The Most Important Place To Use Air Fresheners That You're Probably Missing

Pinterest gurus and HGTV fans would agree that they place a high level of importance on the design aesthetic of their home. While we love the idea of a beautifully decorated and fully Instagrammable space, the way a space feels as opposed to how it looks is often overlooked.

Rachel S. Herz, assistant professor of psychology at Brown University, shares via Scientific American that scent influences mood and behavior more than most people realize. When people smell a pleasant odor, they often exhibit a higher degree of creativity and problem-solving behavior and are even more likely to help others than people who experience a smell that they find unpleasant. Furthermore, when people are exposed to a scent that they associate with a positive memory, even subconsciously, they often demonstrate a positive emotional response and exhibit a better mood. On the same token, those exposed to a scent that they associate with a negative memory can tank their mood and overall sense of emotional wellbeing.

Making sure the scents in your home are putting you in a positive mindset is important, and utilizing air fresheners is a great way to freshen up your space with a scent to boost your mood.

In your entryway

While there are many different types of air fresheners on the market, ranging from plug-ins to essential oils to room sprays, there are almost as many places to use them in your home for maximum effectiveness.

House Fragrance notes that the entryway near the front door is one of the most important places to utilize air fresheners in your home. Because this area is where you and your guests will first enter, the scent affects the overall vibe and first impression. And while you want your entryway to smell pleasant, the scent shouldn't be too strong — especially since many entrances are small and any added fragrance can quickly become overwhelming or overpowering. Because of that, House Fragrance suggests utilizing a plug-in air freshener that can be easily adjusted or a reed diffuser. Both are subtle enough to give your entryway a welcoming and fresh scent while not giving your guests a headache the second they walk through the door.

In your vents

Another unexpected location in your house that you might not think to put any sort of air freshener is in your vents — but according to Whole Home Scenting, it is one of the best and most reliable ways to freshen up every room in your house all at once. 

Not only is using your vent system to distribute air fresheners easy and effective, but it also presents the most options regarding what fresheners you can use since your vent system can help to amplify the scent. Instead of using a strong store-bought air freshener, you can use something milder like sachets of potpourri, dried flowers, or herbs for a natural and pleasant fragrance. Even a few drops of your favorite essential oil in or around your vents can help you effectively freshen up your space. It's quick, easy, and lets the airflow in your home distribute fragrance evenly.

In your bedroom

Because most people often spritz the common areas of their home with air freshener before guests visit, like in the living room or the dining room, it can be easy to neglect your personal spaces. Because pleasant scents play a key role in boosting your mood and sense of mental wellness, it is important not to overlook the importance of incorporating air fresheners in your bedroom when winding down for bed.

House Fragrance recommends utilizing air freshener in your bedroom in the form of incense sticks that have a short burn time, noting that incense sticks often leave a less intense scent than traditional diffusers or plug-ins, which can irritate your nasal passages or eyes and make it difficult to fall asleep. Incense sticks are also a much better alternative to burn in your bedroom than candles, as accidentally falling asleep with a candle burning is a major fire hazard and can be incredibly dangerous.

House Beautiful also adds that room sprays or linen sprays are a great option to use in your bedroom before bed, as they are usually very subtle and won't overwhelm you when you're trying to fall asleep.

In your home office

Because we mentioned that pleasant scents can help get you in a creative and productive mindset, utilizing air freshener in places where you need to feel the most productive, such as your home office or other workspaces, is a great way to help give you an extra boost of inspiration throughout your workday. House Fragrance notes that certain scent notes, such as lemon and peppermint, are also regarded on their own as being shown to help improve mental function and clarity.

House Fragrance recommends skipping the candle in your workspace, as it can be easy to get distracted by your task and forget about the candle or not supervise it properly. Using incense sticks with a short burn time is a great alternative since they are less of a fire hazard, while diffusers are also a great option since they are small and fit nicely on your desk.