Here's Where You Can Visit The House From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is a nine-part movie franchise that has been terrifying audiences since 1974. Based on cannibalistic spree killer Leatherface and his family, the film series has been wildly popular with generations of horror film fanatics. The film series has grossed nearly $250 million at the worldwide box office, per The Numbers, and has inspired all sorts of merchandise, Halloween costumes, and theme parties over the past five decades. 

Many fans wonder where they can visit the iconic Victorian house featured in the film. The house itself has actually gone through quite the journey of renovations and even a relocation. Today it can be visited by any fan, and you can grab a great cup of coffee at the same time. According to its official Facebook page, the house is located in Kingsland, Texas, and has transformed into a picturesque charmer that's far from scary. But don't worry — the owners of the house continue to embrace the nostalgia it's rooted in. 

Visit a piece of Hollywood history

The house where Texas Chainsaw Massacre was filmed was built at the turn of the century, and was originally located in Round Rock, Texas. The house held many functions over the years, as it was home to both families and students along with being featured as the movie set for a portion of the film series. It was then purchased by The Antlers Inn in 1998. 

The inn owners weren't satisfied with simply moving in and hosting guests. Instead, they decided to dismantle the entire mansion and moved it to Kingsland, Texas. In Kingsland it was renovated and The Grand Central Café was born in 2012, which is still active and open today. The style of the house is known as "Queen Anne," and the house features incredibly ornate detailing. It would have been considered very elaborate and high-class for its original time period, mostly due to its gingerbread trim and fancy roofing. Even today it still looks impressive and is a fun part of both movie and architectural history.

According to the Grand Central Café's official website, you can come visit the house Wednesday-Saturday, 8am-2pm and 5pm-9pm. It is also open for a half-day on Sundays from 8am-2pm. Feel free to take photos, and around Halloween time, there are plenty of movie-inspired decorations to enjoy. The house is located at 1010 King Court, Kingsland, TX 78639.

Taking a movie house road trip

If you're a fan of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," be sure to stop by the current café inside of the house and enjoy a meal after you take photos. Kingsland is located in Llano County, Texas, and is situated along the Colorado River. This makes it a fun summer road trip option. Enjoy the river, visit the house, and maybe bring some DVDs of the films to watch on the road or from your hotel. 

There's another famous "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" house you can visit, located in Granger, Texas. Unfortunately, the owners of this home aren't as welcoming as the café owners in Kingsland, so you'll have to take your photos from a distance. However, it is located in an open field well within view of the road. But take caution. According to Roadside America, the property has surveillance cameras and no trespassing signs, so be on your best behavior if you pay the house a visit. Don't immediately recognize this secondary house? You might need to dig deeper into the film series. It's featured in the 2003 remake, as well as its 2006 prequel.