s. While being cute and adding some fun to the room, these were often used as storage for CD and DVD collections, however, they can be used for many other decor items. Although they are not common anymore, sites like Amazon or Walmart sometimes have them available.

Lava lamps

Some things never go out of style, which may be true for the ever popular lava lamp. Even though they are not as common as they were way back when, many still hold on to this ancient gem. This decor item is still available in some places and can easily be found on second hand sites.

Beaded curtains

There's nothing more fun than walking through a doorway and hearing those nostalgia beads click together afterward. Beaded curtains were super fun then and still are now. They can easily be made and customized with the right tools and accessories, and they make a great gift too!

Glowing ceiling stars

There wasn't anything better than going to bed and looking up at the glowing stars that aligned the ceiling. This decor was cheap, cute, and so much fun to customize. Like lava lamps, these didn't stray too far out of style and can still be found in a variety of retail stores.

Physical media collection

The 90s were a time before streaming and digital downloads. If you wanted to listen to your favorite song or watch your favorite show, you basically had to own a physical copy. This sent DVD, CD, and even cassette collections soaring during the 90s and even into the early 2000s.

Printed curtains

Much like the printed furniture, printed curtains were highly popular. You could buy all kinds of crazy colors and designs and hang them up without anyone saying a word. More often than not they didn't flow with the room, but they left a memory that no one from this era would ever forget.


Posters were extremely popular in the 2000s without question. However, having posters of music groups and famous movies spread all over bedroom walls dates back to the 90s as well. The 90s were a huge time for artists such as Bon Jovi and Madonna and it was common to see these posters everywhere including in local retail stores.

Dark Wooden cabinets

As opposed to the bright colors the 90s favored, some things from this time period were kind of dark. This includes kitchen cabinets and furniture everywhere. Dark wood made the kitchen somewhat dull. Brownie points go out to those that had a dining table that was a dark brown color too.

Wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is another one of those trends that were formed in the 90s and still has yet to completely go out of style. This type of furniture ranged from chairs or tables even to headboards. Still common, this furniture can be found in local retail stores to this day.

Neon lights

Nothing screams the 90s like bright neon colors. Almost everything was a bright shade of pink or blue. However, neon lights that displayed a word or phrase became ever popular. It was almost impossible to go to a store or diner without seeing some kind of neon signage.

Lisa frank

For reasons unknown, Lisa Frank was all the rage in the 90s and well into the early 2000s. These products were bright, sometimes sparkly, and extremely colorful. They could be found on bedspreads, notebooks, and even makeup, it's safe to say, Lisa Frank had it all.


Of course, with a massive CD collection and the radio still in full swing, there must've been somewhere to play all of this music. That's where the boombox comes in. A boombox featured all the necessities one might need to play music on the go, including radio, cd player, and even a cassette player.

Large plants

Another trend that is coming back in style is large plants. It was almost impossible to enter someone's home without seeing a large plant of some sort in the corner of the room. You can still find these everywhere today, and, truth be told, the hardest part isn't finding them, it's keeping them alive.

Checkered flooring

This 90s decor idea is one that nobody will ever forget. It was extremely common to walk into someone's kitchen or a public diner and notice the black and white checkered flooring. It was simple and definitely made a statement. Additionally, it wouldn't be hard to bring this style back to life either.