Inside One Of The Famous SF Painted Ladies On Sale For $3.5 Million

A piece of San Francisco history is up for sale, and this could be your opportunity to live in the most famous houses in the Bay area. The row of Queen Anne Victorian homes on Steiner Street was originally constructed in 1892 and has since earned itself a few nicknames because of its colorful attributes. The group of seven homes is known as "Postcard Row," the "Seven Sisters," or more commonly as the "Painted Ladies," as each one was painted with a unique bright color around the 1960s, according to Curbed San Francisco. The homes are famously recognized for their appearance in the beginning credits of "Full House," which ran from 1987 to 1995 and then returned to streaming services from 2016 to 2020 in the reboot "Fuller House." 

Whether you are a fan of the popular show or have a love for all things San Francisco, these homes are a popular tourist spot when visiting the West Coast. Now you can be the envy of the neighborhood by snapping up one of the Painted Ladies. However, you will need some serious green before making your dream a reality. Known as the "Pink Lady," the Victorian home located at 714 Steiner Street lies near the middle of the row of iconic houses and is currently listed for a staggering $3.55 million, per the listing on Realtor. Before handing over a check, future homeowners may want to dig a bit deeper.

Outside the Painted Lady house in San Francisco

This gorgeous home has so many unique qualities that would make it an unforgettable place to live. However, you have to look past the exterior to find its inner beauty. The home was purchased not too long ago, in 2020, for $3.55 million, which was a jump from its original asking price of $2.75 million, according to SocketSite. Now, the famous dwelling is back on the market, but it remains the epitome of the phrase "fixer-upper."

With its quintessential Victorian architecture and colorful paint job, this home stands out among the modern buildings surrounding the neighboring cityscape. Its multi-colored wood exterior displays uniquely ornate designs among the elegant trim. The intricate woodwork on the original front door is breathtaking all on its own and could be brought back to life with some restoration. Delicate wisps and curls are deftly carved throughout the door showcasing the extravagant style of the era. Towering up four stories, the facade features large bay windows that are perfect for letting in all of the bright Bay area sunshine; the home also has a huge garage port that can house two vehicles, per the listing on Realtor. Although the home is surrounded by gorgeous parks and a sparkling waterfront just a short distance away, sometimes you need a little private space for yourself. Luckily, this century home has a pocket of unattended green space for future home buyers to enjoy.

A look inside this Painted Lady home that is in need of some TLC

For the price tag of this home, one would almost assume it could be walk-in ready. However, this is far from the truth. As soon as you step through the doors, you are met with the sobering reality that it may take a few million more to restore the home back to its original brilliance. The walls look like they were in the process of being patched up but remain unfinished, and the flooring shows signs of wear and tear, as per the photos on Realtor. Floorboards are unkempt, and paint can be found hanging loosely from some of the wooden window frames. But if you are the glass-half-full type, you will see an incredible opportunity just waiting for you to add unique touches.

It may seem dry and dusty now, but the original banister can be easily buffed and polished to bring out the natural sheen of the aged wood. Wooden floors can be stripped to allow for the hardwood to peek through. When you enter the kitchen, it could help to think of it as a blank slate instead of staring at the utter calamity of it all. Where one may see moldy floors, dated sinks, cheap cabinets, and weirdly reflective backsplash, another will see a chance to start over and put in the kitchen of their dreams.

Plenty of potential lies within the Victorian home

With 2,975 square feet of living space, including five bedrooms spread over four floors, this house has a historical framework that is just screaming for a modern luxurious touch. Look past the grimy walls to the stunning stained glass window framed by thick dark wood as you stroll to the upper floor. From there, you are greeted by a large living room with original hardwood floors that would benefit from a hearty buffing or new coat of stain to bring out its former luster. Huge bay windows take in the view of the surrounding tree-lined park and San Francisco skyline. Unique aspects such as detailed crown moldings and wooden window frames take you back to the lavish intricacies of the Queen Anne style and would pop if treated with a modern flare.

The home also has been laid out so that it can be split into two separate living spaces, which could be the perfect investment opportunity. For those who find taking on the project a tad daunting, a little bonus could be the cherry on top of this sweet sale. To help make this renovation dream come true, the purchase of this home comes with architectural plans and permits that detail how to convert the space into a three-story grand home with separate basement living quarters that you can rent out on your own, according to the listing on Realtor.