Inside An Over-The-Top Mid-Century Mansion Selling For $5.8 Million

A gorgeous mansion in Massachusetts has recently hit the real estate market with an asking price of just under $5.8 million. The listing combines three properties for a total of 8.5 acres, per Realtor, and the main home itself is stunningly beautiful, as are the surrounding properties for sale. The home's gardens were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who was a well-renowned landscape architect. Olmsted designed the lawns for landmarks like Central Park and the United States Capitol, according to the Architect of the Capitol.

The mansion also has exclusive access to gorgeous northeastern beaches. Located in the city of Beverly, one of the beaches overlooks Misery Islands, as well as the historic Bakers Island Lighthouse. Property records show it was last sold in 2004 for $4.4 million. It was listed for sale originally in September of 2021 but was removed after just one month on the market, and it was relisted in May of this year.

A look at Sunset Rock

The Massachusetts mansion, Sunset Rock, offers a total of 8.5 acres, according to the Realtor listing. As noted earlier, the listing includes three combined properties. The primary property that holds the gorgeous Gilded Age mansion is 3.77 acres, and the house is just under 4,500 square feet large.

Per Realtor, the home was built in 1860; however, in 1950, it was completely redone in a truly mid-century style. A wrought iron gate opens up to the round driveway paved with stone bricks. The one-story home is brick on the outside with many large windows, and the back of the house opens to a stone brick patio. A wide stone staircase with multiple landings leads down to a glistening pool, which further leads down to more gardens, lounging, and dining areas. A whimsical wooden gate leads out to the private beach where the new owners could leisure in the summer months.

A mid-century beachfront mansion

The inside of the four-bedroom, three-and-half-bathroom home is unequivocally mid-century in style, but it combines the retro, sleek aesthetic with a beach house sensibility. And the result is a unique luxury home interior. As the Realtor listing points out, the home is entirely updated in terms of amenities, making it a retro haven with all the modern luxuries you could want. The front door opens into an entry room with rectangular, gray porcelain tiles, white walls, mid-century lighting fixtures, and a light stone accent wall. On either side of the accent wall are archways leading into the main living room — although there are four total reception rooms.

The living room has the same tiles, but the walls are a lighter vertical wood paneling that continues to the ceiling. The color and finish have a very beach house cabin sensibility, and there is another stone accent wall with a fireplace. On the opposite wall are two floor-to-ceiling windows with glass doors on either side, leading out to the back patio.

More of the retro waterfront home

The living room has two shutter-style doors. On the left is a set of wooden doors leading into the formal dining room, and on the right are a pair of glass doors concealing a sunroom. The dining and sunroom connect through multiple large archways, per Realtor. The dining room is unabashedly mid-century, with warm tone wood floors, vertical wood paneling on the walls, and a wood ceiling. There is another small fireplace in the dining room and a few clean, round light fixtures reminiscent of the design's period. The sunroom has windows along the front wall, providing a breathtaking view of the ocean horizon. 

There are also three skylights in the center of the room, making the space much brighter, with flat white walls and white wood-paneled ceilings. The kitchen is another gorgeously retro room in the mansion. The floors are the same gray porcelain tiles with flat white walls. However, the counters and cabinets are incredibly warm-toned, nearly orange wood, with smoke gray marble countertops and sleek stainless steel hardware. There is a large baking fridge and a hidden fridge in the tall kitchen cabinets. Multiple huge windows also look out onto the trees and natural scenes outside.